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  1. I have a GTX 970, that basically does everything I want, but who wouldn't want something newer? Plus they look good and at times the 970 has trouble with utilizing my 144Hz monitor.


    And I guess if I won it, I'd pass my 970 down to my friend who wants to build a PC so he doesn't have to game on his school laptop anymore. 

    •  "Photon"
    • i7-5820k (stock 3.3Ghz)
    • GTX 970 (stock)
    • 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance (quad-ch, no XMP profile set)

    Think I would have gotten a better score if I had my CPU overclocked and if I also had my 970 OCd, too. Don't know why my specific model # of DDR4 isn't in Speccy's hardware database. Well, I'm ready for it. Won't ever use VR, but at least I'm able to run it.


  2. I'd probably prefer the Kova if I win. I'm using a cheapo random 3rd party-brand mouse I got from Amazon that works, but I could probably play games like CS better with something like either of the giveaway options.

  3. Tad off topic... but I wonder how many of these are for  themselves rather than for their family and peers  :P

    I was thinking that as well. It would be easy to say your mom, grandma, etc /needs/ a new 'x' when /you/ want a new 'x'.


    The thing is, we'll probably never know. But even through text, there is a slight amount of sincerity one can probably gather. I have a banging custom built PC and a lot of good music tech, and my listed item was a $200 mini PC for my parents because their current one is trash. I personally don't need a mini PC, but my mom complains about hers either not loading or loading too slow because she loves messing with pictures. Plus, I'd like to keep my computer to myself in the case my parents ever needed to use mine instead. 

    So I guess if someone is getting for themselves... Merry Christmas to themselves using someone elses likelihood. Heck, I've seen plenty of comments here with just the item, no person and no reason. I don't imagine they will be counted though.

  4. I'd get both my parents (primarily my mom) this Quantum Byte Fanless Windows Mini Desktop PC. She uses a dated factory-built desktop that is literally slower than a half broken 1995 system. My parents, especially my dad, hates random space being taken up by it sometimes. The cables are a problem for them and while my mom can turn it on and essentially use the basic programs, she's not very savvy with it and my dad barely knows how to use a word processor (southern-born blue collar working person). I think "you accidentally used all 12GB of mobile data" sums up the lack of tech awareness.


    In any case, this is perfect for them, since it's faster, it's small and doesn't take up space. It will lower the frustration for them since when their current one doesn't load fast enough, it makes my mom irritable and it will do what they need, plus more. And because I'm getting tired of getting my mom the same old boring cheap gifts for Christmas. As a bonus, we had a flipping tree crash through our garage, so something a little better will brighten my parents' moods up this holiday.


    Good luck to everyone else. Pretty sure anyone we're thinking about for gifts is going to be more than surprised.




  5. I want this because my friend has a dead factory built -- crappy -- that was passed down from a neighbor, and a laptop that runs omega hot.


    A large custom build is beyond what his room space allows and he has plenty of small Indie games (and Valve games) that we would play together if he has a system that could actually run even those. And I guess he can use it for college too.