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  1. I just got my new laptop. I saved some time for it. And now it is here :D It is a i5-10200H, RTX3060 6GB and 16 GB Ram. What game should I try first ? :D
  2. So... I've been using 3uTools for Iphone lately and I like it. But 3utools doesn't work for android. Is there a program similar to this for androids ? Or something close ?
  3. Well... it is from the junk market so yes....it might be... I dont know what goes down there. :)) But how do I unlock it ? it has a pin code.
  4. I got this phone from a junk market and I wanted to factory reset it. It has a pin code on it. I dont know it. Is there anyway to factory reset this phone ? And how ? Sony Xperia Z5 Dual
  5. I got a Samsung S8+ from the net. It charges with 4.97v and 0.34mA. It does not go above that or below it. But the phone it wont start. I took everything out. The same. So I figured it is the mother board. I looked for some schematics online and I think I need new IC's but I dont know where to buy them or where to get them.... Or I need the U804 CC ic and U805 OPC IC. Or maybe I can take them from other boards ? a different one then S8+ ? Or maybe I overlooked something.... Can someone help ?
  6. So I got a HTC One M8s from my cousin and it works fine in Android 5. But I checked for updates and it says that I can update to Android 6.0. I download, press install now, and everything works fine until it updates. It loads up to like 1/3th of the loading bar then it puts me into the reboot screen. I reboot it, then it says new update, you can update to android 6.0 and so on... The error is about some files can not be found or something. If anyone know how can I update this let me know.
  7. I honestly dont think that is available to the public. But you can surely use Google Maps for free. I mean G.M. gives you allot of information.
  8. @The Torrent I watch Vsauce and Rick and Morty. I am basically God at this point. ?
  9. I dont know. Carbon ? Helium ?
  10. How many atoms is in 1 CM ? Like to many atoms stacked on top of each other to make 1 CM ? It is late, I need to know. I can't sleep. Help.
  11. I connected everything else except the usb port thingy.... Now it doesn't heat up anymore but now I have another problem.? The screen is not working.? I know it worked. I've seen it. Maybe there is something wrong with the screen too.... Not sure yet. BTW.... The battery is new. So.... I think that is good. The battery has 3.86V.
  12. #### Update #### It doesn't heat up if I only connect the mother board and battery. Ok... So it must be some problem with the other parts, I guess....
  13. So... I got this Iphone SE... it was in good shape, the screen is good. But the last owner said to me that the battery discharges very fast and it overheats. So.... I took out the battery and got a new one. Now the phone is over heating like crazy. I have a USB Detector that shows V and A. It charges normal for a few second ( like ~5V and ~0.4 A ), but after a few second the USB Detector show all kinds of variables. ( like 0.01 all the way to 0.4 ). What do you think may be the problem ? Should I try to disconnect everything and try with only the motherboard and see if th
  14. There is no other way to see if it boots up or something ?
  15. Ok. So I bought a Samsung S6 with a broken display. It doesn't show anything. It there a way to plug a different display just to test it ? Or something like that ? I found a display on AliExpress for like 40-50 $ but I want to make sure it is ok before I buy it. Or maybe I can plug it in a tv or something ? I dont know.... Just saying.
  16. The google market is not even loading :))) Yea, I get it was a joke
  17. Ok... So I repaired a Samsung S5570 phone, It is a Samsung Galaxy Mini... So now .... What can I do with it ? :))
  18. Ok... So this is the phone. I searched the numbers on the display on google. Not much luck on my part.
  19. The original s8 display will not work with this phone. I already checked if it worked. But no.... The placements and connector is different. I would change the glass but the LCD ( or whatever is in this display ) is broken as well.... So no image also.
  20. Yeap.... Just as the title says, I don't know where to find a display like that for a fake s8 phone. My aunt wants my help on finding it, because the phone's glass is cracked but I don't know where to find it. And it would be preferred if they shipped this in Romania. If not, USA is good to.
  21. Sorry I am not much of help then. I was insisting on the HDD because my friend was having something similar. And a new HDD solve it.
  22. if everything fails, the old "reinstall windows" might work.
  23. Try moving a game on the sdd. See if it does the same thing ? Or maybe the drivers need to be updated ?