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    Asus Z170-A
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    Corsair Vengeance 16gig 1666mhz
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  1. So I just got a brand new Dell insprion 13 7000 2-in-1 a little over a week ago and everything was running perfect up until yesterday. I went to download an app from the Windows 10 store but when I went to log in, it did not go through and gave me a 0x800704cf error code. I then went to look up the error code in Microsoft Edge only to be blocked by "Can't connect securely to this page" error. Other sites like reddit and microsoft.com were also blocked. I also started to notice that my internet would drop out after initially booting up. This is all on a fresh install of Windows 10 as well.
  2. I was wondering if anyone here bought anything from Mack Weldon. Their Ace Hoodie looks pretty nice but I've seen some very mixed reviews from several places. If anyone has any other suggestions for nice hoodies/ sweatshirts that they have came across/bought, let me know. ?
  3. This? https://goo.gl/y6RZUx Why would it be better
  4. Updated with 8700 - https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kp9QdX
  5. I looked around and some people said even a 212 evo would be sufficient. Guess not lol
  6. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/8qY74q What are your thoughts on my build? Will be used for gaming mainly. Budget is ~$1100 but I can be pretty flexible with it.
  7. I have a laptop, HP Pavilion 7265NGW, that won't print to my wireless printer. When hooked up to the printer through usb, it will print. Usually removing the printer and reading it will allow me to print from the laptop wirelessly once before it stops working again. I have also tried removing and redownloading the printer drivers but nothing has worked so far.
  8. Will probably just disable the network stuff
  9. Disabled bitdefender and the site finally loaded. Never realized that bitdefender would be the thing causing the issue lol
  10. No odd entries in HOSTS. I run malwarebytes and bitdefender, running a system scan now Edit - Malewarebaytes came up with nothing, bitdefender is still running
  11. None of the other browsers work on my desktop, I went into incognito mode and tried it but it still didn't load
  12. I've been trying to log into my bank's website for quite sometime now but for whatever reason, I just get a spinning circle. In the bottom left corner, it says that it is waiting for the website but it never ends up loading. I've cleared my cache/cookies but it still did not work. I also tried it on other devices and I was able to log in from there so it just seems to be my desktop with chrome as the browser.
  13. The processes jump around quickly and I have cleared the store cache twice as well as reset it
  14. I recently got a new laptop, HP Pavilion 15-cc563st, and the first thing I noticed after all the windows updates were done installing was that 3 apps in the windows app stores hung up and were causing the harddrive to go up to 100% load which slowed the entire computer and caused it too hang. After multiple restarts, I finally got the apps to delete and the harddrive usage went back to normal but after a shortwhile, I noticed that these temp files were causing the harddrive usage to shoot back up to 100%. When I shutdown the laptop as well, the light on the power button stays on but the screen
  15. yeah, might give online support another shot and hopefully get somewhere this time