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  1. Get a mutimeter, set it to Volts (AC) and touch one prong to yourself and other to the area where you feel the current. If the meter shows a reading then there is something odd going around probably faulty grounding.
  2. Format the drive, if it formats then good else try on another PC. If not, then it is probably semi-dead and read only mode allows you to copy any data before it fails permanently. Flash drives have this as a defense mechanism when they detect they are dying.
  3. Macrium Reflect Free is also a simple, easy to use free option
  4. 8400 will do; 8600K for squeezing every last fps
  5. Is gaming the primary priority? Yes, get i5-8400. Though waiting for Ryzen 2600 benchmarks is a better approach.
  6. Dual-Channel Mode—Intel® Flex Memory Technology Mode The IMC supports Intel Flex Memory Technology Mode. Memory is divided into a symmetric and asymmetric zone. The symmetric zone starts at the lowest address in each channel and is contiguous until the asymmetric zone begins or until the top address of the channel with the smaller capacity is reached. In this mode, the system runs with one zone of dual-channel mode and one zone of single-channel mode, simultaneously, across the whole memory array. Source: https://communities.intel.com/message/49
  7. Dual Channel will not disable, RAM will work in Flex Mode. This means that 4GB of the 8GB stick will be used in dual channel mode with other 4GB stick. So part dual channel or 1.5 channel.
  8. Now someone benchmark the fps difference between legit and cracked version.
  9. Yes you can, make the partition active and copy contents of Windows 10 ISO into it. Use BootICE to change MBR and PBR to Windows 10 if you face problem in booting.
  10. Don't; unless you can get a replacement waranty. LG G3 faces hardware problems and I currently have 2 dead LG G3s. Otherwise it is a wonderful phone.