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  1. Again, apologies for the lack of and subsequent sub par quality photos. Here we are finished! I was super lucky with the power cable runs. They are crazy tight but ended up just fitting. I really wish I had hardlined this, but the lack of bulkheads and no F-F meant it wasnt possible. And off the build went to the other side of the country for EB Games Expo in Sydney. Again, a HUGE thanks to MWAVE, Thermaltake, ASUS, Kingston and Intel for inviting me to be part of this competition. I hope everyone has enjoy
  2. Unfortunately I didn't get some steps with the phone but essentially I just used some aluminium strip and bent it up for the radiator mounts. After the radiators were mounted I got some acrylic to make the top of the wings. No CNCs or laser cutters here, just a jigsaw. Just went super slow and end result wasnt half bad! After it was just I just ran over the edges with a file then sandpaper. My original design had some of the wings boxed in but I decided against it. I wasn't confident that I could line them both up identica
  3. So after I got the PSU notched in I laid the motherboard out and started to think where everything would go with the 'spaceship' always in mind. If you're familiar with the Thermaltake P3 the motherboard is in a 'standard' orientation and sits top left. I switched it so the motherboard was inverted (CPU and bottom, PCI lanes up top) and mounted it bottom edge but centered. Again with the spaceship view in mind I decided to keep the GPU on air. I liked the look of the founders addition blower cooler so I spun it and mounted it length ways across the PCI lanes.
  4. So all the build logs have been done, so where have I been? Well, I've had an awesome run of luck in short I lost all images relating to this build because I had the OS on my SLR crash (weird right?) and the whole SD card went to poop. I tried all kinds of recommendations from peeps and I managed to get the 'files' off but all images were only partial and none usable. I guess Ill just have to upgrade to a GH4 or something... Anyway, these are the images I had on my phone, they are dirty and an embarrassment but they show the progress of the log. Ill try narrate where appropriate.
  5. It could go either way. I think i like this orientation but its easily changed. Something I can play with as I go through the build. Glad you like it
  6. So a first update! Learning from other projects I've decided to template a few key things out to make sure they will all lay out like I had planned. The motherboard has been inverted, and relocated from top left to centre bottom of the Thermaltake P3 Going for a spacecraft theme I made up some radiator shrouds that will make up the wings and some thrusters and then starting to work from there. I like the look of the FE card laid flat across the PCI slots of the board. Now I have to
  7. I dont mind, dont hide it, put them up for everyone to see man.
  8. Awesome man! If you have any pictures show me i'm keen to see them!
  9. I am back and guess what......... I've been invited into MODWARS MWAVE MODWARS 2016 Powered By Thermaltake, ASUS, Kingston & Intel For those that don't know, MWAVE as well as the above partners are holding a competition between 5 Ausyralian modders that were hand picked to compete for bragging rights! Knock my socks off and call me lucky, i'm one of those 5! So with that here's an introduction to some hardware: CASE: Thermaltake P3 PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower GOLD 750W Power Supply COOLING: Heaps of Thermaltake Watercooling Parts! M
  10. I doubt dom plats would have fit so good move there. I have low profile sticks with EK Monarch plates fitted, its close but just makes it, I'm pretty sure even with the monarch plates it sits lower than dominator platinums. Funny that our custom cables are almost identical, almost.
  11. I agree, I have the NH-C14 and I swapped the top fan for a BeQuiet Silent Wings 2, I'll leave the bottom fan as you cant see it...
  12. It was cool, I learnt a lot from the build but there are certainly a lot of restrictions.
  13. Yea pretty much all I'm done with watercooling in the NCASE, not happening. On another note I went against what I said. With the 980Ti's flooding the market I picked up a EVGA GTX980Ti FTW edition for half the price of a GTX1080, my seemingly older age couldnt turn it down. With a new top secret build in the works one the FTW arrives I think ill call it quits with the NCASE build. It will remain a strong secondary PC with the 980Ti. I have a Be Quiet Silent Wings fan to replace the ugly Noctua fan though. Final specs and updates should be up next week.
  14. I watched when I went from 600 series to 700 and 700 series to 900, that phenomenon never occurred. Maybe ther'es a deal with the manufacturers to buy back their unbroken down stock, no idea.
  15. im hearing ya, 980 wasnt enough to game on my 3440x1440. Good chance Ill be going 1080 as well, though, I want to know more about that Founders Edition card...
  16. That wont happen for a while, and never from a retailer. 780Ti is still valid at $300 2nd hand. I think that in real world the 1080 will just edge out the 980Ti... I'm interesting in hearing more about the "Founders Edition"
  17. On another note, You have to be kidding if you think MiniValidus isnt getting a GTX1080 on release.
  18. if getting into independently controlled RGB LEDs typically a WS2801 controller will only come in 30 per 1m, where WS2812 ones can come in up to 144 per 1m. But that mightg be information well above what you were looking for...
  19. d33g33

    wired wifi

    just get a decent surge protector that guarantees up to $50k or whatever. Less of a stuffaround.
  20. So, not really related but kinda related. As this is my main rig I had some leftover gear from my ambilight TV project I did, some may or may not be familiar with it. Anyways... I've been seeing heaps of LED backlight work stations so I figured i'd repurpose the project onto my 34", so thats exactly what I did... On the 58" Samsung I had 200 of these 12mm diffused individually controllable RGB LED's So I laid it all out and attached it to teh back of my 34" ultrawide. Still using the Teensy 2.0 micro controller.
  21. Just like the radiator on the other build, I have no idea. Lets try and see! Might work, might not. Thanks for your support!
  22. The pictures really don't do it justice!