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    AMD Ryzen 3900X
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wifi
  • RAM
    32GB @ 3600
  • GPU
    EVGA FTW3 3080
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    Thermaltake View 71
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    5TB of various SSD (local)
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    750W Corsair RMx 750W
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    AOC 34" 3440x1440 144hz
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    Custom EK

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  1. Because nobody buys them? 5% extra is well worth it. If it were a 30-50% difference it would make more sense. Your looking at worse than HDD transfers after you saturate the QLC write buffer!
  2. At 4k your probably fine I do UW 1440p and got a huge boost going from a 3900x to a 5900x even.
  3. I think his "sources" may be within Nvidia. IDK I normally see AIB for Nvidia close to launch but AMD seems to take a few months. That heavily pushes me towards Nvidia because I prefer AIB. Usually I like STRIX but their markup this gen was insane.
  4. "funny" enough just in general legitimate users tend to have more issues. I'm not the one to get something until it is patched and proven.
  5. Expected that from them the bigger streamers would prefer to buy it themselves or vs meeting any demands from either company. I know GN has other methods of getting cards ...
  6. I'm only "testing" right now but runs great with the rig in the signature.
  7. I can't comment on lows as I only tested a few minutes (not in a heavier area yet) in the program but no RTX and DLSS on looks pretty good and had over 100fps at 3440x1440. It halfs the fps turning RTX on.
  8. I'm in phases (42) but most of my life it has been more about tweaking and pushing hardware. Occasionally I'll play something I enjoy.
  9. For zen3 due to Microcenter policy changes if you have access to one go there they will be very easy to get. They had 25+ 5800x today and it used to limit to 1 per day now they check your history 1 per 30 days... Its supposed to be for the entire 5000 series but the register only checked for that specific model. If they also did it for RTX 3000 and RX 6000 your odds just improved greatly.
  10. 5Ghz for a core or two shouldn't be all that difficult. A lot of 5950x processors will even boost over 5Ghz on their own with decent cooling.
  11. Yes I have a feeling more RT than necessary is getting turned on. If you run the new rt benchmark if you drop the sample count it jumps from 40ish fps to 100fps... Almost as if settings are being exaggerated to make AMD raytracing look worse...
  12. ray tracing doesn't always make sense but it does *more often* with DLSS.
  13. The thing is its about image quality not just how you get there. Listening to many reviews there are many instances where native raytracing is completely unplayable between 20-30fps on AMD and 30-40fps on NVIDIA but performance jumps to 60-70+ with DLSS. The first revision on DLSS 1.0 was horrible but the quality is very good with most 2.0 titles. If you don't care about it at all at this point AMD is the best bet. Its all about what is important to you both have serious advantages over the other. Other ideas: I've played around a bit with the new 3dmark raytracing benchmark.
  14. That entirely depends on the title. I believe it was minecraft RTX but the #s from Gamers nexus stood out. AMD was getting 27fps vs about 35fps on Nvidia however it was 71fps with DLSS enabled and in that title the visual difference was indiscernible. Yes I agree it would be nice if it was implemented more and AMD hasn't released their solution yet.
  15. You have 4 sticks on a 1600AF. I found anything over 2133-2400 was hit or miss with the first versions of Zen especially if you have 4 chips. It improved greatly with the i/o die in Zen2. I've ran pretty much every revision of Ryzen procesors and have probably purchased about 25 of them (a good portion resale).