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  1. I'm planning on buying an SD card for my LX100 that's capable of shooting 4K video at 100 Mbps bitrate. Most of the cheaper cards that I find that are up to par with the requirements (Class 10, UHS-1, U3) are microSD cards with adapters included in the package. Is there a speed difference between a standard size SD card vs a microSD card with an adapter?
  2. Hi guys! I'm looking for a free VPN with high bandwidth allocation (if possible, unlimited) to escape my carrier throttling. Thank you
  3. Finally got my plan activated today and 1080p30 video is very smooth, with a 20 second buffer headroom for most videos. I am impressed
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I'm looking for more
  5. I am torn between these two phones. Reasons why I like the 3T - better specs - looks better - better supported by OnePlus in terms of software updates (?) - better 3rd party support (custom ROMs) Reasons why I like the Z Play - dat battery (this alone puts it head-to-head against the 3T for me, battery is lyf) Things I like on both phones - (nearly) stock Android For you guys, which is the better buy? I'm ope to other suggestions as well
  6. I'm lost of words. Thank you so much, man! This means a lot
  7. Z Play - overpriced in the Philippines 3T - if I can convince my mom (God, I hope), it is my main choice Axon 7 - not available in PH
  8. Title says it all. Preferably 5 inches (but 5.5 is okay) Good build quality Preferably stock android (if not, good custom ROM support)
  9. The software alone makes the OP3T better than the S8. As for the looks, I prefer the conservative look of the OP3/T (S8 looks flashy af IMO).
  10. Just when I thought I solved the problem, micro-stuttering appeared again. So this isn't because of the undervolt.
  11. So my laptop has been running undervolted for about 10 months now. It is stable, as I recall some time ago when I ran AIDA64 overnight without it crashing. The weird thing is over the past week, I noticed that CS:GO was having micro-stutters everywhere. Whenever there were firefights and grenade explosions and lots of players on the screen, the fps would tank so hard. I tried everything. I reinstalled graphics drivers, reseated the RAM, ran MemTest with no errors, and ran AIDA64 again overnight and no crashes. Strange, I thought. I removed my undervolt on the core and c
  12. So I was playing CS:GO, and the instant this guy headshotted me, my laptop froze and BSOD'ed. I suspect it could be caused by these things: 1. Undervolted CPU - My core has been undervolted for almost a year now with no problems. However I recently undervolted my cache to the same voltage as the core, as I saw a post stating that the tolerances between the two are the same. 2. Upgraded RAM - I upgraded my laptop's RAM to 8 GB last week through a used 4 GB DDR3L stick. However, after getting the DIMM, I tested it overnight using MemTest (8 passes) with no err
  13. I'm trying to undervolt my laptop iGPU (Intel HD Graphics 4600). What program should I use to test if the undervolt is stable?
  14. I live in the Philippines, and the price to speed of the internet here is notoriously crap. I'm on a 2 Mbps connection (laughable, I know right) and I will be switching ISP's since this one throttles daily if you reach 3 GB of data consumption. The cheapest unlimited data plan that I found in my area costs about $26 and offers 3 Mbps of bandwidth. I'm quite sure this is miles better that the current one that I have just for the fact that it is uncapped. However, is 3 Mbps enough for watching YouTube at 1080p30 with no buffering mid-video? My current connection is capable of 720p, but it does b
  15. Thank you So if it says VALID, it's stable, right? The latest drivers from Haswell until Kaby Lake have enabled this function. 3rd generation or less are EOL, according to Intel. https://communities.intel.com/thread/78158 I know the risk, hopefully it will last me 5 more years On mobile devices, not really. https://communities.intel.com/thread/78158
  16. So Intel recently released a driver that lets Intel HD Graphics owners overclock their displays. I successfully overclocked my laptop's display to 75 Hz at native resolution (1366x768) using CRU. How do I verify if my monitor is stable at this frequency?
  17. Just wanted to share low-poly artworks of my girlfriend that I did in my free time Don't judge me
  18. I ran MemTest86 for 8 passes on a stick of RAM that I bought secondhand. No errors popped up. Does that mean that the stick is fine, or should I run more tests?
  19. So I bought a 4GB Samsung DDR3L RAM from this guy online. It arrived yesterday, plugged it in, booted the laptop up and it worked. Just to be sure, I ran MemTest overnight last night. I set it to run at 8 passes. While running, the RAM info on display showed my 4 GB SK Hynix RAM on DIMM slot 1, which was the default RAM that came with my laptop and not the one that I bought (it was a Samsung RAM). The next morning it said that the test was completed without any errors but it still displayed the RAM info as the 4 GB SK Hynix one. This led me to assume that it only ran the test on the specific m
  20. Yes, I already set the driver to on, but every time I reboot, it turns back off
  21. Ever since I upgraded to the Creators Update, the Synaptics touchpad application icon has not been showing up on my system tray. Within the application, the "Display icon on system tray" option is ticked on. I tried reinstalling the drivers and after a few reboots, it doesn't show up again. While the service is running on the background, gestures such as the two-finger scroll don't work anymore. Can anyone help me out here?