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    JellyD reacted to Najuno in Do you think that Nvidia should recall 970's? (and Nvidia's response)   
    I hope that everybody that bought a GTX970 in some way gets reimbursed by nVidia with a GTX980 2way SLI... that would only be fair! And gets the next Titan for free with a birthday cake!
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    JellyD reacted to TaBandit87 in Do you think that Nvidia should recall 970's? (and Nvidia's response)   
    When I read all the different forums and posts in said forums all I can think of is.

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    JellyD reacted to Real_PhillBert in Do you think that Nvidia should recall 970's? (and Nvidia's response)   
    Im gonna have to side with @Enderman on this one. Everyone took a look at the performance benchmarks and decided that for the amount of money they were spending this card made sense, and bought one.
    Now a few months have past and a very few people have noticed some rather odd behavior of these cards and found that there are two partition of memory on the card and the second .5GB partition is much slower than the first 3.5GB. Sad face. The performance of your cards is no different from when you bought them and now all of the sudden people have convinced themselves based on this new information that their cards are no longer worth the money. I don't get people some days.
    Now the second half of this story is where I do believe Nvidia does owe the consumers a bit. The 56 ROPS and 1792 KB L2 Cache vs the marketing claim of 64 ROPs and 2048 KB of L2 Cache. Although I do not believe that Nvidia was deliberately trying to deceive customers, as I have first hand experience with the occasional inept capabilities of marketing departments, however this mistake did somehow make it out to the public. This is where I do think Nvidia should offer a small refund ($15-$20 maybe) for their mistake or a choice of a couple of games on Steam. This error is in my opinion the only true error that Nvidia made with this product, the marketing information.
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    JellyD reacted to andrewskaterrr in Do you think that Nvidia should recall 970's? (and Nvidia's response)   
    As someone who owns a 970, I don't really care.

    I'm pretty sure everyone who bought a 970 looked at benchmarks first, then MABYE looked at ROPs. But who cares how many ROPs or L2 cache it's using? Performance is the end result we care about and ROPs and L2 cache affect it. So if you saw the performance of the card and were satisfied enough to buy one then obviously you're ok with less ROPs and cache. 
    I don't care if the 970 has 1 ROP and 1kb of L2 cache or if it runs off fairy dust as long as it performs as it should/does. Did I see special Nvidia videos with the 970 running BF4 4K Ultra 120fps then get mine and see that it can't do that? NO.

    That's take a step back and look at something. The Price/Performance follows the normal upgrade trend, that's good. Now look at the 970 vs 980 which cost almost $200 more for about 15% more performance...That's not much more for a whole lot more money as is usual for x70 to x80 jump. So what I'm seeing is a bunch of babies who want a 980 specs for the price of a 970. The 980 is barely better than a 970 and costs so much more yet you're whining about the 970 WHEN YOU WOULDN'T EVEN KNOW IT WAS AN "ISSUE" UNLESS SOMEONE POSTED IT.
    People are freaking out for basically no reason.

    The ONLY issue I have is I would like the full 4GB or VRAM, I'm not super salty though as it's only 512MB out of 4096MB and 99% of people with this card won't hit the 3.5GB mark so it's not a huge issue.

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    JellyD reacted to TheRetiredSlave in Do you think that Nvidia should recall 970's? (and Nvidia's response)   
    This isn't anything like that.
    You knew exactly how the card performs when you bought it, and you received exactly the performance that you paid for. You received exactly the same performance that every single tech reviewer showed you, and you received exactly the same performance as every other GTX 970 owner did.
    This would be more like buying a car that says "brakes can stop the car at 100 Km/h", every automotive reviewer tests the car and finds that the brakes work at 100 Km/h, the guy reads and understands the tests done by the reviewers, then the guy drives at 100 Km/h, tries to brake, the car stops, then he finds out that the brakes on the car are 1 mm smaller in diameter than the official marketing specsheet, then he complains about the manufacturer lying to him.
    Don't get me wrong, this is definitely a bad thing for Nvidia (Edit: And Nvidia should respond), but I don't think you got ripped off. You knew how it performs; you knew it's price. You have no independent way of verifying that the specs are in fact correct or not (I mean, all I can see is that it's a silverish rectangle on a circuit board). All you can independently verify is it's performance. Does your 970 perform like a 970? Yes? Good.
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    JellyD reacted to Opask in Do you think that Nvidia should recall 970's? (and Nvidia's response)   
    I feel like this is turning into a massive war. I don't own a 970 and I do feel for you guys who do.
    But that being said it is an absolutely amazing card.
    You paid what seems like a really small amount compared to previous generations and got something that was great.
    Again I really feel for you guys but this issue isn't as big a deal as it is being made out to be.
    Everyone paid for it knowing it performed amazingly and it still does.
    This just feels like people jumping on this new nVidia hate train for no reason.
    Think about how well your PC is performing with this card before you start getting all mad about it.
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    JellyD reacted to Enderman in Do you think that Nvidia should recall 970's? (and Nvidia's response)   
    You didnt buy it because it had 64 ROPs.
    You didnt buy it because it had 2048MB cache.
    You didnt buy it because it had 4GB of memory.
    You bought it because it performs exceptionally well in games at a very low price.
    You bought it because it works.
    You bought it because thousands of others recommend it.
    If none of these stupid articles had existed everyone would be having a great time with their new 970 unaware of any issues.
    The fact that you didn't even realize that it had 3.5GB of memory, or only 56 ROPs, or whatever when you bought it shows that the specs are INSIGNIFICANT
    What matters is the performance, and that is what you paid for. And the performance is excellent.
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    JellyD reacted to d3sl91 in Do you think that Nvidia should recall 970's? (and Nvidia's response)   
    Last time I checked, all my friend's GTX 970s work perfectly fine. People looked at benchmarks, looked at performance ratings at the resolutions and settings they would be running, looked at the prices, and bought them, and they performed exactly as expected. 
    So, no. Its not like 6 months later they are breaking, they are still performing just the same they did when purchased, and the review copies that benchmarkers got, are the same that people purchased. 
    So, my vote goes for no, people don't need their money back and nvidia doesnt need to recall the cards. 
    Not saying they shouldnt, just that they dont NEED too. 
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    JellyD reacted to Darkman in Do you think that Nvidia should recall 970's? (and Nvidia's response)   
    Same... And Anandtech posted a thing about it with answers from them too...
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    JellyD reacted to Cheddle in The 970 3.5gb bug   
    so all of a sudden, a few months after launch... This bug is found, showing that the first 3.5 gb of ram on the 970 is accessed differently than the last 500mb.
    before this bug was found, every man and his feking dog reckoned the 970 was the best dam video card money could buy. And those that bought them LOVED them.
    Now, after several months of enjoying these cards, this bug is found and all of a sudden everyone hates them, claims Nvidia are terrible and that this is unacceptable.
    what... the... fek...
    Why is it that something that has effected everyone since day one, and not been a problem, is all of a sudden a huge reason to hate on the 970 and Nvidia in general as soon as its discovered? nothing has changed, the card is still as it was when it came out...
    the 970 took an arrow to the knee, no one wants to adventure with it any more.
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    JellyD reacted to ShearMe in Are there quantitative ways of proving good audio? Good Audio vs. Bad Audio   
    Ding Ding Ding, we have a winrar!
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    JellyD reacted to BoredErica in Sennheiser hd 800   
    It's expensive because it's a different market. Sometimes it makes sense to raise the price. Don't forget, many people judge performance by price alone and those that don't are subconsciously affected. Observing the way things are priced, from cables to amps to headphones...I can tell that price colors the impressions of people a whole lot. In some circles something being cheap is a letdown and discourages people from wanting or buying it. Sennheiser is a business. Must the most expensive offering of a company be the most pleasing to most people or measure the best? Not really.
    You see what I'm saying? You've never tried it but you've already made up your mind that you'll love them.
    Ok, yes, the HD800s do some things very well. There's that. But it's not the end-all-be-all of headphones. They seem to be the poster child of expensive headphones and tons of people think they're #1 in the world, and these people typically don't know much about this area. This is still a great product, lots of R&D, Sennheiser needs market segmentation, etc.
    $1000 for a used pair sounds like a lot but it's really chump change. A computer can easily pass that and has to be replaced every few years. College, slightly larger house, changing tile floors, traffic tickets for being stupid... all these things cost as much if not many times more. 
      Some of us have, we're just not telling the whole world about it.
    If we're going down the cables path we are going down a slippery slope of placebo. Audiophiles love to obsess over things that often don't matter, ei expensive amps and cables. The people that actually know audio are busy getting a speaker with the lowest distortion and the rest of the time spent perfecting their room acoustics, EQ and a bunch of other software settings. One of these approaches goes nowhere. I'll leave you to guess which.
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    JellyD got a reaction from alekasas in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Dammit! Yeah my preorder also got pushed back to november. The site says the 4th. Originally it was supposed to be the 14th of october. Makes me wonder if maybe they're doing some stuff with the logo again from the backlash. I personally don't really care. I just want my keyboard.
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    JellyD reacted to VulsaviiK in Corsair Gaming K70 RGB   
    @LinusTech: For someone that didn't want people to find out how he sounds using a certain F-word, you guys did a terrible job bleeping in out in the "legit mod" video. I'm going to describe it as a combination of curse-words and childlike innocence. Hilarity ensues....
    I can see why Corsair would want to move their products to a different branding though. Others have done it, Coolermaster with their "CM Storm" branding for example. Funnily enough I think I like the CM Storm logo more than the standard CM logo, but whatever, not influential on a decision to buy products from a company.
    What I do wish for is this - Can people make up their god damn minds on what they want please? One minute any keyswitch that isn't Cherry MX isn't good enough. Razer releases modified switches based on Cherry MX design (The greens feel very different to MX Blues IMHO), everyone slams them, and proudly states "I'll wait for Corsair, with the legit Cherry switches). Then Corsair finally release their offering, and everyone slams them for their offering because of the logo. Now everyone is worshipping Logitech as some kind of gods for "designing a brand new switch". Newsflash... it's a switch, a springloaded switch. It has contact points, a spring, and it does two things. Register as on, register as off. That's it. As for place of manufacture, LG and Samsung are based in Korea, which apparently is a "bad place" for manufacturing, unless it's a brand people fanboy. What is it honestly going to take to make the interwebs happy....
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    JellyD reacted to xByakko in Corsair Gaming K70 RGB   
    Wow, personally I'm surprised at the amount of negative reception of the sub division launch. Personally, yes the logo isn't amazing, especially considering their youtube videos' outro, but I don't think it's that bad. Then again, I wasn't a fan of the Corsair logo, I just think it doesn't fit well into a gaming product (not everyone likes pirates or a pirate ship on their "gamer bling"), though I can see the original logo fitting computer components. Some people was expressing how they think the new logo made the products look "cheap", and I can't say I completely disagree. Yes, there's a stigma with gaming products being "cheap", but here I don't think it's completely the logo design. Looking at the keyboard, the logo up top looks like someone just printed a 10 cents sticker and slapped it on top. THAT looks cheap. The old shiny embedded logo looks better in that aspect.
    However think of it this way, perhaps if they refined the logo, and devoted a little bit more resource in their product branding (as in integrating their gaming logo into the design), then I think it would be a success. It's not like the product is any worse, just a logo design that's highly subjective. Consider the product for what it is, as the logo is only the minimal proportion of it.
    Honestly, I think Corsair was just saying to themselves, as much as they want to be elegant, and "classy" looking, the reality is that they aren't capturing enough of the "Gaming" consumers of the market (at least I assume they aren't) to justify their investment in the gaming peripherals category (it ain't cheap for exclusive partnerships).
    There's reasons why Razer (who still ship some expensive products) and the likes of Turtle Beach, Astro, etc, are still capturing a significant portion of the market even though their products are priced rather high in certain categories. The reality is that many consumers are still justifying their purchases partially on aesthetics. I think Razer is a good example. Razer have clean, yet aggressive "Gamer" design, they stick to what they believe it's the looks "Gamers" want, and it's working. My girlfriend loves their products, even though she barely used any of their products. If she wasn't a picky music listener, her headphone would probably be Razer. Her mouse is Razer because she said she liked the looks (Razer Naga 2014). If Razer made keyboards with MX Black (or their equivalent), her present in my closet would be a Razer keyboard (I've been hinting that I'm getting her a mechanical keyboard, and she's been commenting how it's too bad that Razer doesn't have keyboards with MX Black). So to conclude, I think Corsair is just trying to capture that part of the "Gamer" audience. It's not their forte in designing aggressive looking peripherals, and it's evident in their existing products (Personal opinion I suppose). They've made an attempt and it didn't succeed, but I think base on what quality Corsair have been delivering over the years, I hope people can give them a chance in improving this division of theirs. I'm sure they can pull it off.

    Opps I suppose that was way off topic. In terms of the keyboard alone, I think it's fine. The software is probably a bit buggy, but what software launch isn't. (I actually don't know how buggy it is. I'm waiting for the K95). It's actually quite functional from what I've seen, but tricky to those who aren't very good at tinkering using software or a programming like environment. The reason I say that is actually because I saw the software walk through from Kyle (Newegg/AwesomesauceNetwork). After I saw that, it's very apparent that the software isn't general consumer friendly. However I don't think Corsair said the software was "consumer" friendly. Yes it's suppose to be, in a way, but the nature of highly programmable lighting is not very consumer friendly without insane amount of work, and probably community effort. So give it a chance. 
    For those who want an extensive (to a certain degree) but not enough for those who knows no concept of programming, here's the video I saw from Kyle (Newegg/AwesomesauceNetwork): 
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    JellyD reacted to mackncheesiest in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    It looks like more recent reviews are turning out pretty good, though, going off of those Amazon and Newegg links.
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    JellyD got a reaction from omenz321 in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Yeah I've seen that too. But that's most likely because they're the first and only one to have the keyboard atm. They usually charge a premium for that. At least I hope. 
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    JellyD got a reaction from omenz321 in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    This is about the RGB versions of these keyboards, not the normal ones. If you've found the RGB version in the netherlands, please tell me where because I will drive there tomorrow.
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    JellyD reacted to Khraft in Google Brings Confusing Layout Update to YouTube   
    This. Nowadays it seems every change to Youtube Google makes is just another excuse to raise the pitchforks.
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    JellyD reacted to Tro in im looking for the best gaming headset for max €200   
    I heard the new "Streets by 50 Star Wars Edition" Has amazing sound and is very comfy on your ears.
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    JellyD got a reaction from smallfat in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Yeah I just got an email from corsair saying the same thing. So that release date is confirmed. Now we wait for the blues and browns.
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    JellyD reacted to theABCshop in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    RGB mose pads are next.

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    JellyD reacted to Turkatron in Sound Card and Headset   
    >Any product besides the DeathAdder
    Not even once.
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    JellyD reacted to h264 in New headphones and question on how to drive them.   
    If you like the Sennheiser sound, get Sennheiser.
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    JellyD got a reaction from ShearMe in New headphones and question on how to drive them.   
    Alright awesome.
    I have found A nearby place to go listen to some headphones.
    They only have the DT990 non pro's though, but I'll check if I like the overall sound of them.
    I'm guessing they'll be slightly similar.