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    Intel Core i5 3570K
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    MSI Z77a-G43
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    Kingston HyperX @1866Mhz
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    Age-old Seagate HDD that's still alive somehow
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  1. Hey guys So, I was recently super excited after beating the scalpers for once and getting myself a 5600X. I paired it with an Aorus B550 Pro AC booted up right away to my surprise and, after a little snag with windows, got it running np. I then went and updated the bios to the latest just in case and it was all good. Two days later, I try to boot up my pc, and I notice I'm not getting video and mouse and keyboard are unresponsive. The thing isn't posting at all. I take a look, and the VGA diagnostic led was staying on. I tried reseating my graphics card and, after trying to reboot a
  2. Do any decent ones exist? Does anybody know where I might find this rare unicorn that is a nice mechanical keyboard with a Spanish layout or, hell, even just ISO? I know this is a primarily English speaking forum, of course, but I figure there's probably people from all over the place around here and, well, its as good a place as any to ask, so... halp? No matter where I look, all I can found is ANSI/US layouts.
  3. Wow, this thing is BEAUTIFUL. Great job. Also, that tiny rad is adorable and it's given me some ideas... ?
  4. So I recently started playing FFXIV after like a 5 year hiatus. Am I doing it right?
  5. Those sound a bit too neutral for what I'm looking for, from what I've read.
  6. Hello! So, I'm looking for a new pair of IEMs and am terribly undecided atm. I come from using (and loving) a pair of Shure SE215, but they broke after years of service and now I need to find me a good replacement. These three ones are what I am considering atm: the Fiio FA1, the BGVP DMG, and the Ikko OH1. I do love some deep bass and the SE215 served me well, but one thing I've read they lack is in clarity, so I would like to try and go for a better option in that regard, while not sacrificing much in the bass department. I like me some nice deep bass/sub-bass. They'l
  7. So I recently started playing Warframe, realized Inaros exists and could be made to look like Anubis from ZOE, and promptly raced my ass off to do so. Not sure if it was worth the time 'cause god damn this game is grindy, but I absolutely love how my space robot ninja barbie doll thing looks now. <3 And now to try and get Volt Prime and make it look like Jehuty... :3
  8. Never got the appeal of that behemoth of a case, and probably never will.
  9. Man, I love G5 ATX mods. I swear, that case is the best thing Apple has EVER designed. And that is high praise from someone who detests their fucking guts, haha.
  10. So I decided to go back to DS3 and try out a faith build for the first time in this game. Dare I say my Fashion Souls is on point? I feel like I should've named her Lenneth or something!
  11. Yeah, at some point I just decided to ignore his posts. T'was a good decision. Aaand yeah, @DnFx91, that's Star Citizen. Unfortunately, there's a ton of aliasing and the screenshots I tried taking at a higher res came out completely borked.
  12. Well it's not the greatest screenshot, but hey
  13. So as the title says, I am looking for a decent CPU cooler to OC an i5 3570K and keep it nice and cool, but I am on a rather tight budget. Any recommendations around the $50 mark?
  14. And it had to be a Rog player, lol. Man, I so wish you could message people in that game.
  15. People who speak other languages. Spanish layout keyboards are kinda like that, and what sucks is that it's really hard to find decent mechanical keyboards with it, so often us in the rest of America (as in the continent) have to settle with 'murican keyboards that have less keys and no "ñ" or accent keys. Fuck those useless pieces of shit.