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  1. COMPLETED!! Finally get to write this post and call the project completed! It's been about a year since I started this project, starting from simple CAD models all the way to this finished product. I am VERY happy with the end result. I want to thank all the sponsors who provided me with various parts and services over the year, you really helped make this build possible!
  2. Not finished yet. Still have to do the hardline tubing.
  3. Hi all, A couple of updates on the status of the Node, nothing to crazy. So I traveled to Portland, OR for PDXLAN 26. Had a blast there, I entered the Node in the CPUMag Case mod competition, I took 5th place and was up against some very tough competition. After that I was off to Dallas TX for Quakecon 2015. Again, I entered the Node into the Modders INC Scratch Build competition, unfortunately I didn't place in that competition at all. A lot of people were very interested in the case and had a lot of good things to say. I'm VERY happy with the reception of the case overall, makes all
  4. Update 7/15/2015 Another update! Getting closer and closer to finishing this project, this will be the last "progress" update to the project until it is finished. I will be posting some images of the project at some of the events I'm taking it to, so keep an eye out for those. So lets get to it! Started testing the lighting system, these suckers are bright! RGB LEDs controlled via IR remote and receiver. This is one thing I'm not happy with and will be fixing in the future. The lights are SO bright that they bleed through the 3D printed plastic. I think the solution to this will be
  5. See it in person! Hi all, I will be attending 2 shows coming up in a weeks time. I will be at both PDXLAN 26 and Quakecon 2015 this year and I will be bringing the Node along with me, so if you are interested in seeing it in person, feel free to stop by! 7/17 - 7/20 7/23 - 7/26 Hope to see some/meet people!
  6. The final version of the case will have rigid tubing and sleeved cables for sure. I have a deadline looming in the coming week where I'm attending 2 shows with this so I needed to be presentable and durable enough to survive the trips. I agree I would like to see rigid tubing in the final version. It was my first time attempting it and I was woefully unprepared both tool wise and info wise. These will be corrected before the final build shots are taken. So don't worry. I should also note that the case is incredibly difficult to work in, its got some very tight areas with lots going on
  7. I would agree, however, I learned the hard way not to get Acylic tubing...that stuff is way to brittle. Also this is going to be shipped around the country in the coming week so I wanted something that I know would be up to take the abuse of transport and shipping. So for now I'm sticking with flex tubing. at a later date I might swap it over to rigid.
  8. Update 7/10/2015 Before I start I want to thank bit-tech for nominating me for Mod of the Month for June 2015!! Thanks again guys! Back with a few more updates, and I'm happy to report it's finally coming together. I have had this thing together and apart so many times I'm getting pretty good at it. There were a few more parts that ended up needing to get painted, one of which was the motherboard tray. I had originally wanted a solid black tray, not transparent. That's what I had originally ordered but the company who cut it for me screwed up the order. (they has also messed up previ
  9. I had thought about getting a makerbot, but that is what the first set of parts were printed on, and the quality of the prints were crap, so I had to look elsewhere. The final parts were printed on a Fortus 250, which cost around $50,000. sadly, I don't have that kind of cash laying around. Lol
  10. Update! (7/3/2015) Now that the major stuff is out of the way, I can start focusing on the minor things and detail work that needed to be taken care of. Enjoy! Taking the heat sinks off for painting. Pump Mounted Running a quick leak test Painting the parts, now to let them sit and dry overnight. Stay Tuned, more tomorrow.
  11. Maybe in the future, you might see an all black version.
  12. UPDATE 6/27/2015 And so the work continues!!! This week it was about putting the final touches the assembly of the case and working on getting the hardware fitted, making sure there are no last minute tweaks to any of the parts (Spoiler Alert: There are, but they are minor) So first up, the design has hex holes carved out for the nuts that will hold all the paneling, they needed to be glued into place to make sure they won't fall out when you remove the various panels, as this was a minor issue when I was trying to assemble this case for the first time. I got to the last panel on and ha
  13. If I can find a cheaper way of making them...I will try and get it into some form of production.
  14. BIG UPDATE!! All I'm going to say is that this was money well spent. I have had a grin stuck on my face for the past few hours while working on this. So happy to be able to begin moving forward wit this project again! Enjoy!!
  15. Missed that...thanks. Lol