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    MSI 760GMA-P34 (FX)
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    GTX 650 4GB
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  1. There are 3 ISPs in the town I live in and none of them are better. One really sucks when the weather is anything but clear. The other one is basically the same thing as we have now. So I'm stuck with this one
  2. Ah, okay then. I can just pass through the connection to another router. Good.
  3. I live in an apartment that's about 402 m. My download speed with an ethernet cable is about 34 Mbps. On wifi in the other room I usually get less then 10 Mbps. We have asked our ISP (Telekom) to get us a better router multiple times but all they said that everything is okay on their end and that nothing can be done about this. I call BS on that. The router is pretty much on the other side of the apartment, and the room that I use my laptop in is pretty much on the other side of the apartment. There's a 10 cm concrete wall that separates the two rooms. The internet comes in via a DSL ca
  4. Something is probably touching a fan. It happened to me to. A cable was touching my GPU fan
  5. None of those retailers are available in my region. I'll take a look at xiaomi routers though. Are routers with external antennas better than the ones with built in ones? My guess is yes.
  6. One level. Yeah, I don't have any wifi 6 capable devices and I don't think I'll be getting any that will have wifi 6 in the near future. I have thick walls but they're made of... dirt. I think the terminology for this is adobe. I don't think I can return it unfortunately.
  7. Actually I have fibre. I have seen that the inside of the cable is transparent when the workers of the ISP were setting up my internet. It explains why my internet is rock solid. I have to put in a login and a password in my router settings for my internet to work.
  8. No coax at all. Hmm, not sure if they will work with my old electric wiring, but sure, it's worth a try. Could I use power line adapters to set up an old router as an extender? From what I looked up right now, it seems to me that I would need at least 2 of these
  9. I do not have coax (cable tv)
  10. Would those things work in my house? My internet comes in with just a wire from the street. I also noticed that my router says that my IP address is PPPoE since I got this new internet. Previously I had shitty satalite internet.
  11. Really? It's considered big? All it has is 2 bedrooms, a living room, a small hall, bathroom and a small kitchen. Okay, I see. So wifi 6 could be better, but I guess only if wifi 6 capable devices use it (currently I have none). So wife mesh/extenders will be necessary then. I see. Thanks!
  12. Hey guys!I'm looking for a new router for my home. My house is about 90 m2. I want the wifi's range at least that big (preferably more). My internet speed is 30 Mbps (download and upload) though it's possible to upgrade it to 100 Mbps (which I may or may not do in the future). What router should I get? I'm looking to spend as little money as possible while maintaining a good bang for the buck (aka I don't want to get a piece of shit). Should I get a wifi 6 router or wifi 5 is good enough? At most 5 devices would use the network, but that's pretty rare. Does wifi 6 make an
  13. My keyboard is a very old (and loud) Genius mechanical keyboard, my mouse is a very cheap and small Silver Line something and a cheap light blue and white headset.
  14. I currently have a Gigabyte GTX 650 and a GPU upgrade would be pretty great... Good luck everyone!
  15. I wan't the Kova White mouse! Why? Because this mouse reminds me of the Portal Gun from Portal. Aaand it looks epic.