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  1. I experienced this problem with one GPU, but it happened far less often. Very interesting. When you say it's RAM related, you mean that the RAM is corrupted? How do I go about testing this? Would the regular "memory checks" work just as well?
  2. I've had this intermittent problem where my PC will stop sending a display signal to my monitors (monitors are powered and display NO SIGNAL), but the computer fans and lights continue to run normally. The power LEDs remain on, yet holding the power button won't turn the machine off. I need to go to the PSU, shut it off there, turn it back on, then hit the case's power button. I've run stress tests on my PC (Intel Burn Test) and monitored the temps, and the Tdie never go above 70oC (as measured by HWINFO). My feeling is that the PSU is to blame. I fear that it might be
  3. I personally replaced my Elementary OS install with Lubuntu... Elementary is BEAUTIFUL, but it's just too buggy for me. It's subtle, and you don't notice it at first, but eventually the same old bugs become too much to bother with. On the other hand, Lubuntu is just so increiblly responsive and lightweight. Easily get 3 more hours out of my battery, and hardly have any trouble with responsiveness.
  4. jszym

    Python Help

    Ok, so given a list name_rank_list = [(('freda', 'female'), 2), (('ted', 'male'), 1)] you can get the "name gender" tuple and rank with this super simple for loop for name_couple in name_rank_list: name_gender, rank = name_couple print "Name and gender tuple:" print name_gender print "Rank is {}".format(rank) EDIT: If you need the index to update the value, all you have to do is use enumerate: updated_name_rank_list = name_rank_listfor name_couple_id, name_couple in enumerate(name_rank_list): name_gender, rank = name_couple rank += 1 #or someother change to the ran
  5. I suggest using a javascript IRC client, you can embed it on your website, create chat bots for IRC in python/perl/java/wtv, it's federated and pretty easy all-in-all. https://kiwiirc.com/ is a good example.
  6. Wow, very cool post... definetly shows that 4+ multithreading is a trend that has been around for longer than I would have thought. Great! I'm going to bide my time to see if I can get something on the cheap used or on BF/CM, but I'm leaning towards the Xeon unless I get a killer deal on an 4690K. The main probelm with the K-series is that cooling does add cost to the card value.
  7. I'd be very down to buy used (particularly for a locked card like the Xeon), but my local market is dry as can be... trying to find some stuff on /r/hardwareswap, but that's not proving great either atm (atleast not for Xeons)
  8. On a tight budget, I can get for nearly the same price: CONFIG A ($350 CAD): Intel Xeon E3-1231 V3 or CONFIG B ($330 CAD): i5-4690K ($280 CAD) Raijintek Tisis CPU Cooler ($50 CAD) Now these two configurations would cost me nearly the same thing. Which should I go for, considering that this is primarily for a gaming rig? On the face of it, it sort of seems like the Xeon is a no-brainer, but even though games are better utilising more cores, I don't think 4+ is very useful, and the i5 will have better core speeds OC'd, so that might also be the route to go. Also, is should I w