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  1. That is a good piece of information to have. Will be highly considered for the final decision.
  2. I think I've read this once more in the past about the 719 being a bit tight with huge mobos but as far as I can tell, 7 XL will be just the same. Do you have experience with both? I see that your mobo's size is 31 cm x 27.7 cm while mine is 305W x 330D (mm), so I suppose my situation will be even worse. What I've read is that with all these mobos the rubber grommet holes are unusable and you go the old (bad) way for tiding up the cords. In any case I don't expect to have an easy ride with a server mobo in a consumer case.
  3. So I am trying to "enclose" my NAS server which is a real SSI-EEB server motherboard (305W x 330D (mm)). Hardest need for the case is the mobo size and also the 6 (live) + 1 (hot spare) 3.5" HDDs that it has to accommodate. I had initially ordered a Fractal Design Define XL 7 which took a month to arrive and also came damaged so it is RMAed, but I am now thinking of going the Phanteks Enthoo 719 (Luxe 2) way. As far as looks are considered I prefer Phanteks. One key difference is that for the Define XL 7 I already have candies for the disks. Kinda. I have them for the Define R6 and there
  4. My setup is: Keyboard: CMStorm Z Mouse: Logitech G502 Spectrum For sound I only use my home Logitech 5.1 home cinema speakers. Oh and my mousepad is a metallic Cooler Master mouse pad which was a gift with the CM Stacker case back in the day...
  5. Wow, it would be incredible to be able to have a projector so close. I could get it on my balcony and play there. That's like... soooo good...
  6. Wow i need the RGB and the N key rollover <3
  7. I would like to win the Sagitta Spectrum because my mouse has given up on me after many clicks and its right click has become sticky and makes do stupid things at games
  8. An SSD like this could really revive my laptop and even make it more portable giving it some more time of work or game when on battery! An SSD these days is almost a must. It is smaller, more safe because is more durable if what is holding it falls down, energy saving and of course it makes your pc so much faster, specially when booting, with minimum differences on the price tag compared to the old mechanic disks.
  9. Kova is the way to go. Colour does not really matter, there are leds...
  10. I would buy for my mother a better monitor to replace her old ugly CRT one that she still has in her bedroom. I would choose the IPS AOC Q2963PM 29-inch panel as it at the 300$ price margin and it is a good IPS panel (my mother won't need the extra response time of the TN panels) with more than Full HD resolution. Link related: The monitor
  11. I want it so I can finally game in my living room on the big screen and also so I can take it with me and have a powerfull pc to work on wherever I have to go and use a pc (I can borrow their screen-kbd-etc). It's a nice idea especially taking into consideration how powerfull it is.