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  1. Ha, I would be using VSR on my system but everything gets blurry.
  2. I feel that 144hz doesn't have too many use cases outside of gaming and even in gaming I will need a beefy GPU to play at 144hz. What 1440p monitor do you have? AMD has their own DSR. I think it is called VSR but I could be wrong.
  3. I recently upgraded my system and was looking into a new monitor. I can't decide between 1440p or 1080p 144hz. I have a AMD 390 and a 400 - 450 USD budget. I play mostly single player games (RPG, Strategy) and the only FPS game I play is CSGO (I play at least 6 hours of CSGO a week). I was leaning on the side of 1440 because I don't play fast paced/FPS games. What do you think? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Hey linustechtips I have a problem I need help with. I was helped build a pc for one of my friends and ever since I built it he has been having BSOD. He left for a few weeks and gave me the computer to fix the problems. The errors I get are ntoskrnl.exe and I have never dealt with this error before. I added the prefmon /report file and the dump file. His system specs Intel i7 -4790k Asrock z97 extreme 6 16 GB of G-Skill 1866 Ram Shapphire R9 280 3gb Intel 730 128gb ssd Seasonic m12 II 620 watts OS - Windows 8.1 Pro which I reinstalled a few weeks ago and he put all of this softw
  5. Your room must be super dusty. I gotta clean my computer every month or so
  6. I guess I will just save for a better GPU. Thanks for helping me make a choice
  7. That is what I was beginning to think. If I don't sell the 7870 it would be 130 usd for 5-10 more fps in games. But everyone likes more fps
  8. I'm not in need of any gpu but I saw the 760 (reference btw) for 130 and I got interested. I don't think any gpu around 150 usd is going to beat my 7870. I knew a second 7870 would be more than a 760. The 760 is only 130 USD so it would be less then buying a decent mid range GPU.
  9. hey linustechtips people I got a question that I think I know the answer to but I want you guy's opinion. I was looking on microcenters website and I saw a used 760 for 130 usd. I know it is better than my current 7870 but then I had another idea. What if I crossfired my 7870. It would only be 20 use more for a second 7870. Then I realized that I would have to get a new power supply because I don't think 600 watt is enough. But is it possible to run 2 7870s off of a corsair cx600? Or should I just get the 760? Or get neither? What do you guys think.
  10. I have been hearing about vessel and now I have a legit reason to switch over. Username is monti55 Gigabyte laptop review https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 900 fanless mode https://www.vessel.com/videos/f7QKBNB3G
  11. That is some great cable management. I can not get my cables to look good and not like I have to with a case with no windows. Also love the progression of Athena!!!
  12. You commented right after I sent my post. Good thing we think alike. Still know my tech! I love my 8320. It does everything I want it to do. Granted I don't play newer titles because they seem to all have problems. If your friend plays games that like lots of cores then maybe it would be good. But and i3 has 2 cores 4 threads and even better would be a i5 but it is more money
  13. What do you think? -sage edit: woopsie, uploaded a wrong picture for op I don't think you need a 8 core CPU for low end gaming and light usage. Maybe a intel Pentium 20th anniversary edition or an FM2+ cpu. You really only need a handful of cores today
  14. Got a few more skyrim picture after playing for a long time. Skyrim looks so good on PC with some mods.
  15. The obligatory skyrim picture.
  16. Monti


    title says all
  17. From the album: Skyrim

    Skyrim at night
  18. I see your point. I guess the best option would be to buy the noctuas and I will if i can. The Rosewill fans would be a second choice. Thanks LLT for helping .
  19. I like both of you suggestions. What it really comes down to is price. Is it really worth paying 20 dollars a fan for all of the noctua features or 10 for the rosewill? I like the rosewill fans a lot. The specs are good and have reviews of being super quiet.
  20. Darn I wasn't thinking like I should have.I'm located on the USA near a microcenter and I guess that means USD. Sorry for forgetting the crucial info
  21. Hello LLT. Today I helped a friend build his new computer and I was shocked at how quiet it was. Now I want my to be quieter. SO I think what I need to change the most is the 2 front fans. They are cooler master 120 sickle flow fans. The are not quiet even with the fan controller I have. I have them in the front of my NZXT tempest 210. I also think that my seagate hard drive is noisy, but I am not so sure about that. What I want to know from you guys/girls is what fans are quiet and provide some good airflow (fans that don't cost a lot, under 20 per fan). Also would buying some noise reducing
  22. Sweet a continuation of this build. Would the 770 really do much for the titans for 4k. Thou I hope you quadro works the way you want it to!