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    George_Bud reacted to SupaKomputa in How to factory reset a Sony Phone   
    You need a model specific method. Involving opening the internals to reach the reset pin. Google it.
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    George_Bud got a reaction from amdorintel in are cities schematics accessible?   
    I honestly dont think that is available to the public. But you can surely use Google Maps for free. I mean G.M. gives you allot of information.
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    George_Bud got a reaction from soldier_ph in What is Vsauce's audience 'Level of Intelligence'   
    @The Torrent
    I watch Vsauce and Rick and Morty. I am basically God at this point. ?
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    George_Bud reacted to Real_PhillBert in For Science   
    Well fuck a duck.
    EDIT: I guess in that case you can simply take the 3rd root of 1.133x10^23, which gives ~48,388,000 carbon atoms in one linear cm.
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    George_Bud reacted to TVwazhere in For Science   
    I think OP is asking for 1CM of atoms in length, not volume. 
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    George_Bud got a reaction from EMENCII in Yes. Now what ? Samsung S5570   
    The google market is not even loading :))) 
    Yea, I get it was a joke  
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    George_Bud reacted to EMENCII in Yes. Now what ? Samsung S5570   
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    George_Bud reacted to dizmo in Yes. Now what ? Samsung S5570   
    Well disguised vibrator.
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    George_Bud reacted to Od1sseas in Yes. Now what ? Samsung S5570   
  10. Funny
    George_Bud got a reaction from wasab in What Os should I use ?   
    I have a Asus Eee PC 900a with 900 MHz CPU and 2 GB of Ram.
    What OS should I use ? It is not for me, for a kid. So mostly youtube and stuff like that.
  11. Funny
    George_Bud got a reaction from r2724r16 in What Os should I use ?   
    I have a Asus Eee PC 900a with 900 MHz CPU and 2 GB of Ram.
    What OS should I use ? It is not for me, for a kid. So mostly youtube and stuff like that.
  12. Agree
    George_Bud reacted to cc143 in I need help. I need a camera.   
    Well if you are looking for an overall good piece of kit for this sort of thing, a Panasonic G7 coupled with a fast standard prime should be good enough for interviews. Maybe a go pro for a different angle, and a 24-120 equivalent for estabishing shots etc. I think you'd be ok with that, but it will require work on your part with lighting and focus etc. 
    Now, there are other options, For instance a used a7sii might be a better option, coupled with their cheap 50mm 1.8, but overall it would cost more than the panasonic. 
    The best you can do probably is a fuji xt3 with the kit lens and a 35mm f/2 or just get a cheap manual focus prime like a 50/85/100mm and adapt it. Another possible option is a used 60mm f/2.4 Macro, which will be great for interviews and maybe shots of stuff of his etc. 
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    George_Bud reacted to W-L in How do I reseal an open phone ?   
    Here's an example on the iPhone, you will need to get a hold of that foam seal. 
  14. Informative
    George_Bud reacted to W-L in How do I reseal an open phone ?   
    They sell pre-cut seals depending on the phone, usually only around $5 or so for a seal. 
  15. Informative
    George_Bud reacted to Theguywhobea in How do I reseal an open phone ?   
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    George_Bud reacted to Christophe Corazza in I dont know how to title this. 230v to 120v ?   
    @George_Bud Have fun in the US 
    Good luck!
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    George_Bud reacted to Canada EH in How do I price my work ?   
    or just undercut the competition in hopes you make it big later
  18. Informative
    George_Bud reacted to bimmerman in How do I price my work ?   
    Figure out how long does it take you to do any given task you mention, in terms of hours.
    What is minimum wage in your area? Or, how much do you value your time? $10/hr, $20/hr, etc.
    That's your bill rate. Multiply the time it took you to do X with your hourly charge rate and then that is what the job costs.
    I.e.. If it takes you 2 hours to build a computer, and your rate is $20/hr, bill the client 2 hrs * $20/hr = $40.
    That is assuming you have zero overhead (eg tools, software, supplies like zipties, fasteners, etc) that need to be paid off/paid down. In that case, bill higher than your desired hourly take-home.
    I.e. You need to buy $30 worth of incidental parts and tools, with which you can build computers for people. You need to pay for this with invoicing, not out of pocket. Instead of billing just for your time, increase the bill rate to cover this overhead. I.e., if you were asking $20/hr before, ask $25 or $30.
    The idea here is that if you are being paid for working on computers, don't get screwed. Get paid a wage for your skills and to cover your expenses. Don't pay for stuff out of pocket.
    Add a whole bunch of additional overhead expenses (staff, rent, soften effects of non-billable time) and you have why lawyers bill $500/hr or more. Their take-home is far less than that.
  19. Informative
    George_Bud reacted to d3sl91 in How do I price my work ?   
    In my area, and at a shop I used to work at: 

    Diagnostics: $60 (not charged if you do the recommended repairs). 
    Virus Removal and Tune: $150
    Tune: $80
    System Setup: $50
    Al la carte:
    OS Installs: $120
    Hardware Installations: $40/ea
    Software Installations: $40/ea
    Data backups or transfers to new drives: $70 per 100GB, cap at $250
    There were other services, that I am forgetting exactly how we billed them - such as weird non-routine repairs. Likely we just did the hourly rate for the labor. Such as, tearing down a laptop to replace bad power jacks, screens, keyboards. Alot of those intensive repairs were billed at an estimated hourly rate. $80 minimum for the labor, + $40/hr after that. 

    But really, you need to base your prices off of how much you need to make in order to at least break even. A shop has much higher operating costs vs someone in their garage fixing computers, for example. 
  20. Like
    George_Bud got a reaction from Princess Luna in How do I price my work ?   
    Thank you your Majesty. It is an honor to be visited by your presence. :))
    Serious now, thank. But I still dont know how much. I never used specialized local shops to fix my pc. I never had to. 
    How much is an OS instalation in your area, and cleaning a pc / laptop ?
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    George_Bud reacted to valdyrgramr in Elder Scrolls Books ?   
  22. Funny
    George_Bud reacted to Worstcaster in Elder Scrolls Books ?   
    Do they make you go blind?
  23. Agree
    George_Bud reacted to Kawaii Koneko in I need an image   
    Sounds like he is just going to be posting flyers at his local laundromat and the like. I don't think he needs to worry about licensing lol.
    But seriously, I'm against piracy and intellectual theft but there are tons of photos posted with no requirement for compensation for use specified.  If the creator doesn't say anything, I think it's morally fine to use the photo.
    OP, this was only the second pic that came up through Google but I really like it. https://www.google.com/search?q=computer+repair&safe=off&client=ms-android-verizon&prmd=msivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwia-_no1_DZAhUH6YMKHcw6BdEQ_AUIEygD&biw=412&bih=691#imgrc=6iiv38j01NZY1M:
    Seriously, just searching Google and choosing something you like is your best bet.
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    George_Bud reacted to DriftMan in I need an image   
    How about a picture of yourself with your desktop/laptop? Smiling and stuff, like, that's me, you can trust me and so
  25. Agree
    George_Bud reacted to minibois in I need an image   
    Ayy, I gotcha fam:
    But for real, I think what is said above is the best. A picture of yourself will likely be much more trustworthy than some stock picture.