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    djdelarosa25 reacted to JamGorby in Does this girl like me?   
    Treat every girl as if she likes you. It's the key to exuding confidence. Doubt is for betas. 
    Also, why do you like her? Step outside yourself and assess who she is as a person. Is there something special about her other than looks or are you just in lust? Be as objective as possible. 
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to ConneelyS in Does this girl like me?   
    This is genuinely the most exciting thing that has happened all day. Keep us posted !
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Ichi in Does this girl like me?   
    Whatever you do, when you decide it's time to confess and shit, do it face to face, confessing through internet/phone is bullshit and lame.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to JamGorby in Does this girl like me?   
    It should go something like this; 

    "We've known each other for a while and I feel like I can tell you this and be open and honest about how I feel. 
    Today, just like any other day, I woke up and had whiskey and beef jerky for breakfast. After that I went hunting. I didn't bring a gun because guns are for pussies. In the forest I came across some bear tracks. Naturally, like a real man, I followed them to the bear's den. There I confronted the biggest grizzly I had ever seen. I knew then that I had to have it. But, as is common knowledge, giant man-eating grizzly bears are usually protected by a group of five or so ninjas and this particular bear was no exception. I made quick work of the first four but the last one, who is naturally their leader, was a bit tough. Took me about 10 minutes to choke him out. Little did I know, the toughest part of the day was yet to come. 
    So, there I am, face to face with a wild grizzly. At one point, my foot slipped and I thought I had finally met my match. And it was there, under an 800 pound man eating grizzly bear, that I realized that all I could think about was you. Of course, I killed that bastard and wore his hollowed out head home because I'm no sissy. 
    So, you wanna be my bottom bitch  or what?"

    This works every time. 
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to brune67 in Does this girl like me?   
    This is kinda encouraging me to make a new thread with my crush problems as well, but I'm not sure. If I get 5 likes on this then I'll make a thread with mine
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to UMISHO in Does this girl like me?   
    "Sa tamang panahon. Ikanga" = "In the right time"
    If you are planning confess to her. Don't ever have 100% feelings. May it be feelings of hope or feelings of negativity. Do what your heart tells you. But be prepared, entering a relationship means you will be facing problems such as one cheating to another. Believe me, there is no perfect relationship but the feeling of love is the most perfect sensation of all. Unless you're a damn sadist that giggles whenever he sees a person he loves getting hurt.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to GreezyJeezy in Steam summer sale 2016   
    they dont do that anymore, the price you see is the price it will be the wholesale, but some games that are not on sale can later come on sale 
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to TetraSky in Steam summer sale 2016   
    Yup, no more flash sales, or daily deals.
    The prices you see will remain the same through the entire sale period.
    That said, I bought 3DMark, glad I waited instead of buying it fullprice 2 weeks ago...
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    djdelarosa25 got a reaction from grayblizzard in Optimal CS:GO settings for visibility   
    My laptop can run CS:GO at all maxed-out at about 100 fps, but I'm curious as to what settings are the best for visibility in CS:GO. What settings should I set in high? in low?
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to jeonjaeng in G2A or wait for Steam sale?   
    It will be between the price of 5-7.5 USD
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to razor767 in G2A or wait for Steam sale?   
    I'd wait for the Steam sale.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to minibois in G2A or wait for Steam sale?   
    The lowest recorded price for your currency was ₱136.77, which is an 82% discount. This price was from 4 months ago (not sure what sale that was).
    If you want to get the game, might as well just get it. If you can wait, do that. Really, you will probably enjoy the game enough to make it worth the money
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to GarnetDevil in G2A or wait for Steam sale?   
    Wait for steam sale, it's just a few days away
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to minibois in G2A or wait for Steam sale?   
    Well if you say it like that, I would just wait the 4 days until sale. Keep in mind the 82% is probably a flash sale, which go on for a day, but sometimes a couple of hours. Keep watching the store page (or add it to your wishlist and check your mail) and buy it once it hits 75% or lower.
    Check this flowchart on buying Steam games:

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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Captain_WD in Hard drive defragging   
    A few notes from me on the subject:
    - You can occasionally check your drive for the level of fragmentation you have and depending on that the OS may suggest defragmentation. Fragmentation may cost performance from the computer so it's suggested to check more often. Using third-party tools is also not a bad idea as they have additional functionality over the built-in tools in the OS. 
    - This is a complicated question. For regular usage you don't need to run whenever you see 1% fragmentation but whenever you see the percentage rising you could do that. Fragmentation does not wear out a HDD so if you do it more often you won't suffer health loss. 
    - As I pointed out, the tool built in the OS is good but does not offer the additional features of a good third-party tool. I'd do some reasearch on the benefits that each popular tools provide over the basic built-in tool. 
    - When it comes to SSDs things are totally different. SSDs by default run fragmented so their cells get worn out evenly. Defragging a SSD is strongly discouraged as it does a lot of writing to it and wears it out a lot and the SSD will eventually fragment itself purposefully so it can distribute the data evenly again. 
    - If you are suffering from bad performance due to the HDD defragging may fix the issue but it's not a huge concern for modern HDDs. I would recommend to also keep an eye on the drive's S.M.A.R.T. status and make sure all the values there are stable and don't show anything alarming.
    Post back if you have any further questions! 
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to manikyath in Need help doing clean install of Win 10   
    i have no idea how it works, but i know windows keys tie to your mobo, so i'm guessing while activating it just sends some unique ID of your mobo to MS to see if it has a key tied to it or something.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Allshevski in Need help doing clean install of Win 10   
    It's on a sticker on the laptop. 

    And the key is bound to the motherboard
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to AlphaGamer46 in Can I use my OEM Product Key to activate Windows 10?   
    If you google for some code as to how to get your Windows product key, yes you can. Once you get the product key, you can reinstall Windows 10 using that product key.
    Use the guide on that website.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Mug in Can I use my OEM Product Key to activate Windows 10?   
    This used to be the case, but Microsoft changed it a couple of months after they released Windows 10.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Mark77 in Can I use my OEM Product Key to activate Windows 10?   
    IIRC, Microsoft changed the Windows 10 activator so it accepts Win7 and Win10 product keys.  So you don't even have to go through the step of 'upgrading' first. 
    But this might not last forever. 
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Rune in Clean install didn't change OEM boot animation   
    Sometimes they do allow you control it, though. May be labeled under splash screeen/fast boot or something similar.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to You_are_a_cunt in Clean install didn't change OEM boot animation   
    Even my desktop has an MSI splash screen (and no actual way of changing it past messing with the UEFI and forcing a fake update)
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to vanished in Clean install didn't change OEM boot animation   
    This is due to BIOS (UEFI) / Windows hybridization stuff.  They've baked it in, like a BIOS splash screen basically.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to woll3 in Need a good budget FPS mouse   
    More hype than anything else, if the standards would be high people wouldnt recommend 10 year old Hardware with high motion latency.
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    djdelarosa25 got a reaction from silverjay928 in How to remove laptop stickers without leaving any residue   
    Do I use a hair blower to peel the sticker off first?