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    Computers, computer hardware, DIY activities and pretty much anything involving electronic stuff.
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    2x intel Xeon e5-2609 v2
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    Lenovo D30 Motherboard
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    128GB of DDR3 (16x8gb)
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    Nvidia GTX 970
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    Samsung 850 Evo 256GB, 256GB samsung 840 Evo SSD, 2TB HGST HDD
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  1. I'm leaving the forum until Sometime in Late May to Early June.


    This Semester, I have to take 17 credit hours to Stay Current with my Major and Minor. Turns out it's a lot of work, and my grades in these classes aren't going so well. At the current Rate, I will fail one Class, be issed a "Pass" for two, and Get two Cs in the remaining classes.


    I have been using the LTT forum as a distraction. I love this community, but it's taking up time I need to do Homeowork or Study for Exams. As funny as @Schnoz memes are or @Den-Fi Awesome Photography is, it doesn't help me get an A on my AC Nodal Analysis Exams.


    I'm will keep answering PMs where relevant (you know who you are), but I need to get away for now. See you all in the summer. Update me with what's changed when I get back.

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    2. Schnoz


      I strongly support  your  decision--getting good grades is far more important than random internet strangers. Wishing you luck in your studies!

    3. sub68
    4. FakeNSA


      Good luck ma dude!

      You've got this.

  2. This isn’t an exploit. It’s just capitalism:



    1. GDRRiley


      thing is some of the special cargo makes the AI drives look sad. easy enough to make 100k with 1 ingame day as a solo driver
      hes also taking a short ferry route. you can get crossing that last days

  3. He’s just a businessman, with a business plan:



  4. The beatings will continue until morale improves or everyone leaves:



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    2. CircleTech


      @PonyBoyZ_ You don't live in the City. You live in the Suburbs just outside the city. And you do it in Second-tier ones like Saint Louis, Detroit, Nashville, Columbus, ect. 


      By living just outside a second-Tier City, you gain the following:


      1. Lower cost of living. Prices for Food, Gas, ect is cheaper than inside the City and only slightly above the cost of necessities in a rural Area.


      2. 70% of the same job opportunities. Many Businesses don't want to be inside a city because of the cost of Real estate, so like you they are located just outside the city. My Mom's place of work is in Novi, 30 minutes North of Detroit.


      3. You can actually afford a home. Homes just outside Detroit in Plymouth Township run between $150-300K which is doable on a dual-income.


      In other Words, The suburbs are underrated provided your job is not inside a city. And for some reason the Pandemic has made a bunch of people realize it's better to own your own property than sending $2-3K a month to your landlord in a crowded, polluted, concrete Jungle.


      NYC are terrible Examples of affordable Cities to Live in. The places I listed above are much better. Unless you work in some Super Specific Six-Figure job (Tech, high-Finance) where you absolutely need to be there, you can move. Everyone else making average Salaries whose skills aren't quite so unique (like basically everyone on this forum Except Den-Fi) can find employment elsewhere. Even Linus Media Group is located 45 minutes outside Vancouver to Save on Real Estate.


      We have Zoom. I'm not sure where this idea came from that we have to cluster in Cities. The Public can save money and harness the power of the internet by spreading out all over the country. A big Reason housing was so cheap in the 50's was because people lived Everywhere, not just in a Tiny part of New york and California.


      The problem now is these people from San Francisco and NYC are moving to places like Florida and Austin and driving the cost of living through the Roof with their increased purchasing power. And they're voting for polities that directly conflict with the current residents. The unaffordable housing problem will soon become national.


      @James Evens In sensible parts of the country you need no Licensing. As far as I know, Michigan requires no forms, registrations, or anything else for me to Resell PC parts. Now that could be because I am NOT a consumer facing business and I do everything online, but I do have an LLC registered with the State and they haven't audited me since the date my Business formed (2017). I only formed the LLC so I could get an EIN and open a business Bank account. Maybe i'm getting away with something I shouldn't, but the scariest mail the state has sent me to date was a reminder to publish my annual report to keep my LLC current, which costs $25 annually. 


      @Techstorm970 These expensive places like NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco are soon going to Succumb to a Fate Detroit suffered back in 2013: People will move out of their state, Tax revenue will dry up, and their cities will turn into a wasteland as millions of people flee for better places. Pension Plans will explode, and the remainding residents who cannpt leave will be forced to bear the brunt of higher taxes and lower Economic Growth. It's already happening to Illinois (Illinois has the largest out-migration population in the US). NYC is next. 


      The only good news: 20+ Years from Now, Places like Illinois will likely have more "Affordable" Real Estate and a Cost of living. I can buy Houses in Detorit for 100K and yes, there are jobs here provided you have an Engineering or some form of Technical Degree.

    3. dizmo


      It's going to take a lot more than a simple morale boost to fix what's wrong with NYC.

    4. YT_DomDaBomb20


      just moved away from the city but i really want to go back. idk anymore

  5. Mom: "You should read Books"


    Me: Chooses "Securities Analysis" by Benjamin Graham




    No, This Isn't How You're Supposed To Play The Game | Know Your Meme


  6. The Best Buy in Carbondale shut down. If that isn’t the sign of a dying town I don’t know what is.


    Enrollment at SIUC has been declining since 2011. I will not be surprised if SIUC is permanently closed by the 2040s.


    I can’t wait to move out of this cornfield to a city. Any city. SIU would have to give me a really sweet deal to stay here.

    1. Evolution.


      meanwhile im the exact opposite lol been isolated for so long covid had little to no impact on my day to day life 

  7. March 22nd update: As of today it looks like it’s gonna make sense to buy these GPUs for Americans even with the 25% tariff. GPU prices are that out of control.
  8. Predicted Onion article headline:



    Group known as “GPU Robinhood” steal hundreds of video cards from a local microcenter and sell them to Actual Gamers at MSRP.


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    2. Murasaki


      13 minutes ago, Grumpy Old Man said:


        Reveal hidden contents

      Oh, and anyone who buys a GPU from them is guilty of a crime.


      Are they really? Even if they aren't aware? 

    3. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      2 minutes ago, Murasaki said:

      Are they really? Even if they aren't aware? 

      YES! 😢

    4. Murasaki


      Yay planet earth.. 

  9. Another one of CircleTech's dumb Ideas:



    Given that GPU prices seem to balloon every few years, couldn't you buy hundreds of Video cards during the crypto "bust" cycles, sit on them for a few years, then sell them again during the new Crypto "Boom" cycles? Seems like a way to indirectly make money. In michigan, you can get a 5x5 Storage unit which could fit over a hundred GPUs for $25-35 a month. Let's pretend you buy some fancy new Video card for $400 MSRP at a point when GPU prices make sense, then you resell those same GPUs for an average profit of $400 per video card. After subtracting storage costs over a 5-year period you are left with about $47,000 in profit, just from holding a hundred GPUs. 

    A few years ago I did this with Intel X99 motherboards because I saw the trend: High-end motherboards are the one thing in the PC that actually appreciate in value as boards die. Back in 2016 I bought 10 Gigabyte X99 Boards for $100 each, and sold them in 2019 for $200 each. same thing happens for older memory as people try to hang on to their old Haswell Rigs (DDR3 is currently more expensive on a per-gigabyte Basis than DDR4). Over a time-scale of decades yes, PC hardware goes down in value. But Motherboards and RAM seem to have these 1-2 year periods where they go up in value as old stock runs out and people need replacements for their older machines. 

    1.   Show previous replies  2 more
    2. FakeKGB


      1 minute ago, CircleTech said:

      @FakeKGB Motherboards that you bought at street-price during Release will not go up in value. They will just lose very little to no value over time. 


      Motherboard prices operate on a Bathtub curve. When motherboards are first released, their price is set by the manufacturer. About 3-4 years later after a platform release, Retailers start dumping their old motherboards in stock to make room for new hardware, and motherboard prices can be cut by as much as 50%. This is how I got 10 gigabyte X99 boards for $100. I bought them on 2016 after intel Released their X299 series of boards, and Retailers wanted to get rid of their old stock so I bought it for cheap. 


      A few years later (just as I had predicted), the motherboard prices started to rise again, returning close to their MSRP price. If these motherboards were stocks, I bought a massive dip and sold when it went back up. I just knew something the market didn't. 


      Since you bought at the original price, your motherboard will not go up in price past what you bought it. Since I bought the boards in effectively a "trench", I was able to take profits.

      It's all profit for me since I got the board for free.

      Come to think of it, basically all the tech things I own were free.

    3. James Evens

      James Evens

      35 minutes ago, CircleTech said:

      DDR3 is currently more expensive on a per-gigabyte Basis than DDR4

      Are you telling me I should replace my NAS?

      on the other hand it would need to beat 19 W with 1 HDD running and 1 nic

    4. YT_DomDaBomb20


      actually a pretty cool idea

  10. Bluetooth devices rant:


    This is not a rant about how Bluetooth sucks, but rather a flaw associated with all Bluetooth devices: Tiny batteries that will die in 1-3 years.


    Every consumer audio device that used to be wired seems to be going the way of Bluetooth from Headphones to speakers. While there is convenience from Bluetooth devices, they come at a substantially reduced lifespan.

    Take a pair of Bluetooth headphones for example: Bluetooth headphones contain a tiny lithium ion battery with a maximum cycle life of roughly 300 cycles. This is 300 full charges and discharges. If you use your headphones often, this could mean the battery is dead within two years. Not so much of a problem if the battery is replaceable right? Well in 99% of these devices, it’s not. The battery is usually a tiny proprietary prismatic or lipo cell in the few hundred milliamp-hour range, with little to no ability to find a new one. Once that lipo battery in your pair of headphones dies, you will need to throw out $200-300 of perfectly good headphones over a $5 dead battery.


    This is bad for both consumers and the environment. Consumers need to keep upgrading their audio over a $5 part, and perfectly good headphones turn into ewaste that has no value. Meanwhile the company gets to increase their profits without inventing anything new.


    This is a trend I blame squarely on Apple. When apple released the iPhone over a decade ago, you could buy phones with removable batteries, now the last flagship phone with a removable battery came out sometime in 2015. Same with the headphone jack. They got rid of it and now everything is moving to Bluetooth, except this shortens the lifespan of expensive electronics even more. When Apple does something, everyone follows knowing consumers will put up with it.


    For someone who considers themselves into technology, I upgrade my devices surprisingly little. The Desktops I own are 7 years old, My thinkstation D30 is almost 11 years old, and my newest device (laptop) is now five years old. I want to upgrade when companies innovate and provide me a substantial increase in my productivity, not when a $5 consumable part inside of my item dies and I can’t find a replacement.


    1. ARikozuM


      I don't blame Apple completely since my Nokia and Motorola batteries were $30-80 even back then. I blame it mostly on the laptop makers who used to share the bricks between the entire lineup and now seem to have shells that must be broken to replace internals. Regulation is desperately needed in this area before the lithium we've already mined out ends up back in the earth. 

  11. How to trigger the mods:



    P O L I T I C S


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    2. Morgan MLGman

      Morgan MLGman

      22 hours ago, CircleTech said:

      @Kavamale21 You aren’t here often enough then. I can find some examples but that would require naming specific people which I do not want to do.


      And for when this thread is eventually locked, here is my note for the mods:


        Reveal hidden contents

      This status update now has nothing to do with politics, it’s now a discussion of the enforcement of forum rules. If you decide to issue me warning points, suspend, or ban me, at least do it for the right reasons.


      I do not know your case personally, but contrary to what you may think, we don't "hunt" or "target" specific users "just because". If you've been warned or suspended in the past, then it's most likely that you deserved it. We discuss troublesome cases between us and it's often a group decision that's taken in those cases. If you have issues with moderation, please report that to other moderators, or directly to the forum administration.

      This is a forum with rules, by joining you consent to adhere to said rules. Like them or not - irrelevant, but you have to follow them to keep the forum an orderly place.
      You don't have to report stuff, but if you don't it may take longer for us mods to spot the issues. That's just the reality of it. But if you're not reporting stuff that should be taken care of, don't complain that it's there.

      Thank you for understanding.

    3. small guy64

      small guy64

      6 hours ago, leadeater said:

      This is a community and if you want it to function well and participate in it then part of that is reporting issues you see. Because if you expect a hand full of moderators to hall monitor 64 thousand hallways then your expectations far exceed reality.


      If you see something you know should be reported and you choose not to you choose to not participate in the community and let issues perpetuate in to situations worse than they started out as.

      community involvement is a good point to bring up, as someone that has been a mod on another site (car related forum) I can see it both ways. The mods can't be everywhere at once, but at the same time users should not expect to report things just to get the mods to do their work. There a good middle ground between user involvement and the mods duties, the mods here form what I have seen in my little time here are rather close to that middle ground.

    4. SansVarnic


      Honestly, all I see in this SU is.


      Thusly, all I have for you is:



      That said (fyi, the following is a bit abrupt, so I apologize if some become offended. I will still sleep soundly though.)


      If you seriously believe there is a double standard, PM me and show me some proof, and I mean empirical evidence and not hearsay.

      I've been a member of this forum for just shy of 6 years and I have yet to see any, even after becoming a mod and looking at past reports.

      Your own misgivings, breaching of the rules and not seeing the other side is not proof of a double standard either. We review and base every decision in consideration of the CS. Though we mods do have a more robust and thorough guide [not public] to help us make these decisions, larger topics and issues are discussed and a consensus is made amongst the team (not always unanimous). And of course, Linus' own direction goes into play. Admins do oversee mods rulings. 


      You want to talk politics, Linus says No. So, we say No. It his forum, not yours.

      Free speech? Yeah, no chance on that argument either. Canada has no Free or Protected Speech Laws so good luck there. Also, this is a Private forum so Free or Protected Speech Laws have no authority anyhow. This an old and lengthy argument and a waste of time. Even if the forum were hosted in the U.S., there still would not be grounds for an argument. Just laying that out there.


      This is a Tech Forum. Pure and Simple. The original Code of Conduct was written with that in mind and re-written as the Community Standards and updated to emphasize on that. Tightening down on non-tech related things has been done for legitimate reasons. People ruin things all the time for others. And to very frank about it, you are one [of many] of those members that has contributed to ruining it for others. You're welcome, And Thank you for that. 😶


      Things change, if you aren't flexible enough to keep up with the changes and are too immature as to blatantly defy the rules instead of acting on a better hand by approaching forum staff (e.g. moderators and admins) to conduct discussion(s) why you think a rule change may or may not be good for the community, then you are welcome to move on. Acting in a poor manner because you disagree is like when my children act like children when they disagree instead of acting in a mature manner, just gets them disciplined all the same. You want it to change, then be the change and the solution, not the problem.


      You always have a choice. Act appropriately with grace and maturity or don't and act like a spoilt child and see what happens.

      Go ahead and try to call me out, won't do you much good. Ask any other banned member I have had this same discussion with, who, for all intentions refused to accept a position of understanding or maturity to find common ground. Can't or won't follow the rules is not our problem, it's yours [I'm speaking in general here]. I like to give people a chance, in some cases we have been very, and I mean verrrrry lenient with before throwing down the ban hammer.

      Personal responsibility is a thing, learn to act on it or life will be what you make of it.


      On 3/21/2021 at 3:25 PM, CircleTech said:

      I do not have the privilege of doing that.

      Read the above. It doesn't need to be a privilege, your actions are your own, so own up to them.


      On 3/21/2021 at 3:57 PM, CircleTech said:

      This status update now has nothing to do with politics, it’s now a discussion of the enforcement of forum rules. If you decide to issue me warning points, suspend, or ban me, at least do it for the right reasons.

      This statement shows you have no interest in having the proper discussion as you are set in your mindset only and will not budge on your position, not willing to open yourself to what you cannot see.

      It's clear this has not, was not, did not start or were intended to be about politics.


      It is quite clear that this SU was meant to grab public attention to your own plight to garner for yourself a facade of support to a cause that will prove to be in on itself, fruitless.

      See, we are not as dense or blind as you wish us to be.

  12. Learned that the hard way with CircleTech a few years ago. Started selling PC parts, made some pretty good money. Was 17, knew nothing about taxes. PayPal reports $22,000 in income to the IRS. Then I had to scramble to prove 75% of that was business expenses. That was fun. Pay your taxes, but do know most tax codes enable business to deduct your expenses (gas, car, food, shipping, even health insurance). 1099 reporting standards will change in 2022. This will catch a lot of people trying to evade taxes (intentionally or unintentionally) in the US:
  13. 2021 is the only Year Intel could release both a slower and more expensive GPU than their competitors offerings and still receive good sales because gamers can't actually buy graphics cards right now:



    1. James Evens

      James Evens

      After the current gen iGPU driver issues it is probably wise to wait for it to mature.

    2. Evolution.
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    2. Red :)
    3. Damascus


      22 hours ago, Turbokees said:

      Anyone have experience with sous-vide cooking? I know Luke made a vid about this years ago, but I'm too busy ****posting to look it up. 

      Really easy and delicious 

    4. CircleTech


      I prefer Medium well.

  14. found an Archive of The forum on the WayBack machine from Five years ago:




    I'm in here somewhere (Hint: i'm not ServerGuy):




    And some other people:






    Damn we've all been here for way too long. At this rate I probably know people like @BuckGup or @GDRRiley better than my friends from High School.

    1.   Show previous replies  4 more
    2. BuckGup


      Hahaha you're exposing my old userNAME but I agree this forum has been a part of my daily life for 8 years now. That's like a whole kid 

    3. GDRRiley


      8 hours ago, CircleTech said:

      do you really know me that well or do you think you do?
      cus I feel like I don't post too much personal stuff to my status update but maybe I did more before


    4. CircleTech


      @GDRRiley On an absolute basis, I don’t know any of you that well. On a comparative basis, I know both of you very well compared to my friends in high school. That is to say my friends in high school have been separated for years and I have no idea where they are or what they’re doing now.