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  1. hey guys I am in the market for a MID Tower that is sleek non flashy
  2. Looking to spend under $600 on a gpu single one and wanted to know which one would be good for gaming and photoshop.
  3. Was thinking either 1440p or 4k not sure which one I should get
  4. Hey guys so I recently sold my pc and want to build a new one I have gotten into photoshop and video editing. I currently have a budget of like $1500-2000 In Los Angeles, California. Would like to be able to play games too.
  5. I really like Astro A40's from design and comfort aspect but from what I understand they are not the best sounding headphones. I would like something that I can wear in public and also at home look nice with great sound and comfort closed back preferred. Under $200 without a mic or $300 with a mic
  6. ive actually been in contact with the guys over there and they said they arent sure yet so im trying to find something incase they dont pull through you get me
  7. looking for a ITX case that is like the XBOX or PS4 so I can throw it into my backpack when I travel currently have a Ncase M1 I dont mind spending a little more
  8. is pascal gonna release the X80Ti off the launch if so I can wait if not I dont really see a valid reason for waiting. My personal opinion.
  9. 6700k, z170, 16gb ram, 512gb ssd, etc and no budget and located in the US
  10. hey guys looking to join the 1440p team and want a Aircooled Card that doesnt get very hot as long as I stay above 60 fps in games such as BF4 maxed out Ill be happy. Want the quietest and coolest card for 1440p Aircooled please thanks.
  11. looking for a keyboard bag to put all my peripherals in