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  1. I was surprised to find the BIOS in this thing rather lacking and old school looking, normally I would set up fan curves in the BIOS but this one doesn't seem to have it. Does a Windows level utility exist for this? Thanks in advance!
  2. Is that a possibility? There can be a problem in the eyes that an optician can fix that has symptoms of eyes slowing feeling strained after long periods of computer use?
  3. I'm gonna be doing a lot of programming this winter, and I've never actually cared what screen I use but I've been noticing my eyes seem to be straining more than what was normal a year or so ago. So two things: 1. I want a screen that will damage my eyes as little possible. 2. Be nice for programming (reading lots of text). I'm undecided on size. I was actually curious if getting a relatively small 4k TV would be a good option. Would be nicer than having multiple displays? So, suggestions? Options? Also curious if perhaps getting a good back lig
  4. Screens will never be bigger than 32" at 21:9. It also needs to attach to a wooden desk, and I'd love to physically bolt or screw the mount into the desktop. There is quite a few to choose from on Amazon but having zero experience with these things I'm not sure if I'm gonna get suckered into buying something just because it's cheap, or if I'll over purchase something just because it's expensive. Any tips?
  5. Thanks guys, what actually is a RANK though? Is that physical circuitry? Or is it like a classification of memory?
  6. Would you mind explaining that a bit further. Although I have built computers for many years I don't have much modern experience with overclocking.
  7. It seems to be functioning properly at 2933mhz. I think maybe I'll just leave it there. I just wanted to get near 3000mhz as that's what I had before but in 16GB.
  8. Is it the DRAM voltage I want to have a 1.35v? That is what the ram sticks say the XMP should operate at. DRAM Voltage (CH A/B) is the setting I'm referring to.
  9. I've just updated to the latest bios which now lets me boot up Linux Mint instead of just halting during the start up process, but when I enable XMP it hands during boot. Something about CPU#X not responding over and over again, and the numbers change representing to the threads. Should I try to manually overclock the memory until it halts during boot and then back it down one notch?
  10. Currently the gtx 980 can't quite handle this. It dips into the 30s at some points during big battles. I'm curious, what is the fastest GPU I can pair with the 6700 before it's being bottlenecked by the CPU at 4k. Thanks in advance!
  11. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/products/motherboard/#c=125,124,133&sort=price&page=1 That's pretty much what I'm working with. I see boards for $70/$80 that don't have VRM heat sinks and I see $100~ boards that don't have VRM heat sinks.
  12. Can you give me an example of a low quality board that I should avoid and what makes it low quality?
  13. I am thinking about building a small cloud server. I would like to put an r7-1700 (already have it) in it. 1. How important is it to have an B3/450 chipset if you don't intend overclock? 2. How important is it to have a VRM heatsinks/cooling if you don't intend to overclock? 3. And finally, can you still use XMP on A320? Basically I just want to know if it's worth the extra $50++ in my scenario.
  14. Thanks. I'll take all of that into account.
  15. So I've got the DeepCool Castle 240RGB on a Ryzen 3600 inside of an h500p-mesh case. Running Prime95 the CPU hovers around 60c. This is all threads and cores at 100%, each core averaging 4150mhz. It will run like this, nice and steady as you would expect, when about 10 minutes into the test, all of a sudden it will just shoot up to 80c+ and then shortly after that it auto shuts down. What could be causing this? The only thing I can think of is that I'm using shitty thermal paste. The AIO came with paste itself but I'm guessing this cooler is really old as th
  16. So this power lead coming from the PSU has a 6pin+2 on it, and another 6pin+2 at the end of it. That is OK? Its a 750w corsair.
  17. The graphics card has ports for a 6 pin and an 8 pin. 1. Do I need to have both a 6 pin AND an 8 pin plugged in? Or can it be either or? 2. If it needs to be both, can I use a power lead from the PSU that has a 6pin AND 8pin on the same lead? Thanks!
  18. Thank you for the help. Another user also mentioned using CPU height + Compatibility filter on partpicker to get GPU width clearance sorted out.
  19. Neat idea! No where to put that in the case unfortunately. That is a case specific thing right?
  20. Close, I actually physically can't fit the GPU in there because the tabs on the GPU (where you put the screw in) are actually positioned behind the inside of the case. So it won't even slot in unfortunately. I'll attach a photo of the issue. Oh, and thank you for the NH-D15 trick. I see now that with compatibility filter on, and that cooler selected it removes the case I have already purchased and shows me a bunch. That seriously is a pro tip.