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  1. By ALL effects he also means dolby headphone and 7.1 virtual speaker. In my experience these end up making the sound all kinds of weird. and they are still on in the pic you posted.
  2. JellyD


    Yeah I wouldn't go with open headphones if you want bass. the 518s are going to be lacking in that department. The 439's probably have more bass. Especially if you modify them.
  3. Dammit! Yeah my preorder also got pushed back to november. The site says the 4th. Originally it was supposed to be the 14th of october. Makes me wonder if maybe they're doing some stuff with the logo again from the backlash. I personally don't really care. I just want my keyboard.
  4. Oh alright. Then you probably won't go wrong with any of them really. Get whichever one looks best to you for the price or is available the quickest.
  5. how the hell do I delete a post
  6. I have the MSI one because it was one of the cheapest near me. it was like a 50$ difference to the asus. Its been great on me so far. Con is no backplate. But it does turn the fans off under a certain temperature which I like. Makes it really quiet. I'm a big fan of the big fans on the MSI as well (hehe). I wouldn't personally go with the EVGA because of the weird cooler placement of the thing. oh the MSI has a 6 and 8 pin too, instead of 6 and 6. So basically you can't go wrong with gigabyte asus msi, and the others are probably fine as well. I just don't know about them.
  7. I really don't think that'll be worth it for either corsair or cherry. They had to develop these new switch housings with rgb leds and stuff, and I can't imagine that being cheap. So presumably they just picked the best selling switches, and clears and greens are unfortunately not part of that. Maybe if they turn out to be very succesfull they'll do a run with less popular switches, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  8. Oh really? its not in stock yet? I just ordered my 970 msi and its expected to be delivered on Wednesday. this is in the Netherlands. I digress though, really excited to see them coming out with the first k70-95 with non linear switches.
  9. whoohooo I spotted my username in the vid this is the closest I get to video fame okay. (my life is not very exciting)
  10. Yeah I've seen that too. But that's most likely because they're the first and only one to have the keyboard atm. They usually charge a premium for that. At least I hope.
  11. This is about the RGB versions of these keyboards, not the normal ones. If you've found the RGB version in the netherlands, please tell me where because I will drive there tomorrow.
  12. We have no clue on anything whatsoever as corsair isn't really communicating anything about it. This whole thread is pure speculation. But yeah hoping browns and blue's show up soon.
  13. Hey I'm guessing if you're willing to spend nearly $200 on a keyboard, you don't mind tinkering with the software a bit. Plus that software is probably still in beta, and not too hard to update.
  14. I seriously doubt that. Maybe initially because they're the first or something. Then shops usually charge a premium. And yeah the UK and EU prices are very likely going to be quite a bit higher than the US ones, but not almost TWICE the price. That would make importing them from the US including $50 dollar shipping still a hell of a lot cheaper. That does not seem like a smart business move.
  15. To keep the rumor mill going, I also found this comment on the mechanical keyboards subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/2f5ymm/help_corsair_k70_rgb_uk_vs_us_pricing_question/ck6923y Now I don't know how credible these sources are. For all I know they made it all up. But the dude does have an overclockers.co.uk flair so it might actually have something to it.