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    KuJoe got a reaction from cb_turk in 7 Gamers Disassembly Stream   
    +1! I hate it when people record a long video and then edit it down to 10 minutes. I work a 10+ hour shift at work and don't want the cliff notes version of entertaining videos!
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    KuJoe got a reaction from jagdtigger in NAS - Remote Access   
    While I agree with @Blade of Grass that PPTP is insecure, in this instance it's the perfect protocol. It's extremely easy to setup, it has very little overhead, and is supported by basically every OS/device out there. I have both PPTP and L2TP setup on my home router, but I use PPTP more often than L2TP simply because it's faster and I don't need security. A good example of when you want to use PPTP over OpenVPN/L2TP is streaming content. If I connect to a PPTP VPN I can stream Netflix in HD just fine but I'm limited to SD over L2TP (even if the latency is nearly the same). I tried about half a dozen different VPN servers (both with PPTP and L2TP installed, some even in the same state) and there was absolutely no way for me to stream Netflix in HD. Now of course this is just an example, but imagine if you want to stream your 1080p home movies off your NAS while you're at your grandparent's house? Stick with PPTP unless you don't trust their network.
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    KuJoe got a reaction from Ben17 in Building a Minecraft Server, need CPU advice.   
    Minecraft is more RAM heavy than CPU heavy, any CPU should work. I've had clients host servers with a single CPU core, the Java process just ate up RAM like crazy.
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    KuJoe got a reaction from ghorbani in So Steam remote play...   
    Setup 2FA for your Steam account and a PIN for Remote Play. "Problem" solved.
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    KuJoe got a reaction from TheKDub in Floatplane GDPR and broken contact us form   
    But in reality what's the worst that could happen to them? The EU can't take them to court in Canada over EU laws and since they have no presence in the EU they can't touch their assets. LMG is also supposed to collect VAT and pay taxes to the EU for clients who sign up for FPC but that's also BS and I doubt they're doing that. The EU needs to work on policing themselves and not the rest of the world, the US has that part covered already *cough* DMCA *cough*.
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    KuJoe got a reaction from TheKDub in Floatplane GDPR and broken contact us form   
    Looks like LMG needs to shut down their operation in the EU... oh wait...
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    KuJoe reacted to brwainer in POE to a non-POE switch   
    I think you mean passive? Passive outputs power all the time, Active doesn’t output power until a suitable client is detected. 
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    KuJoe reacted to r2724r16 in Is a 4.5 MB image really necessary?   
    Mobile devices?
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    KuJoe got a reaction from Arika S in Floatplane GDPR and broken contact us form   
    I'm talking from a business owner perspective. I'm just trying to understand which laws are more important and why. I'm going to stick to following the laws of the country I live in, I can't afford to keep up to date on tax codes and laws of every country in the world.
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    KuJoe got a reaction from r2724r16 in Laptop as a monitor   
    If you're using Windows 10 look into Wireless Projection, it's a built-in feature on Windows 10 and I used it for the first time this week and it worked amazing. The laptop has to be on the same network as the PC, but that's the only requirement.
    EDIT: I can't find the guide that I used, but this one should work: https://www.onmsft.com/how-to/how-to-connect-to-a-wireless-display-in-windows-10
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    KuJoe got a reaction from jagdtigger in Ok Google, eavesdrop on me. Google employees listening to Google Home recordings   
    I feel bad for people who are surprised by this "news". It makes me genuinely upset that people are that ignorant about tech in 2019 and somebody isn't trying to fix that.
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    KuJoe got a reaction from Anomnomnomaly in Best way to fix dead websites?   
    You can drive to the website owners house and have a chat with them, I don't recommend it but if you're looking to explore all options that's one way.
    You're asking the same question as "how do I fix somebody else's car when they live on a different planet?"... you just can't because you don't have any access to it. If the website is offline there's no fixing it if you don't have access to the domain, server, or owner.
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    KuJoe got a reaction from lewdicrous in Floatplane GDPR and broken contact us form   
    Looks like LMG needs to shut down their operation in the EU... oh wait...
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    KuJoe got a reaction from Crunchy Dragon in X264 or NVENC for Streaming When Playing at 4K?   
    For a single PC setup I always recommend going hardware encoding if you have an NVIDIA card. The quality difference isn't much at common bit rates and there's no noticeable performance hit. For a dual PC setup then software (x264) all the way.
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    KuJoe got a reaction from Tamesh16 in Reddit Desktop Web Major Outage (Fixed)   
    Looks like specific data centers are having issues them or it could be a load balancing issue.
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    KuJoe reacted to WatermelonLesson in Need CSS help (center DIV on page and wrap content around it)   
    I went a bit overboard on this answer, so...
    TL;DR: I think this happens to be a perfect use case for CSS grid. CSS Tricks has great articles going in to depth on CSS grid, including the complete guide to CSS grid. Another great guide (which I found through CSS tricks) is Using CSS Grid the right way.  The situation you're describing is possible without div. Let's be honest, div is terrible and we should avoid it whenever possible. HTML 5 is all about semantics and providing meaning to the markup, and div has no meaning. Div should only be used when there is no semantically correct tag. I have a working CodePen demo that uses grid to accomplish what you're describing. Below is my explanation of how it works.
    The Problem
    As I understand the problem, we have what amounts to two distinct sections of a page. There is the body, and the form. The form exists as a child of the body, and the form is statically placed so that it remains in the center of the page. The form should never move from the center, nor should any other content from the body over run the form. The picture below is the mock up I have of this idea. The blue border is a hard border; i.e., content does not go beyond that border in either direction. The entirety of the white space is free to be filled with content from the form.

    The Solution Part 1: The HTML
    We need to come up with valid HTML that describes this situation without using div. This just requires creating the markup for the form. There is light structure to this form. For a good guide on structuring HTML forms, see the MDN guide to structuring HTML forms. We're just gonna include inputs with placeholders and the submission button. I explicitly chose submit over the button input type and the button tag because with submit the user can press their keyboard to submit the form. The onsubmit attribute calls a populateBody() (more on that later) function and then follows that up with a return false to prevent the page from reloading.
    <body> <form onsubmit="populateBody();return false;"> <h2>Test Form</h2> <input type="text" name="username" placeholder="Username"><br> <input type="password" name="password" placeholder="Password"><br> <input type="submit" value="Submit"> </form> </body>  
    The Solution Part 2: The CSS (...or, the important part)
    Solution Harder
    This is the actual hard part of the problem, figuring out horizontal and vertical center alignment. Historically speaking, this has been difficult in CSS without resorting to pixel-perfect offsets and "position: absolute". IIRC, it was possible, just incredibly difficult and not really worth the effort. The introduction of flexbox to the CSS3 standard eliminates most difficulties with centering in one-dimension, and grid practically trivializes the problem of alignment in two-dimensions. Of course, that's assuming you can understand grid. I might be an idiot but I barely understand what I'm doing half the time with it. YMMV.
    So, here's how it works as I understand it. When we display grid on a valid element, we render the element as a "checkerboard". The children of this element will exist in one or more of the spaces we've defined in the grid. For example, we can have a container grid that has four columns and five rows, making a total of twenty partitions of the container. There might be a paragraph that fits in one partition, e.g. a paragraph element at column 4, row 5. (That's the bottom right of the container). However, there might be an ad that fills up column 1, rows 1-5. So that the entire leftmost column of the container contains an ad.
    For our purpose, we will treat the body as a grid with three columns and three rows. So, in the CSS, we set the width and height of the body to the width and height of the viewport respectively. We then define the columns and rows by their size relative to the body. The first column is 25% the width of the body tag, the second 50%, etc. Swap width for height and it's the same for the rows. Justify-content will center the content of each partition along the x-axis, and align-items will center the content of each partition along the y-axis.
    body { width: 100vw; height: 100vh; display: grid; grid-template-columns: 25% 50% 25%; grid-template-rows: 25% 50% 25%; justify-content: center; align-items: center; } The CSS for the form is relatively straightforward. I set the width to 100% to fill its container, and center the items with text-align. The grid-column-start, grid-row-start, etc. tells the browser where to place the form relative to its parent's grid. In this case, I want it so that the form is in the second column and the second row, right in the center of our 3x3 grid. This can be expressed more succinctly but I'm being verbose for clarity.
    form { grid-column-start: 2; grid-column-end: 2; grid-row-start: 2; grid-row-end: 2; width: 100%; text-align: center; } The Solution Part 3: The JavaScript
    Solution with a Vengeance
    This part is pretty straightforward too. It is just the implementation of the populateBody() function that the onsubmit attribute calls in the HTML. Obviously, for everyone this function will be completely different. However, I decided to include it for completeness and for the sake of highlighting just how it works. To anybody coming across this in the future, you probably shouldn't model your JavaScript off mine. This is just a proof of concept. So, I get the current value from both input tags, construct an element with a response message, and then append that constructed element to the body. If, you wanted to use a div instead, simply replace body with the id for the div, e.g. "#divOne". But please don't use div. I'm pretty sure it's listed as a war crime under the Geneva convention.
    function populateBody() { let name = document.querySelector("input[type='text']"); let password = document.querySelector("input[type='password']"); let responseElement = document.createElement("p"); responseElement.innerText = "Your name is " + name.value + ", and your password is " + password.value; document.querySelector("body").appendChild(responseElement); } Solution Part 4: Concluding Comments
    Live Free or Solution
    Notice that if you run all this code together (or if you just look at the CodePen), you'll see that the paragraph elements are added in a weird way. That's because of how grid works. Each paragraph element is filling up a partition of the grid (except column 2, row 2). After column 3, row 3, new columns and rows are added as needed, although the spacing will be off. You can easily fix this by adding some CSS for the paragraph element by specifying what column and row it should be in. I presume the actual JavaScript will only fill up one grid. I hope this wasn't completely useless and that it's at the very least a good jumping off for your specific issue. I'm kinda invested in this now and wonder if there are different and / or better approaches to this.
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    KuJoe got a reaction from DrMacintosh in Floatplane GDPR and broken contact us form   
    Looks like LMG needs to shut down their operation in the EU... oh wait...
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    KuJoe got a reaction from Mata14 in Will my power supply support my graphics card?   
    For such a lower power requirement I recommend getting the cheapest option with the best warranty using the PSU tier list linked above.
    A Ryzen 1700 with an RX 480 peaks at 310W at full CPU and GPU load so you'll be fine with a 2400G (which only uses 123W under full load with the IGP).
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    KuJoe reacted to sazrocks in Why LinusTechTips is Wrong   
    This is really old news, they literally collaborated on a video because of this video. Here:
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    KuJoe got a reaction from Lurick in How Do You CHANGE Your PUBLIC IP ADDRESS   
    There's a much easier way, but the better solution is to switch to a different server. Like others have said:
    1) Either you were rightfully banned.
    2) The server is run by morons.
    Either option is not good for you, look elsewhere and remove that negativity from your life.
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    KuJoe got a reaction from leadeater in How Do You CHANGE Your PUBLIC IP ADDRESS   
    There's a much easier way, but the better solution is to switch to a different server. Like others have said:
    1) Either you were rightfully banned.
    2) The server is run by morons.
    Either option is not good for you, look elsewhere and remove that negativity from your life.
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    KuJoe reacted to v0id in Need help looking for a new phone.   
    You may have already made a decision but I'll weigh in here anyway. With some creative thinking, you might be able to swing a Pixel 3a. It checks most of your boxes but for the ones it doesn't, think about this: trade in your current phone to reduce the price and you may hit your price limit (and places like Best Buy run sales all the time), and buy a cheap case that will protect it from water and drops. You'll get updates from Google pretty quick and for quite some time, and the screen is only .1 inches larger than your specs. Just my two cents, it's the best value so far in my opinion.
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    KuJoe reacted to Lady Fitzgerald in What is the best way to make a backup of "my life"   
    I was being serious, laughing boy.
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    KuJoe reacted to Lady Fitzgerald in What is the best way to make a backup of "my life"   
    Since you are going to laugh at me about this, forget you
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    KuJoe reacted to Lady Fitzgerald in What is the best way to make a backup of "my life"   
    To be able to use a NAS for a backup, you would need to keep it powered down and disconnected from the network at all times (except while updating a backup). You would also need two NASes to be able to have an onsite and an offsite backup. A NAS will cost many times more than an external backup drive.
    If left powered up and connected to the network, all you will get is redundancy, which will only protect you from drive failure. Drive failure is not the only way to lose data. Viruses and other malware, power surges that blow through any surge protection you may have, fire, theft, flood, user error (such as accidental deletion), PSU failure, etc. can all cause data loss that redundancy will not protect you from.
    For data to be resonably safe, it must exist in three separate places. The most basic (and economical) way to achieve this is to have your data on the computer, on an onsite backup drive, and on an offsite backup drive. For a backup drive (or NAS) to be a true backup, it MUST be kept disconnected from the computer, powered down, and stored away from the computer except while updating a backup (if not, it is only redundancy, not a backup!). While one backup is much better than one, it is even better to have both an onsite and an offsite backup to get the maximum protection from all the dangers I listed above.