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    djdelarosa25 reacted to bellabichon in Did I put too little thermal paste, or am I fine?   
    Those are really good temps, especially for a laptop. Looks like you used just the right amount. 
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to RomHeu in Clickbait titles and thumbnails   
    I've been a loyal subscriber of the Linus Tech Tips channel for years even though I've never posted on the forum.
    I'm posting for the first time to share my opinion before it's too late.
    I just wanted to say that I never click on content with clickbait titles or dumb thumbnails by principle. Unfortunately, more and more Linus Tech Tips videos on your YouTube channel have those.
    Here are a few examples:
    I don't click:
    We NEVER expected NVIDIA to allow this... How has EVERYONE overlooked this?? Why would you even…? Razer thought this was a good idea?? I can't believe this. I click:
    Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop The OLED Gaming TV from ALIENWARE!! Preparing for 10 GIGABIT Internet! What Could Go Wrong? (even though I could do without the "What could go wrong") Electrical Wiring for the Gaming Center - What could go wrong? (I see a pattern…) MacBook Air 2018 – A PC Guy's Perspective "Water" Cooled Smartphone - S#!t Manufacturers Say Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad? In general thumbnails have all been dumb for a few months now, with the "mandatory" funny and/or exaggerated face and the white outline. Thumbnails used two years ago with just the products were fine!
    You have 8 million subscribers interested in computers, I'm not sure that they need these tactics to watch your videos.
    I may be the only one to feel that way, and if so I would understand that you ignore this "rant", but I hope that I'm not alone, that other people feel the same and that hopefully you'll adapt to this portion of your audience.
    I still like many of your videos, I hope you'll keep posting good ones!
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    djdelarosa25 got a reaction from Kunker_ in OEM vs generic drivers   
    I was wondering, what drivers should I install, the OEM ones (from Dell, in my case) or the generic ones from, say, Intel and NVIDIA?
    The latest NVIDIA display driver that Dell provides for my laptop is version 391.25, while the latest NVIDIA generic one is 471.17. However, if you look at the driver history for my specific GPU (GTX 850M), 391.25 wasn't released by NVIDIA as a generic driver, so I'm assuming Dell does make changes to their drivers.
    How about for WiFi/Bluetooth drivers?
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to fabafaba in Formatting with SD Formatter vs formatting with the device you're going to use it on   
    I don't think it makes much of a difference, if any. With cameras etc. it's usually easier to format the SD card with the device because it will automatically format with the correct filesystem. If I remember it correctly, Android will promp you to format the new SD anyways when you insert it.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to ShadySocks in CUDA vs OpenCL for Premiere Pro   
    Why not try both? My bet is on CUDA.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in CUDA vs OpenCL for Premiere Pro   
    850m is much faster than the cpu alone. You want cuda here.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to XenosTech in Intel gives up on patching Spectre variant 2   
    Some people seem to think businesses and schools just upgrade hardware willy nilly. In their eyes as long as it gets the job done and stays stable, it's not worth upgrading until it's either broken or not as productive as it once was.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to MimigaKing in Can't span files across multiple discs usign CDBurnerXP   
    Just compressing it will not work, you have to use the "Split to Volumes" archives as well. This will separate the folder into smaller individual files which you can put on separate discs. 

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    djdelarosa25 reacted to genexis_x in Lowest specs to run CS:GO at 200+ fps, low settings on all maps   
    Unfortunately I have no time to test yet. You can try search for benchmarks in YouTube (sorry but I can't help you because I have limited data). For reference, my Y520 can run at ~180FPS at 1080p low in Mirage (not the most demanding map) with no players.
    Keep in mind that there are 2 variants of MX150, 8W and 25W TDP. See notebookcheck for more info. Also, if you need recommendations, feel free to ask for it.
    OP never mentioned that he needs 120Hz panel.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to genexis_x in Lowest specs to run CS:GO at 200+ fps, low settings on all maps   
    It's expensive, OP wants lowest specs possible, the cheaper the better
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to dalekphalm in Do flash drive "immunizers" even work?   
    Making sure that your PC has a competent AV that auto-scans a USB drive upon insertion is a great start.
    If you can also ensure that the "Print Shop PC" also does the same thing, even better.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to captain_to_fire in Do flash drive "immunizers" even work?   
    Microsoft has since disabled "autorun.ini" function I think way back in Windows 7 by pushing a software update. Those USB flash drive immunizers only prevent malware that uses the autorun function. I'd say I use a good anti-virus program with behavior blocking components as those are essential if you're in a risky environment like constantly plugging flash drives from others. If you experience one of those viruses that hides all your files, I've got a command prompt trick:
    Hit Start, type "cmd.exe" Right click and choose "Run as administrator" Type the following:  attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*  "g:\" is just and example. Pick the letter of your removable drive Hit enter And you're done.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to KuJoe in Ultrabook for college   
    Look for a Lenovo, I bought my first Lenovo earlier this year (Thinkpad X1 Carbon) for around $750 but you can get them cheaper if you don't need all of the extras that I went with. I don't think I'll ever buy any other brand which is funny because before I bought this ultrabook I'd only ever owned HP laptops/netbooks which I loved a lot.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to genexis_x in Ultrabook for college   
    Get laptop with at least KB-R CPU
    Acer Swift 3 is a nice budget option. Not too heavy, good build quality, good battery life and IPS display (even though it's an entry level IPS panel)
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    djdelarosa25 got a reaction from dcgreen2k in Lower capacity dual USB flash drive vs higher capacity standard USB flash drive   
    I'm not really a fan of the adaptor solution. One way or another, I'll end up losing them
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to flibberdipper in Lower capacity dual USB flash drive vs higher capacity standard USB flash drive   
    I actually grabbed a 32GB dual drive (micro USB and type-A), and it is so friggin handy I wish I would have gotten it sooner.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to dcgreen2k in Lower capacity dual USB flash drive vs higher capacity standard USB flash drive   
    I would buy the 16GB dual drive if you're going to be using it with your phone as well. Chances are you won't ever use more than 16GB, and I've only used 10GB on my drive with a ton of programs installed on it.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in What Windows version should I install?   
    Sounds like Windows 7 unless it was some special order. Think they started shipping Windows 8 as standard starting with Ivy Bridge. Could be wrong. 
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Radium_Angel in What Windows version should I install?   
    Win7 32 bit version, anything else is going to just slow things down.
    This assumes the drive isn't failing...
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in What Windows version should I install?   
    Yep, it contains the product key necessary to activate Windows. So for example, if the COA says "Windows 7 Home Premium", you'll have to install Windows 7 Home Premium in order to have a genuine version of Windows using the key. You can download Windows 7 directly from Microsoft or torrent it (as long as it's not pre-activated or cracked).
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    djdelarosa25 got a reaction from martanton in Windows 10 Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media Icon cannot be hidden   
    Found out that it was my card reader. Oh well
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    djdelarosa25 got a reaction from Leonard in Time always wrong, sometimes error in POST   
    The time zone is correct. Okay, I will try that
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to WereCat in Should I enable game mode?   
    Yes, but make sure Game DVR and Game Bar are disabled or you will lose performance.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to mrchow19910319 in I'm too afraid of failure   
    This is the 1st time you gonna have a taste that what does it feel like not being the best. 
    It will make you uncomfortable. That feeling is nothing to be ashamed of. 
    I think that that the most important lesson is to know that a lot of  people might be as talented as you. But they might have been through similar things, ( transfer between schools, other things happened in life that caused them distracted or unable to catchup) therefore from now on you can respect those people more. before all these you might think that whoever is not better than me is because they are not hardworking enough. Not talented enough. But now you realized that your accomplishments contains some sort of luck in it. Just like everybody else's. 
    also so beware of your friends. Whoever talk shit to you just because you got left behind a little, they are not worth your time. Ditch them. 
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to mrchow19910319 in I'm too afraid of failure   
    Also I'm saying this not because I just want to be nice but because it is true. 
    "The moment you are asking people : how am I gonna deal with this? You are actually already start dealing with it. By asking people's opinions about it. " 
    it it might take you a while to get out of a slump. But you ar already on the right track.