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  • CPU
    Intel Core I7 4790k
  • Motherboard
    MSI Mpower z97 MAx AC
  • RAM
    Adata xpg 32 GB
  • GPU
    Msi GTX 980 Gaming
  • Case
    Cooltek W2 Black
  • Storage
    Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB
  • PSU
    Silverstone 750
  • Display(s)
    AOC u3477pqu
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master 280L
  • Keyboard
    Cooler Master Rapid Fire Tk (MX Brown)
  • Mouse
    Logitech Mx Master
  • Sound
    FiiO E11 and Sennheiser HD 598 Black
  • Operating System
    Win 10

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  1. Hello i have a question, i had cataras many yeas ago and had a operation, and i am wondering if my eyes can see in a pair of vr headsets like ocolus quest s? and i also only have seight on my one eye, or monovisision as it is called. i am using reading glasses then i am using my pc and phone ect.
  2. I have troubble getting rgb to work on my gpu. I have a msi mag b550m mortar I have connected the rgb wire from the gpu to the mainboard: but on the gpu there are 3 pins and the connector is a 3 pin but only 2 of them are populatet https://www.gainward.com/main/argbsync/ I have followed the instructions. but they are pretty much useless. anyone who knows which way it should beconnected? I have installed the rgb controller software
  3. Well I am using a Dark Rock pro 4 that is just a bit better than a prism
  4. hello is a 5800x worth the upgrade from a 3700x for 1440p agming on a b550 32gb 3070
  5. Hello I was wondering if the MBP 13 retina 2013 requires a special m.2 ssd if I want to upgrade it. or will any old m.2 ssd do?
  6. Does anyone know if the 2018 ipad pro 12.9" is just as bendable as the 11" model?
  7. Is it worth for me to get a msi rtx 2060 super ventus for 5/6 of the price= my current card is a gtx 980
  8. i use the system for casual gaming. nothing too intence.
  9. I am wondering, if it is worth getting another gtx 980 in 2019(the upgrade will cost 130 USD) compared to getting a brand new rtx/newer gtx card.
  10. What and awsome little projector, a must have item
  11. as long as the drives get into 1 or 2 volumes then it is fine by me. Just so that i dont have to manage 10 drives
  12. Mojn I am building a nas. But I dont know which hba card I shall put in it. it will propperly have about 10 drives. and the price must be within reason, aka about 150-200 USD and preferably support raid 5
  13. 7,5 good looking system my system Intel Core I7 4790k CPU cooler Cooler Master 280L MSI Mpower z97 MAx AC Adata xpg 32 GB 2400mhz Msi GTX 980 Gaming case Cooltek W2 Black Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB Display AOC u3477pqu MOuse Logitech Mx Master Sound system FiiO E11 and Sennheiser HD 598 Black