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    AMD Ryzen 3900X
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wifi
  • RAM
    32GB @ 3600
  • GPU
    EVGA FTW3 3080
  • Case
    Thermaltake View 71
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    5TB of various SSD (local)
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    750W Corsair RMx 750W
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    AOC 34" 3440x1440 144hz
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    Custom EK

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  1. Numbers are way off this is what I get on the calculator. Also its bad form to not tweak the power settings down for efficiency. I only have my 3080 at 59% power target and its getting nearly the full potential. Factoring in what I sold the 2080 for (which also was purchased through mining mostly) it took less than 3 weeks to have a free 3080 since I got it in October at retail. 3090 stats on the nicehash calculator shows $511/mo based off 10 cents electricity Income 0.00027833 BTC 15.87 USD 0.00199465 BTC 113.70 USD
  2. It changes so much generally I'm ahead of what they state. For tweaked 3080 and 1660ti laptop that puts me at 12-13 on the calculators I believe but actual numbers have been quite a bit ahead: 16.38 17.22 16.83 15.54 15.59 15.84 16.30 16.93 11.97 12.46 18.76 13.60 14.10 Using 226W on the 3080 and 60W on the mobile 1660ti. Both have custom voltage curves, etc.
  3. Human impact on global warming is much less than they lead people to believe. There are galactic cycles that are way out of "observable" parameters. Still I provide more power than I use which has its other benefits. They probably would have cut power last week if I didn't...
  4. I got my 3080 at like 780 and sold the 2080 for 550 so it only took 2-3 weeks for that to be a free card... The 2080 was mostly funded from previous mining as well.
  5. The latest I read is this only hurts ETH mining performance there are other algorithms that can still make $7/day. Waste of time. Too much money to be made that will be thrown at anything Nvidia comes up with.
  6. Miner programs can easily change all it takes is to package the data differently with encryption to make it think its a game... This is likely a short term solution to ease inventory.
  7. There is nothing Nvidia can do without implementing hardware changes. At best if they can just slow it for a few months during new product launches and then disable once the supply is up...
  8. Why does a dedicated mining card have worse efficiency? I have my 3080 at like 95MH/s with power tweaked down to 226W. This will take 2 minutes to hack unless they build this into hardware somehow. I mean I was able to make my 3080 appear as an AMD card (drivers didn't work but it served its purpose) in less than a minute...
  9. No air conditioning which can be 70% of my electricity in the summer. I produce more than I use Fall, Winter and Spring. Produced 922KW in January but only used about 300-400KW. Late May through September I use 100-300KW extra per month. Its still net negative for the year. Have a negative 400+ balance they will only give me if I move or cancel service... I'm mining with it right now...
  10. Because nobody buys them? 5% extra is well worth it. If it were a 30-50% difference it would make more sense. Your looking at worse than HDD transfers after you saturate the QLC write buffer!
  11. At 4k your probably fine I do UW 1440p and got a huge boost going from a 3900x to a 5900x even.
  12. I think his "sources" may be within Nvidia. IDK I normally see AIB for Nvidia close to launch but AMD seems to take a few months. That heavily pushes me towards Nvidia because I prefer AIB. Usually I like STRIX but their markup this gen was insane.
  13. "funny" enough just in general legitimate users tend to have more issues. I'm not the one to get something until it is patched and proven.
  14. Expected that from them the bigger streamers would prefer to buy it themselves or vs meeting any demands from either company. I know GN has other methods of getting cards ...