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  1. I've reset my oc and this time I am doing a multiplier oc still at 4.5GHz. When I run prime95 Blend it throws ram related errors and I am still getting BSODs. I haven't changed the RAM speed or anything but it seems like there is an issue with my memory. I've tried a set of Corsair Vengeance in my system and I still get the same errors and crashes.
  2. I've just overclocked my FX-8350 to 4.5GHz @1.425v and I am having some issues. I got my oc stable then ran prime95 (small FFTs) for half an hour and then Aida64(CPU, cache, FPU stress test) for twenty minutes and everything was working very well. However when I started a game, I ended up getting a BSOD after about 10 minutes. I think that I have an issue with my RAM because my CPU seems to be operating fine. I have my BCLK set to 225MHZ, my NB Freq set to 2200MHz, my HT Link Freq set to 2400MHz, my CPU clock ratio set to 20, and my system memory multiplier is 8(default). I am running 16GB of
  3. I don't know the specs of our desktops off the top of my head, and there are several different types of desktops at our High School all running Windows 7 Pro from a VLK (That I happily borrowed the key for to get Windows 7 on some of my home computers). Firstly, in the Programming, and Graphic Design rooms there are Dell towers with some moderate clock speed quad-core Xeons. I am not sure if they are hyper-threaded dual cores or just quad-cores. If I remember correctly, they run at a respectable 2.4GHz or something in that range. They have 4 Gigabytes of RAM, and 6 DIMM slots(I've looked in th
  4. I never needed it. At one point in time, I was experimenting with different locations for some of my servers, and one configuration I was debating switching to required an insane length of ethernet cord. I might check out that third party software if the need ever arises again.
  5. I haven't checked for a firmware update, there may be one. Nevertheless, the need for wireless bridging has since been antiquated in my situation.
  6. I didn't bother to look at the specs of his router if I am honest. I just thought that I could provide some useful incite. I've checked and mine does not support wireless bridging. Wireless bridging can be pretty cancerous in some settings however for the application I initially wanted to deploy it in, it would have been very helpful.
  7. I have an old-ish Cisco Linksys E3200 that I use as a switch and bridge. I would like to have been able to it up in wireless bridging mode, however this router is a little too old to support that. I just use it as a switch for my home servers and as an alternative access point for mobile devices.
  8. The New Razer Blade Stealth, for the new Kabe Lake 7500U CPU and the 4K screen.
  9. None of AMD's processor can use DDR4. (Zen will be using DDR4 though, but that won't be coming out until ~Q1 2017)
  10. In all honesty, cleaning a keyboard can be a chore. Unless you just want to blow out some of the dust and wipe off the tops of the key caps, you're going to have to bite the bullet and pull them off.
  11. I have a Corsair K95 with Cherry Reds. I also have a zoo of animals at my house so hair accumulates on my keyboard. When I clean my keyboard I take off all the key caps and set them to the side for latter. Then I get all the dust and hair from around the key switches with compressed air or blowing and I use Pledge Multisurface cleaner to clean any oils or other things off of the bezel of the keyboard and all the aluminum parts. Next I clean the key caps. I use the same Multisurface cleaner to clean each key cap until they are good and oil free. The Pledge multisurface cleaner is only a few dol
  12. ** I'm a Linux noob, This is first time I've done something this "advanced" in Linux ** Alright so I've been playing with this for about an hour now with no success. I just installed Linux Mint 18 Sarah onto my grandmothers PC and I am trying to mount a share that I have on my home server that has her photos, documents and some other files that she needs. When I run mount -t cifs -o username=Apollo // /home/mary/Desktop/Shared It asks me for the password. Once I provide the password, I get the following error mount error(121): Remote I/O error Refe
  13. Starting from the modem. Modem is also a router and our main router (Netgear C6300BD AC1900) which is connecting to my PC and another router in bridge mode which is essentially acting as more RJ-45 ports for my server. Both of my server's NICs are connected to the second router. I've discovered the issue, or I think I know what is going on. Initially, I thought that one of my routers was causing latency between devices but a quick ping of the server from my machine dispelled that. In game my ping is usually 1, to be expected however if I look at the network statistics I've observe
  14. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post, and if it isn't a mod can move it ig. Anyway, I've got a Rust server running on some server gear at my house. My friends have no latency whatsoever, but I get big ping spikes and spurts of rubberbanding(moving back and forth as if the camera was attached to a rubber band while being stretched out). I've observed that my ping with jump from 1 to over 500 on occasion. However the rubberbanding doesn't seem to occur when the ping goes up. It seems to be independent of the ping. Does anyone have any theories as to why
  15. Because I'm not an electrician, nor do I have the knowledge to replace it myself. And the fact that it is a 30amp circuit, that was shorting and not tripping the breaker, I want to have a professional take a look at it and fix the issue.