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  1. Hey there, hoping someone here has an idea as to how I can fix this. Here's my current setup/situation: I have a 3 monitor setup: one Acer Predator X34 GS (1440p Ultrawide/180fps) and two old 900p/60fps cheap-o Acer monitors I bought almost a decade ago (both are model no "S201 HL", if that helps). The Predator I only bought a few days ago and is of-course my main monitor and the two cheap-os are just for Discord/Youtube/etc while doing something else on my main screen. When I got my Predator I was upgrading from an older LG Ultrawide which could go up to 75
  2. Hey, All. Bought an LTX 2019 ticket earlier on when they first went on sale, but now I'm unable to go. I know it's very last-minute. It's a ticket with the merch pass and BYOC. Willing to sell it at-price if that's cool, or have it refunded so my spot could be sold to someone else instead. Would hate for it to go to waste. Thanks!
  3. It'll be a great Media PC, Steaming Box and TV Gaming box!