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  1. Its easy to understand. Would Marilyn Monroe's legacy be different if we watched her grow old. Narrative matters, and this is narrative on top of narrative.
  2. Just the perfect example of how brazen things can get. https://retractionwatch.com/2020/07/06/authors-of-study-on-race-and-police-killings-ask-for-its-retraction-citing-continued-misuse-in-the-media/ inconvenient citations deleted
  3. AP maybe, PBS like NPR have been slanted for the longest time, they don't allow comments for a reason, they have plenty to fear when the narrative is so fragile. Usually with such outlets its bias through what they focus on, and which talking heads they launder their opinions through. You don't have to lie, you bring on a chosen third party "expert" do to it for you.
  4. While the originals still exist, the legacy is tainted. Its the difference between the Matrix and the Matrix Trilogy or if they had ended with Terminator 2 instead of dragging that franchise into the dirt. Back to the Future is the example of stopping at perfection. Stories are about the impressions they leave on you, and you can't forget what you know, once tainted the original isn't quite the same. Not many things are clean logic, its why if your wife cheats on you, things rarely go back to how they were before that, some things can't be undone.
  5. It needs a decade or two on hold for people to forget, and a changing of the guard in all the positions of power and creative control before a fresh take on it can be tried again. This won't happen since Disney has to milk the cow they bought, so there is no hope for the ruined franchise, they literally reached back to destroy the originals with what they did in these ones. It was the last chance with the original cast, and they forced them to watch the ruin.
  6. The Hill has a clear left wing bias. But yes what you fact check matters, if I nit pick Linus a thousand times and only bother nit picking Jayz2cents 10 times who is the bigger fibber, and there are always way to slice that fact check so it results in what you want, as you can interpret things from your chosen perspective. Its a war of the never ending "ACKCHYUALLY". It also doesn't help that the war extends to deplatforming "authoritative" sites, excluding them from the glory of circular citation that builds up authority on places like wikipedia. Data and
  7. No, quite the opposite, we have people educated in stupidity now, The cult like double speak now flows from the tongues of the new elites which have been over produced thanks to lowered standards and massive levels of debt. Intersectionality alone is pure sophistry, Orwellian redefinition's to apply every double standard possible. Linus doesn't know what he's asking for when he asks for more. Being from Canada where his news is second hand CNN no doubt there is plenty he has not seen. What is truth? Which religion is true? Facebook has been wiping out legitimate political part
  8. Can't wait to cram nearly flawless transcode of the criterion collection onto a sd card. No details, but this and av1 are necessary, web video compression is still pretty horrific, what good is 4k or 8k when a bluray at half the resolution has more real world detail free from artifacts.
  9. The idea that its "indefensible" is based on gamers having no sense of self control You know what else can harm your life? Gaming in general, how about we regulate it even further, you have too many games, how about we limit that. I could go on. and as said, card games are games of chance. The people complaining generally didn't know what they were complaining about, their idea of "unfair" was like a childs. If its pay to win, don't play, why would you do that to yourself. If its pay for cosmetics, why be envious at digital vanity, the problem isn't with the companies,
  10. Considering the number of hours people use their pc's for so many other uses than just gaming, the amount spent divided by the life span of the item is very very minimal, as a hobby PC gaming is incredibly cheap. The differences in things like high end monitors and cheap one is non trivial once you use them, and that difference only grows the more hours you have into such things.
  11. Yep, an ear cup isn't a room, a cup over your ear produces the "ocean" as we all know from childhood.
  12. One problem I see with the test is what bluetooth codec was being tested? They all use a different one, so unless your host device supports LDAC/AAC/APT-X its going to default to the crummy default bluetooth codec which is old as dirt and never performed well.
  13. Whoever was hired to design their site should be fired, its an unintuitive eye sore.
  14. Yea no, 4k random read/writes aka 99% of windows/app access is double digits to low triple digits. NVME straight line performance doesn't apply to most use cases, very few people spend their time wiping through raw 4k video files during editing every day.