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  1. Just ordered the 55" q90t! hopefully it wont be too small for me, i sit about 1.5m away so it should be fine!
  2. The Tv wont be used as a main monitor so it doesn't have to be perfect in that regard.. i will stream the pc from time to time but not all the time so it will most likely be fine
  3. I just got a deal for the Q90t from work, i can get it for 1000$, too good to pass on right?
  4. I've seen the Q80T in real life and it looked good in the store,but there is no store nearby that displays the x900h.. The x900h looks on the reviews good except for the viewing angles that seems to garbage? so for me it really stand between dolby vision or viewing angles..do I sacrifice viewing angles for dolby vision or do I give up the vision for better viewing angles / reflections...
  5. I dont have the consoles atm but I might have in the future so maybe i should get 2.1 now so that I am prepared for when/if I get the consoles? Do you think the lack of Dolby Vision would be a huge deal? The X900H seems to have horrendous viewing angles and reflections which doesn't feel very nice to have even if it has Dolby Vision.. The Q80T seems to handle things better than the X900H but I am not sure if it is the way to go. I have not had a TV for over 10 years so I don't know what to expect.. I can get the Q80T 65" for around 1300$, the Q90T 55" for around 1300" and the X900H
  6. The X950H doesn't support hdmi 2.1 from what I have seen so maybe i should avoid that? Is hdmi 2.1 a big deal? And the samsungs miss dolby vision which seems to be a dealbreaker for some?
  7. Hello! Now that black week / black friday is coming up I plan on getting myself a TV. I currently have an old projector with a resolution of 800x600 which is pretty garbage and I'm looking to upgrade. I will mostly use it for movies and shows but I do want to stream my PC and play ps3/ps4 on it. What should I get? I've been looking at the 65" Sony XH90/X900H and the 65" Samsung Q80T! Are there any better options, what should I go for? Thanks in advance!
  8. i cloned the drive and i tried to boot from it but it just keeps chrashing at startup.. Any idea why? I can find the drive in the BIOS but as soon as i chose it as an option it crashes. And if i have the NVME installed at the same time as the original SSD nothing works..
  9. Hello! I recently purchased a new nvme drive that i would like to use for my os and other files. I currently have an 240gb ssd that i would like to transfer everything from. I dont wan't to deal with adding all the programs again and all files, settings and more.What is the best way to make an exakt copy of my current drive to the new nvme so that i dont have to deal with any issues..
  10. restarted everything. still no access
  11. So this is how it all looks.. but i still doesnt work. i can't connect remotely
  12. the pc uses a different ip than what's listed so i dont think it is.. but now that is added. These are the port forwarding settings.. what should i do here
  13. so i just paste my storage computers ipv4 in here, name it plex server and im good to go? or do i need to do more stuff?