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  1. I need to grow the fuck up and get a job.






    I can’t flip PC parts forever.

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    2. Tristerin


      First - what kind of margins are you making?  Most small business' selling other peoples widgets, the owners are making...very small margins.  And that is successful.


      Second - being that cash is king, you are likely making pretty decent EBIT (because why would you report any cash transactions - I report only what can be proven.) because of lack of requirement to claim any sort of income due to...prove it Guberment. (since I dont think you are doing this as an LLC, and even...well cash is always king in my eyes in the industries I am doing as side hustles for additional income).


      Third - What is keeping you from creating more income?  Outlets?  Investment income?  Time?

    3. Tristerin


      Cause bro, fuck corporate life.  Been doing it for a long time.  At the end of this month, Im starting a journey to part ways with Corporate America.  My goal is to quit my Corporate job before the end of 2021 and have replaced that income with this type of side hustle (not PC parts, more gym promoting, gun show promoting, 2ACoin promoting).  It can be done :).  If it cant, Im not going to stop trying in 2021 to leave Corporate America.  Will just cut a new angle and try something else :)


      In the end, I want to do what I love. 


    4. Den-Fi


      You're not wrong. Steady income + sidle hustle is always the way to go.

      Can't follow your dreams if your reality isn't in check.

  2. For those wondering why we Video call @LinusTech, It's because my Mom is Hearing Impared and needs to read lips. 

  3. Sounds like a good opportunity to download Parler onto your phone and sell it to a Trump supporter later! No seriously I just did this...
  4. Increasing tensions in the United States along with rising costs of living are making retiring or relocating overseas much more promising than even 20 years ago.


    Anyone have experience with traveling to very low cost-of-living destinations like Thailand/Vietnam/Ukraine/Philippines? They’re on my list of places I want to visit.

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    2. dizmo


      @CircleTech If you think it's bad in the US then you aren't going to like the countries you listed any more than the one you're in. Same problems, on top of more. How would you like to factor multiple bribes in with your business plan? Political instability...and you list the Ukraine? The Philippines president is considered to be worse than Trump. Thailand has had multiple instances of coups and military dictatorship. Vietnam is basically a communist state, with the government hiring attack squads to go after human rights protestors, and has very little to no human rights.


      I get why you might be worried, the US is in one of the worst spots it's been in for a long time. However, even with that, it's still vastly better than most other nations on the planet. If you want to emigrate, I'd be looking at European countries or their territories.


      @Tristerin Seems odd to want to go from a life where you can walk about without worry to needing security details, high walls, etc. It's almost as if you're a prisoner in your own house.


      Aye. They're two things that shouldn't always be taken in the same breath. Same with China. I'm curious what it'll be like in 50 or 100 years, when Xi and his generation die and the next one takes over. Will they tow the company line, or move on to be a better partner in the world stage? I don't think it'll be that bad. There will be a lot of hardship, but the unemployment rate in the US right now isn't even that bad. It's lower than the peaks of '83, '08, etc. This will sound cold, but with the percentage of elderly people dying, there will be redistribution of wealth, which will help cushion the burden on a percentage of the unemployed. A lot of stores are closing, true, however retail was already on a slow death anyway. It'll be interesting to see what the next few years brings, but I don't think we'll be seeing any kind of Great Depression level events.


      I didn't know you lived in New Zealand ;)




    3. CircleTech


      @dizmo I thought @Tristerin was from Missouri?

    4. Tristerin


      @dizmo he actually did it because he wouldnt have to work for the entire time he finished his research.  His name is Curt Doolittle.  Google him.  I was close to him for a long while (as I was wanting to learn about Propertarianism as a form of government) - until I was asked by one of his subordinates to commit violence/create chaos in my local area (Im not joking.  I couldnt believe it lol).  Cut all ties immediately.

      ((I do believe in violence as the ultimate form of currency - its what allows laws to work, Countries to leave each other alone, etc - can get into details if we want, but I also think they thought I was a mindless meat head - when in reality, while violence does back all currencies, I was truthfully there to LEARN - dude is a genius level IQ and taught me alot but I wasnt there to be an arm for any sort of anti-government bullshit)



      @CircleTech correct, right outside Wentzville MO - this was a person I knew closely until I cut ties with him.  Whether he is still in Ukraine or not is unbeknownst to me.

  5. Why....... would I do that to myself?
  6. Weird Fruit featuring CircleTech:



    B U D D H A S   H A N D

    Buddha's hand - Wikipedia


  7. And what if you’re allergic?
  8. I’ve moved more of my cash into



    Inflation is coming.

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    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      Rough times are right around the corner.

      Better sooner then later as it is already really bad. 


      For sure 2021 will be "interesting". Presumably even more then 2020 with so many elections and the outfall intensifying.


    3. CircleTech


      Venezuela is appearing in the rear-view mirror.

    4. Schnoz
  9. I have two metal credit cards and I can confirm I turn into this guy all the time when I use them:




  10. I’m still waiting for Linus to install something like this:




    and an RTX 3090 Into a socket 7 Pentium 133 motherboard and create the biggest bottleneck in history.

    1. ragnarok0273


      I have a 486 motherboard with PCI.

      I should let him borrow that and use that with an RTX 3090.

    2. Prodigy_Smit


      But why does it exist. Also I would be worried that the 3090 will rip the PCI slot out.

    3. ragnarok0273


      It exists to confuse people.
      And Linus has an Alex - he can just create metal bracing.

  11. Dude...


    CNET has decided to assign a gender to my IBM GXT6000P video card:






    How dare they! How sexist and misogynistic of them to think this video card is female! My Video card is plenty old enough to decide it's own Gender (seriously this card was released in the year 2000)! Let's cancel CNET for assigning genders and let computer parts decide for themselves!

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    2. CircleTech


      @James Evens IBM GXT6000P X Samsung S22C150 Rule 34?

    3. Tristerin



    4. Schnoz


      @CircleTechShhhhh...don't give the R34 artists any more ideas!

  12. Not to mention it sounds like an opportunity to buy RTX 2070s in Nroway and then import them into the US...
  13. Anyone remember wework? Pepperidge farm remembers:




    What’s the point of them again?



    If I need to work away from my house and it’s not a pandemic, I can work at my public library, which I already pay for through my income and property taxes.


    1. ARikozuM


      You also pay for network infrastructure, so you might as well get it for free. Just pay for the dedicated number and be done with it. 


      Also, Google... #hissssss

  14. Part 1 - I don't know Part 2 - I don't know Part 3 - I don't know Part 4 - I don't know I'm not religious. Why am I here again? It's 3am where I live.
  15. So I post this thread:



    And the first Responses have nothing to do with the video card.


    Keep it up Gentlemen. I see you've learned from the best 👌.


  16. When someone asks me to predict the future:
  17. When you dig up a really old thread from 4 years ago:
  18. Yeah, like I can kill people with a PC. If I throw or drop my computer on you, I could kill you. Maybe give you a concussion if I didn't try too hard. Especially a computer like this (mine). But if I throw an iPad at you, the worst I can do is give you a bruise. Choose PC: The superior weapon in both the virtual and real world .
  19. This Forum post was brought to you by Tunnelbea... Wait, wrong sponsor. PIA!
  20. Hey kid,


    Wanna buy some memes?

  21. Yep, it’s a GXT6000P. Thanks @The_russian!
    1. ProjectBox153


      I hope you didn't scrap out the server. Do you have any pictures of it?

    2. CircleTech


      @ProjectBox153 servers gone. Only the card remains.