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    Laboratory Scientist


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    Aorus Pro Wifi X570
  • RAM
    32GB @3600mhz
  • GPU
    MSI 980TI
  • Case
    Ncase M1
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    1 TB Nvme, 2TB 2.5" HDD, 500GB SSD Raid 0. (2x250GB)
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    Corsair SF750
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    Dell 2417h x2
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    AMD Wraith (Note: C14S does not work with Gigabyte x570 ITX)
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    Poker II Ergo Clear, Pok3r Brown
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    Steelseries Rival
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    Win 10
  1. Happens to my friend every time he moves his PC for a LAN party. Reboots again and it's fine, quite strange really.
  2. My Rat just loves to stop tracking after booting up. Cleaned it several times, not much difference, usually works again after some time and percussive maintenance. Also, four of my six USB3 ports on the back of my mobo aren't working. Haven't bothered to find out why.
  3. I personally like Finnish people, and the country itself is beautiful. However, since I've got family in Finland I'm probably slightly biased. As for stereotypes, it's probably that you drink a lot. Other than that I can't think of something.
  4. I must say that my favorite item actually is the Kuhler 1250. Find it's looks rather interesting.
  5. No it will not work because it's the wrong caliber. Also, as for in airsoft use you would not be allowed to use it anyways due to it being way too powerful.
  7. I pay for 75 down and 25 up, I get 100/100. Pretty satisfied to be honest.
  8. Another HDD and not having a massive brick on the CPU. (Kind of scares me moving it around.)
  9. Know the feeling, 5'7" (173cm) and 125-ish (56kg). I seriously need to gain weight, always had trouble with that sadly.
  10. Great dude! Except that you are rather tired. I personally want to give blood when I get the chance, just haven't had time to do it just yet. Will be interesting to know whether I'm O+ or O- like my father, guessing O+ however.
  11. Do you have access to a drill? In that case, have fun.
  12. Are you a 290x? Because damn you are hot. Not really a pick up line but: Better put on the sleeving, wouldn't want things to get messy.
  13. I do not regret buying a HTC One m7 a bit, it was indeed expensive but totally worth the money in my opinion. Also, I oddly enough don't regret my RAT 7. Sure, it's acting in an odd fashion at times and has a temperament but I've never actually regretted the purchase.
  14. I mostly lurk topics etc, and not posting that much even though I've been here for a good while. . So quite frankly I must say that I agree with Kayn in that as long as they don't flood the forums with useless spam it shouldn't really matter how high or low post count they have. Just my two cents about this.
  15. Yup. Freaking love Stargate, even SGU. Shame it was cancelled.