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  1. As a solution you might try a different connection type(hdmi, VGA, displayport). If you're using a GPU you might switch to output from it or to the board, whichever you're not using. I've not came across the bios themselves using some weird video output, occasional driver issues in windows. It may be a problem in the bios that needs an update, but I'll let someone more experienced with that to say.
  2. Did you try a different sata port on the MoBo? Terrible if it's the case, but should still be easy to test. Were you able to boot before? Did you change boot order/drives or is it a seemingly random problem?
  3. Hear me out...big magnet. This seems to be a somewhat common problem. Normally I'd mention that Find My Device apps sometimes offer remote resets, but that's only an option if it connects to the internet someway. You could try to navigate the reset functions blindly, usually power off > power and volume > down a few options, etc. There's also the unadvertised option of just leaving it as is if you're sending it for repairs/replacement, not advised.
  4. Tech N9NE - Like I ain't Been blasting since it came out really though
  5. If your fans aren't behaving as the controller suggest they should, I would recommend updating/reinstalling. Revving them up would be a solution, but a proper fix is better. Worst case: hardware malfunction, best case: program is just displaying wrong.
  6. They're pretty popular for file servers, but if you're looking at several bays and many terabytes, I would recommend looking at "prebuilt" solutions. At the end of it all, you're going to be limited by the Pi's USB bandwidth, network, and limited processing power. I know there are several reviews of the other Pis for these projects, I'd imagine there are some for the 4 as well. I attached a couple USB HDDs to my Pi 2 running Raspian for awhile, just for movies and some other work, I never had any issues. That is however much lighter work than multiple people accessing la
  7. There seems to be a misunderstanding as to the actual function of the GPU, why do you want to add a second different GPU exactly? Not to be harsh, but a second GPU won't simply increase your computers function or even graphic power.
  8. I'm just here for all the r9 comments. I received an old Toshiba Satellite years ago that was so filled with dust and poorly kept that I could've used it for a waffle press at times. A little cleaning took the temperature back to a normal range, so I wouldn't call it a furnace.
  9. Small amount of satisfaction in my first mini itx build, non modular ATX psu was a bad choice xD

  10. Normally there's no need to. If it won't boot up after you upgrade, remove the ram and the battery for a few minutes and try again. It's basically like turning the subsystem off and back on to kind of force the computer to refresh itself and accept the new memory.
  11. Normally its safe to replaace it, as long as everything is compatible of course, sometimes you do end up having to the the cmos, I'd look into the process for doing it on your laptop(popping the internall/cmos/coin battery for a couple minutes and make sure you're comfortable doing so first just in case
  12. I ran lubuntu and mint from a 2.0 cruzer USB on school computers just fine, wasn't a great option and it wasnt as snappy as I'd like but it was usable With a 3.0 with good rates you should be fine to use spotify, though I would say just get an HDD
  13. From here theres Assuming you know the basic format of the files as well as the structure of the files/folders then you should be able to use a bash/sh script to work through the txts and convert them using the command line tool or which ever language you prefer. My bash is too rusty to even attempt the code right now, but just a script to recursively check the folder system for the text files, run the program/tool on it as called for, and save it with the appropriate name. In windows, something like this
  14. Do you need 8? But either way with needing that many drives, and wanting specifically plex, I'd just build a relatively cheap server for like 350. Since you'd possibly need trans coding and whatever else that the router would not handle
  15. If that's just a usb hdd enclosure on steroids e, I'd say spend the same amount an actual NAS