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    Intel 4690K
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    Gigabyte GA-Z97N Mini ITX
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    16GB Avexir Core Original
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    XFX R9 280X
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    Corsair 250D
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    Senheiser HD430
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    Windows 7 64Bit

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  1. Typed sda instead of sde and formatted my linux drive
  2. BigMic


    I have windows MR. Used it on my r9 280x and it worked quite well. However found it impossible to use steam VR. I think it's due to the output only being HDMI 1.4 so I bought a 1080ti which runs it with no problems. Games selection isn't great compared to steam vr. That's my experience haha. Sorry if it doesn't help.
  3. Not too sure sorry, might be a disable button in nvidia control panel or even one of the overclocking suites like msi afterburner and such. MSI afterburner I think (recall) overrides the function to allow a constant overclock rather than power saving measures. gpu tweak could have it also. You could be right about voltage, I've had the pc stutter or the graphics card driver crash when OCing.
  4. The 980ti has auto overclocking of the gpu right? Can you disable that at all? Quickly read the previous thread and didnt see anyone suggest that at all...
  5. Got one recently for NBN from spintel, connected it to the wall and to another router on the other side of the house using an ehternet cable. It somehow disabled/crashed wifi on both routers and only let my pc have internet for some reason... as well as crash a few times. SO replaced it with my old one which still works perfectly fine.
  6. I just hope that developers develop for both the vive and oculus rather than only one of these devices. Especially that both are really similar in the way they function ( controllers aside), just that vive has the added bonus of the front facing camera and more sensors to find where you are!
  7. Ive got an XFX R9 280x and also have the problem of a blurry dotted box in the corner with msaa turned on. Not sure what causes it
  8. Why isn't it PC Requirements: Buy a console ??
  9. Point one. "sexism insensitive". I dont like this term as you can apply this to everyone and anyone who makes a joke. Saying that portraying women negatively is sexism insensitive is a bit silly when men are also shown to be dickheads, buffoons and scaredycats also. Women have also been showed to be strong in games as well as men. There is a reason why games are more catered to men and show muscular men being the main character.... because men buy more games than women. They play more games than women. This is a hobby for more men than for women, this is why more males are represented and
  10. And there is choice. I will say this again: What they say and what they do is completely different. Saying something or some idea in gaming is detrimental to society and is BAD, where there is no evidence, is where a lot of criticism against her is. Yes, we want choice also. Which there is currently plenty as there is tens (if not hundreds) or thousands of games out there and more games that you or I can play in one lifetime. More playable/leading women in video games will be better and give us a different story/perspective in the game. We are not saying that this is bad. Ho
  11. Gamergate is the discussion of ethics in Videogames. Its the reason why this hashtag is used, for everyone to push for ethics under a name and give it popularity and create discussion and attention. I disagree whole heartily with Sarkeesian and her followers. I am not sure what they are trying to achieve. They say they want more variety in game (which there already is). However their actions seem like they want to censor ideas and certain aspects to games by saying that its detrimental to society when there is no evidence to back it up. Also the cult like behavior of "Listen and Believ
  12. 1. Pokemon Yellow 2. Quake 3. Age of Empires 2 Edit: Half Life 3
  13. Stuck a knife in a toaster. Didnt know it was a bad idea till a year after.