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  1. currently using CM Storm TRIGGER keyboard with a real cheap mouse with 2 side buttons.. got a Roccat KULO headset from friend but the build quality was quite bad.. would be good if i can get the mouse to upgrade mine, or even the whole set including headset
  2. currently using a GTX760 in my rig, been playing games on the mid tier PC build for some time and i'm always on the green team. is this the time for me to experience what the red team can do?
  3. currently using CM Storm Trigger with blue switch with the only LED color option is RED.. wanted customizable LED to better fit my desk..
  4. would pick the keyboard, i've had a blue switch mechanical keyboard, would like to try a brown one
  5. yes definitely everyone should atleast have one SSD in their PC for the OS! i already forgot how long it actually take to boot up my windows back in the days when the OS still installed into a mechanical HDD
  6. Kova is good for me i need some RGB element in my mouse
  7. cant imagine how easy it will be to go for a LAN party with the ZBOX than my mid-tower sitting right beside me