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  1. i found one ,ASUS ROG Helios ATX Case
  2. Case that help holding videocard, saw somewhere video that new cases can help hold heavy videocards. But cant find single one, which direction am i looking for.
  3. wil it sound the same as hyperx 7.1? wil i be able to hear enemies around me? i more into fps gaming
  4. so if i understand correctly g6 wil make with 990 a 7.1 sound?
  5. hi, so headphones are riped and ive been using cloud, ive been thinking to buy revolver s, i never used soundcard or any amp, want to give it a shot, which soundcard should i try and which headphones?
  6. i went back to default, set core to 1.225 everything lower just gets me a bd. but how do i now change memory to 3k without touching blck because i know it will give me a bd so i have to change strap there are no other ways. i must say that now i have 10c lower on all cores and its more quiter
  7. so basically followed steps one of the youtube videos and overclocked 5820k to 4.5 with memory to 3ghz, I have thermaltake ultimate 3.0 watercooling so those are mine bios settings https://i.imgur.com/ag3F808.png https://i.imgur.com/Rd54WfQ.jpg so I runned aida test for about 2 minutes and those were mine cpu temperatures https://i.imgur.com/r3MCWTb.png I mean like I did nothing except just copypasting the info that the guy gave me, further didnt make any tweaks. So I posted here just to be sure that im not overburning or overvolting mine cpu or ram.
  8. so i went to shop and played with each of keyboards for 10 minutes, first who fall off were a razer v2 which felt to hard to press even when i had blueswitch tk before, next one were a g810 which felt too easy to press so when i would like to relax my fingers on keys they would press instantly, next one in list were a k95 which they didnt had so i test a k70 rapidfire which mentioned @Corsair Nick it felt amazing in everyway, so didnt believe and did the same round with each keyboard again, after that i knew that i would definitely get a K95 rgb platinum with cherry mx speed(silver)
  9. which of k70 are closest to k95 platinum cherry mx black speed, because in shop they will have only those.
  10. I wanted it to be not too loud but still has that click and clack feeling(that im doing something productive) on press with an wrist rest
  11. oh yeah sorry, just noticed that I didnt add platinum. edited post with new url
  12. After spilling liters of different liquid over 3 years on Quickfire TK blueswitch keyboard it sayd, im done, i've watched a honderds of videos about new keyboard and what they can offer to and this 3 keyboard apply to my need but still they're all a bit of different kind ,so basically i want to choose a new one from: Razer blackwidow chroma v2 G810 romer g K95 platinum cherry mx speed black Personally Im gonna go to shop in couple of days and test razer and g810 but there aro no K95 in there. What can you advice from your personal view on things, mostly i play Overwatch and oth
  13. i think i just get then 1080 and after couple of moth these screen, thanks
  14. Problem that all those videos show at max settings which i dont need actually
  15. or maybe oc processor to 4.4 will it help or maybe if i get another 970 for sli or should get 1060/1070/1080(ti)?