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  1. yea... true... what are you running raid or raidz2? and how are your zfs pool setup?
  2. @Jarsky @Electronics Wizardy - Thanks for the help so far, i've created a raidz2 - however i'm thinking of doing raidz instead or even striped setup.... or is that too insane? if going striped, i would supply with something like backblaze for off-site backup.. so in case of disk failure and everything dies due to the striped setup, i could fix the pool with a new disk and then just resync all data that was lost... instead of rebuilding/resilvering the pool.. is that too insane or ?? goal is to have as much possible data usable.. but still some kind of "backu
  3. now that i come to think of it... ZFS just requires a shit ton of RAM (1gb) for each TB... i understand that its a popular these days to use ZFS and it's very feature rich filesystem for business use or at least for some certain requirements... i just think for general home use it's a bit overkill... i just need some kind of basic raid5/6 use... in case of a disc dies i can recovery from it with rebuilding my data...
  4. Okay - so ZFS the disks on proxmox, pass that on to vm debian container and share it ?
  5. so passthrough the 5 disks into a debian container and then make zfs in that and share it to the rest?
  6. Thanks - however I'm aware of that already.. but i have a AMD cpu so... - however i don't need to transcode any of my things.. my TV accepts everything i throw at it... so i direct play it.. and sometimes i direct stream it... very very rare that i transcode..
  7. Hey peeps! Now i know there is a very similar topic from another guy but i don't want to hijack his thread so here is my own... I needs some suggestions as to what would be the best solution to my new multi purpose server... I have a few requirements... 1. Needs to run plex 2. Needs to some kind of NVR solution... for 3-7 cams 3. Some kind of raid solution/NAS solution (storage for plex content, NVR storage and so on..) 4. maybe run a few vm's ( hackingtosh, steam cache server (maybe)) Hardware i have the following.. Cpu: Ryzen 1
  8. I hope they go back to the old keyboard design or something very simiilar from etc macbook pro 2010 design.... still small keys/travl time and nice clicking/feedback from the keys... i can't stand the butterfly design.. and this have been the reason why i haven't got any macbook ever since they changed the design... Now i'm a windows desktop user... and my GF is a apple user, she have a mid 2010 pro macbook.. yea is f***ing old.. but it's in fact still a fairly useable machine after i swithed it out with a SSD instead... and the best part about that old 2010 model.. is the keyboard and the
  9. just upgraded yesterday - 1 BSOD right after upgrade was complete... may have been related to nvidia drivers.. so i upgraded to new version and no BSOD since that..
  10. IKEA have a room simulator you can install.
  11. Yep this is a blade server... "BL" in the model number... As the other told you.. you need an blade enclosure in order to boot up the server and use it...
  12. 8400T is overkill for a pfsense router... I would save the money and go for the cheapest 8th gen cpu instead.. like 8100T. still 4 cores, 3.1ghz and plenty of speed for a pfsense box...
  13. I personally use asus rog swift PG279Q - 27", IPS panel, 165hz, gsync, 1440p - yea it's a bit expensive due to the gsync module and the ASUS brand tax.. but it sure is worth it if you ask me...
  14. likey also affected... SMT is the same just AMD term
  15. I have moved my subscription away from forum to FP after Luke said this need to be done for everyone. And i have had access to FP section on forum before aswel.. including that my FP and LTT are linked together... this makes no sense that FP section is then removed for some but not for others... ?
  16. i have this aswell.. however i lost the FP section on the forum a few weeks ago if i remember corretly...
  17. I guess this is fairly recentl then... not long ago that FP section with uploads was also visible on the LLT forum...
  18. Hi LTT peeps I don't seem to see the floatplane section anymore in the LTT forum... Have they removed it for good now?? and only exists on the own FP site? or is something wrong? Yes my account is linked between FP and LTT forum.. just in case ppl is asking...
  19. windows 10 is comes with a shit ton of bloat apps pre-installed, including a alot of tracking stuff and so on... first thing i do when installing windows 1. install windows and use a LOCAL user account and not an hotmail accounts/micrsoft connected account 1. make sure to have all latest updates 2. remove ALL pre-installed apps (expect calculator) 3. disables ALL privacy settings, expect microphone/webcam and you have a pretty much golden pc afterwards... with no MS bullshit that baked into windows.
  20. You would be using MERGE... take a look here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13613983/sql-server-synchronizing-2-tables-on-2-different-databases Once you have a working query that performs what you want, then just create a job that runs every X minute..
  21. depending on how you use hdd's it could be a network related issue with etc jumpoframes and other network related issues... and not the disks we kinda need to know if your setup is in a raid and what kind of raid setup... and how fast your disks is in that setup..
  22. photoshop and lightroom if editign RAW photo's requires quite alot of ram.. i have a mate complaining about only 16gb when editign RAW photo in lightroom, maybe go for the 15" model and get 32gb ram instead..
  23. this have been weeks old news... it was related to his "420 stock price" tweet.. that then later forced him to stop as chairman due to "believed stock manipulation"... this however is just the news of WHO will be the one.. it was already known that he is no longer chairman.. so yes it's quite old news... i even think it was mentioned on wanshow 1-2 weeks ago
  24. FAKE NEWS!!!!! Dude.... if you have no clue what you are talking about.. Elon is STILL CEO... however he is no longer the chairman of the tesla board... this is btw old news....