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  • Birthday Jun 10, 1989

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    playing video games is what i love to do. also building computers is what i do best!


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    AMD RYZEN 3900X
  • Motherboard
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    32 gigs
  • GPU
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    Fractal design vector rs
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    256 gig samsung 850 pro 1tb M.2
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    corsair 1000x
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    1 asus 1080p 144hz 2 acer preditor 1440p 144hz
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    corsair h100i pro
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    Razer huntsman Tournament edition
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    razer Deathadder elite
  • Operating System
    win 10

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  1. so right after i login to windows about 5 seconds later the screen and keyboard lights shut off. but when i boot into safe mood the pc is fine. please help!
  2. ok thanks a bunch i bet ekwb will sell them because thats who i got them from but i will try them out! thanks a bunch!
  3. can you link me the ones you buy that would be awesome if you could?!
  4. the fitting was tight but not over tight and i took it apart and found a small peice in it
  5. so this is my first time water cooling and after about 6 months of me not touching anything it started to leak red coloring on the gpu block what should i do to fix it!
  6. the stock is 1.45 for cpu and 1.4 on soc
  7. cpu ryzen 9 3900x the current cpu core voltage is 1.3 cpu SOC is 1.2. idle temps are around 45c on a corsair h100i pro aio
  8. my pc has been having this error for a while now. everytime i boot my pc it says CPU overvolting error. i turned down the volts to the cpu it self to 1.35v and its still giving me the error.
  9. do you use msi afterburner? what are the temps on the gpu when gaming?
  10. ya ill just see what happens when i shut it off for a while. thanks for the help!!
  11. ya i just ran a memtest and it came back fine said there was no errors. and for whatever reason i cmos and just set the ram speed to 3200 like it always is and now its working just fine. even tho i have done this reset 5 times now super weird.
  12. also i get a f1 code saying your system may not be fully stable