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  1. well there is the xps 13 from dell as well as some latitudes as well
  2. it more about what you expect from them not all are bulky, razer blade comes to mind only the desktop target ones, also any laptop can drink power depending on their use case.....
  3. how the fudge did you decipher my last post i got a little distracted
  4. not sure what the Laws are In Kiwi Land but here in Blighty you can turn something order from the web you have a 30 day cooling off period where you can turn a item the retailer without any reasons ( maybe required to pay for postage)
  5. Not sure how you could clear a blockage in a AiO without voiding warrenty
  6. @kenshin210well i take it you still have your noctua, i would simply RMA it as there could be a blockage.
  7. double check the thermal compound leave it for a while (longer the better) to make sure that water is a room temp then power it back up. In the BIOS make sure that the pump is running as this could be a possibility. where did you get it from ? is a totally new AiO ?
  8. how long are you running the tests for and also have you double checked for connection ?
  9. @hihihi8 PSU can bounce I has a corsair cm500 IIRC which arrived in a sodden box, with the back panel bent, still worked but returned it
  10. @hihihi8 Poor floor...... you could always test it out with a PSU tester (cost like £10 off amazon) or use the paperclip method to see if it powers on/
  11. yeah they are alright but i have had issue with them playing nice with the 5.25 tool less designs . if you can take of the tool less bracket and use just screws
  12. 15 if you use a shorter PSU 13 if you use a longer one also you could use THESE in the 5.25 bays
  13. well it stable ? also i would suggest not mucking around with school property
  14. @cgtechuk I would look at using the 900d for the server as it has a 9 drives with another 3 if you buy another cage and you still got 5.25 bays if you want even more
  15. @2wheelgaming it depends how much you got to spend
  16. how badly you need it ? as you it really be worth waiting til RyZen 3 drops as TBH $650 AUS isn't alot
  17. i would say easily but as we dont know what he wants to play i'm going with CS:GO and up which leads me into this article from Tom's Hardware http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/amd-a10-7890k-gaming-performance-benchmark,review-33503-3.html
  18. well it depends what you're doing, yes it can run 1440p ultra wide but in games not going to do well.
  19. yeah it just that some people who would really benefit from a new pc might not be able to afford the tax etc on it. yeah it isn't Jay's fault it just an annoyance