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  1. I know that a microfiber cloth is mandatory, but regarding the liquid agent that you use, do you use alcohol, water (if so, is distilled really necessary?), or nothing? The reason I ask is that I've read alcohol destroys the oleophobic coating of the screen, the validity of this claim remains unknown. What do you guys do?
  2. I'm not really a fan of the adaptor solution. One way or another, I'll end up losing them
  3. I'm planning on buying a flash drive for school use. I found some pretty cheap 32GB Sandisk Ultra's for around $10. I also found a Sandisk Dual Drive (USB-A and USB-C) 16GB for the same price, 32GB is around $18. My phone is a Moto Z Play, and I thought that the USB-C would be useful if I didn't bring my laptop but wanted to send some files to my classmates. Keep in mind, I'm in high school, and I'm from the Philippines as well, and we don't have large amounts of allowance to buy these things. The cheaper the better, of course without sacrificing on quality. But seeing as these are
  4. I'm looking for a cheap flash drive for school purposes. I think 16GB should suffice, but 32GB would be nice. It must be USB 3.0 as well, and USB-C OTG support for my phone would also be a nice touch for those times in school where I didn't bring a laptop but want to be able to send files quickly. My budget is ₱1000 ($20) max.
  5. A friend of mine lent me his notebook, a crappy ASUS one, and he asked me if I could clean install Windows 8.1 on it. When I got home and plugged it in, I booted it up and it went directly into Automatic Repair. The ASUS boot screen didn't even appear. I tried restarting it, but no matter what I do, it seems to boot into the "Prepaing Automatic Repair" screen. How do I stop it from doing this?
  6. I can't, we're in HS. and I know he probably can't to (guy's not rich, would probably have to wait until the drive fails completely before his parents would even replace the machine. That's how things work around here). This is just something to help him in the time being
  7. I think the drive is failing hahaha. The thing has cracks on the screen. I think I fall like that wouldn't let the HDD go usncathed
  8. At 10 PM, I meant it'll interact with the filter app again to lower the brightness even further (lower than the lowest stock settings on Android). Would that be possible?
  9. Some first to second gen i3, 2 GB of RAM, that sort of stuff. I didn't really take note, as the damn thing won't even boot into Windows
  10. Let's say I want the filter to kick in at 9 PM, brightness level unchanged. But by 10 PM, I want the brightness to dim down considerably, even lower than the lowest stock setting. Do you guys know of any app that does this? (Non-rooted. I don't want to root my Moto Z Play yet as it still receives OTAs)
  11. Does the CoA contain the key? Sorry for the stupid question
  12. I think he used to run a pirated OS on it. That's what he told me. He said he paid a friend to make the thing "genuine" but in the end, the trial expired, and he ended up losing $15 bucks lol. Is the original license key still embedded in the motherboard?
  13. My friend recently lent me his laptop as he wants me to clean install a brand new OS on it. It's pretty fucked up, there are cracks in the display and the thing doesn't even boot up anymore without going to Startup Repair. Windows only, guys. Most probably with the least being Windows 7, up until Windows 10. Which would be the best OS to install?
  14. To each is their own, have used Galaxies and Nexuses from my friends and tbh, the difference in fluidity between the two skins (Touchwiz vs stock) is huge.
  15. Not really a fan of ASUS' UI, I'd prefer stock Android
  16. I'm planning to buy a new phone to replace my aging Galaxy A5. Max budget is around P20,000 ($400). I'm considering the Moto Z Play, as the Z2 Play is over my budget, is only available in select stores, and the battery is crappier. OP3T and OP5 are not available in my place, you'd have to go to Manila to buy one. Is the Z Play still worth it?
  17. Motorola is extremely late when it comes to releasing new devices here in the Philippines. Last I asked, there is no word yet regarding current generation phones. They only sell the Moto Z, Z Play, G4 Plus, and other lower tier phones at the moment. Also, the prices here are inflated. The current SRP for the Z Play is PHP 23,000 (~$455). The closest phone that is decent for the price is the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) for PHP 20,000 (~$400).
  18. I'm looking for a budget Android phone and the Moto Z Play checks all of the boxes for me. However, seeing as it is already a year old, is it still worth it? Are there other better Android smartphones for the money? If only the Moto G5 Plus was available in my country.
  19. The time zone is correct. Okay, I will try that
  20. Our family computer has a bunch of issues. First, the time is always wrong when you boot it up (you have to synchronize it every time you log in to Windows). Second, while it doesn't do it all of the time, there are occasions when it won't boot up at all and the screen would flash 'Keyboard Failure', then 'Hard Disk Failure - strike F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility'. Even though I would press F1 or F2, nothing would happen. I would have to manually reboot the computer a few times until I get it to work again. The hard drive is fine, according to CrystalDiskInfo. I a
  21. Thanks for the feedback! The reason I asked is that I read somewhere that 32-bit is leaner on resources, which will theoretically make your PC run faster, though I'm not so sure about its validity.
  22. I have an old PC lying around and I'm thinking of breathing new life into it by installing Windows 10. It's pretty ancient hardware (Q9550, HD 5450, 4 GB DDR2) and the mobo doesn't support more than 4GB of RAM. Should I install 32-bit or 64-bit W10?
  23. What's the best smartphone that I can get for that budget? Aside from good specs, I want it to have an active development community as I like to mod my phone.
  24. Does it really make your games run faster? I only play CS:GO.