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  1. Revinving this topic I'm currently in the same situation (software engineer student ) using a surface book 1 (with only 128Gigs of storage) and thinking about buying this one too (or a cheaper surface book 2 for 1200€ with a non-AZERTY keyboard still undecided). I use Shadow for gaming so the graphics card isn't that important. But am I wrong for tsaying that this laptop looks like a pretty good bang for the buck ? Still 1500€ in France but I can't find a 2-in-1 as powerfull cheaper and I really dig 16:10 displays
  2. HI, I currently have a Surface Book 1 and want to change for another convertible, I found this used Surface book 2 (i7,16Go, 512Go,1060) for 1200€ (I haven't bought it yet) but it has key flaw (no pun intended) it has a QWERTZ keyboard and as a proud froggy I can't go without my AZERTY. So I thought of this brillant plan to take soome of the keycaps out of my current laptop and put them in the "new" one. Would this work ? I can't seem to find any surface book keycaps online so want is the chance of me breaking things ? Thank you all in advance for you responses.
  3. I don't have a desktop so zotac > no desktop at all, and i would love to make a build this small but it's nearly impossible with coneventional parts.