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  1. your a live saver. i tested with different cable and 2 monitors before reading your post... the 2 monitors intested where both 4k monitors. hooked up a older full hd monitor and boots without a issue. thanks!
  2. can confirm both the broken things and the need for a table
  3. it was a fun season to watch BUT 1. link on part 4 of yt to the forums is linked to part 3 instead of this part 2. a lot of ppl including me are missing the discisions about the systems. like here is pc 1, here is pc 2, run benchmarks. (linus: "guys we have to go home now because i cant pay you for working overtime") OK you won, you lost BYE! ehm? 3. part 5 plz!!!!
  4. does it pass thrue usb data? like can you use the screen as usb hub with it?
  5. i think he means data transfer as in usb pass true
  6. thanks for all the answers. i think the best aswer is that it only supports up to 1440p. i dident know that. so yea it makes sends then.
  7. Simple question. whats wrong with DVI that newer GPU's are having less of them? and the same for hdmi for that mather? look at the gtx 1080 (nvidea version) only 1 dvi, and 1 hdmi. with 3 displayports. why is displayport that mutch better? sorry for typo's
  8. currently rocking a gtx 770 and saving up for a 1080 this would be a great card for the meantime. and when im done with it my brother can use it instead of his gtx 570 and just because its funny GIME!!! and plz a polaris 10 if not availble a 11 wil do fine
  9. question: i have old hp server with 8 2.5tb drives (146 gb sas drives) yea thats not to mutch storage so i would like to upgrade that. so it costs 200 euro's for 3 "cheap" 1.5 gb drives from seagate with wil give me 3TB in raid 5, or 260 euro's for the wd red 1TB drives . would i be ok with the cheap dirves or wil my server "chake them to pieces"? (sorry for my english)
  10. this whould be great as a steammachine / mediacenter to put next to my tv! good luck to all!