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    JellyD reacted to ShearMe in New headphones and question on how to drive them.   
    It might just be an impedance mismatch, which higher ohm'd DT's would be better with. Just get the headphones first and make sure before grabbing an E10, like you were already planning. 
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    JellyD got a reaction from ShearMe in New headphones and question on how to drive them.   
    Okay this is making my head hurt but I think I've got an idea now  :rolleyes:
    Im going to go for the DT990 pro 250 ohms and try them with my current setup.
    If they are too quiet, or sound like utter utter crap I'll get myself an E10
    If they sound fine I think I'll keep the money in my pocket.
    Because for that little difference it's going to make, the price is not worth it IMO.
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    JellyD reacted to EmoRarity in Are these a good pair   
    And they don't. So being a kind person who genuinely loves music, and a person that genuinely wants others to experience sound in the best way they can afford, I sit on here and offer up my knowledge and recommendations for those people. Since its the right thing to do. Trolling, being an ass, or just plain stupid, makes people that do that the kind of individual that needs to have their parents take their internet away.