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  1. Funny
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to WereCat in First professional review of Intel's Rocket Lake (11700K) is out.. and it's a disaster   
    Intel: We are no longer offering an Overclocking warranty... this CPU is DOA.
    Honestly, if this is how it's intended to work and there are no weird quirks or issues in the BIOS... AMD FX just pulled out an UNO card.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to abhishek01999 in Copyrights* As a Whole are FLAWED* or used as such   
    I am not saying it should release its patents for free or just on the spot... But if they have atleast progressed ahead of a stage, shouldn't they atleast release the patents for the older tech they aren't using.... To my knowledge (Which isn't much), AMD is currently mass producing on 5nm and 7nm, Intel is on 10nm and 14 nm... So I don't think a future where they will revert back to there old process. But I don't think they will even release their patents for even their nm process for even the 20's line nm. Why can't even If somebody can't produce a 24nm processor easily and cheaply than before. Because they didn't have these fab companies didn't have any plans to make them cheaper. It was the next expensive stuff and not try to release the old process. so, anyone else can work on it to make it cheaper. Even if a 24nm processor was only used for toy or safety cameras or anything cheap.
    I understand that you want to give the creator it's fair due, but when the tech has already been dumped for something new. Atleast give it for recycling and not burn it or lock it in the ground. 
    It's just as simple as garbage. Someone's garbage can be other's gold. Reuse, Recycle, Reduce (price 🙂).
  3. Informative
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to colonel_mortis in Missing notification   
    You're following that topic with "one email notification per week". You can change that specific topic by clicking the "Following" button at the top, and change the default for new topics going forwards at https://linustechtips.com/notifications/options/?type=core_Content (accessible from your notification settings).
    You've been notified about the most recent ~15 statuses by Den-Fi (as far back as I've checked). If you still think you're missing some, can you link an example that you didn't get notified about?
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    PianoPlayer88Key got a reaction from abhishek01999 in Copyrights* As a Whole are FLAWED* or used as such   
    I agree it's badly flawed, at least as far as patents and copyrights are concerned.  (Trademarks are a bit different, as @whm1974 explained very well; although I don't like when a name is sold to a company who then uses it on inferior products compared to the original.)
    The two biggest issues I have with patents and copyrights are - first, the insanely long length, and second, how restrictive they are toward us the end users.
    Copyrights in the USA originally lasted 14 years, with an option to extend it another 14.  I actually think today, with how fast things progress, fall off the charts / go out of print, etc, that may be too long.  (But then, some things do stay popular for a long time, but even they should have limits.)
    I wrote a few songs, or adapted a few others, back in the mid 1990s to early 2000s or so. (Don't bother looking for them, I never really published them beyond a few friends.)
    IMO, if there were any copyrights on those (my limited understanding of the law tells me they were automatically copyrighted), they should have already expired by now.
    Also, while things are still under copyright / patent period, some of the restrictions / exclusive rights should be relaxed.  For example, if I wrote another song, I wouldn't complain if someone did a cover of it without paying me for the rights.
    I think, essentially, that copyrights and patents should expire, on average, about when the products' commercial life is falling off, or they're being discontinued.  (Some may expire while they're still popular, though, and that's okay.)
    For a technology example, I think patents for AMD's RX 400 series GPUs, 1st-generation Ryzen CPUs, Nvidia's Pascal GPUs, and Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs should probably be expiring by now since they've essentially been discontinued for a little while now. (Or maybe a generation or few before that, like Rx 200, FX, Kepler, Sandy Bridge.)
    Also, even during the terms, I think there should be more competition and less or no exclusivity.  I like the idea of no one company having more than, say, 25-30% market share, for example.
    Another example I'd like to see ... basically would result in you being able to install any CPU on any motherboard (or someone could make their CPU run on whatever motherboard they wanted), or run any program on any OS / platform (Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, ARM, x86, etc.) without being "locked out" for lack of a better way to put it.
    Edit: seeing "proprietary motherboard" in another topic reminded me...
    As soon as possible after invention, especially if they take off, things need to be open-standardized.  I'd especially like to see CPU sockets and DIMM slots standardized, like have already been done with other things like PCI Express, SATA, QWERTY, USB, music keyboard layout, etc.
    I also wonder if today's computers are fast enough to run programs if ... you simplify out much of the bloat, making them as lean as 1990s - early 2000s era programs, and are able to run them directly from source code, without needing to compile into a .exe and/or whatever else.  (So we could, for example, inspect programs and remove malware (or deter programmers from putting it there in the first place), or make improvements we might want on our own copies.)
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to minibois in How do you tell that you lack RAM?   
    Open Task Manager and see RAM usage.
    Is it above 95%? You could use more RAM.
    Of course, it's difficult to judge if the investment for more RAM will be worth it in the end for a system that's aging otherwise too.
  6. Funny
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to ShrimpBrime in Cinebench font (system info on left); older CPU benchmark requests (newest=Athlon 64 X2 4000+); i7-6700K says 3.5 GHz base (but runs @ 4); Handbrake…   
    You did not buy a 4790K in 1995.... lol. You need a little proof reading 😛
    Any how, I have a 4000+ s939 processor 130nm clawhammer.
    https://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K8/AMD-Athlon 64 4000%2B - ADA4000DEP5AS (ADA4000ASBOX).html
    I do have a 4400+ Brisbane here. Would this suffice?
    https://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K8/AMD-Athlon 64 X2 4400+ - ADO4400IAA5DU.html
    I do not have a stock cooler or the board you are looking for. Memory, I gotta check the stash. 
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    PianoPlayer88Key got a reaction from leadeater in Intel is dropping its overclocking focused warranty   
    So somewhere like this? 😆


    Also how well does undervolting work on recent AMD/Intel CPUs?  This -150mV offset is how I'm running the i7-6700K in my laptop.

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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to leadeater in Intel is dropping its overclocking focused warranty   
    Overlocking Ryzen in a lot of ways just boils down to "Make colder, goes faster", since the clocks are dynamic based on temperature. So maybe the best overclocking method is move somewhere bloody cold and put the PC outside 
  9. Informative
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to James Evens in [RUMOR] AMD EPYC 7004 Genoa Zen 4 CPU Allegedly has 96 cores and 192 threads with 12-channel DDR5-5200 memory support   
    What you described is more like the waver scale processor. They are more a network/cluster of CPUs/cores then a single one.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to colonel_mortis in Page numbers missing for insert existing attachment   
    It may be in the next couple of weeks, but I don't have anything concrete planned yet.
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  12. Funny
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to Arika S in Aurora 7 Laptop is CRAZY   
    I want to see someone use this on battery for more than a minute
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to TrigrH in Sapphire Rapids delidded   
    nice glue intel
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to StDragon in Tinder's new user agreement - mandatory!   
    One idea for a P2P platform is that all of your own posts are stored on your on PC, and cached in their list on their end. The twist is that it's all encrypted. To "delete", you simply revoke the key that allows friends to view the content. Or, you set a TTL (Time to Live) expiration that requires your friend's PC to re-request a new key for an extended period of time. Essentially, a Deadman's switch; if your PC is offline for a certain length of time, all of your content is no longer available to be viewed.
    The downside is that your cellphone or PC has to be online for as much as possible. Also, because it's distributed, performance in loading times would vary.
    So yeah, pros and cons to a P2P approach. But, at least you can control the content in how it's distributed and viewed. It's easy to ghost offline if you want to scrub the history.
    So Facebook can kiss off!
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to PlayStation 2 in Tinder's new user agreement - mandatory!   
    My dating site was this fucking forum, thank god I never had to resort to Tinder.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to Spindel in Memory for the future - Team DDR5 SO-DIMM announcement   
    And I still have this in a drawer next to the computer (DDR2 666 MHz) 
  17. Funny
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to lostcattears in Memory for the future - Team DDR5 SO-DIMM announcement   
    Bro slow down I am still on DDR3
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    PianoPlayer88Key got a reaction from PlayStation 2 in How many of you are as boringly sober as I am?   
    I don't drink at all ... Well at least not alcohol.  (I do ingest a lot of dihydrogen monoxide, though. And idk if it counts, but I've probably swallowed a little bit of mouthwash too )
    Closest I've come to it was a time at a church I visited, they were doing Communion and passed around the stuff used for that.  There was a choice of grape juice, or wine.  Based on the taste, I probably got the wine.
    Anyway though... I'd guess that if you added up all the alcohol I've ever swallowed in my life, it would probably not be enough to get someone under 21 in the USA busted for DUI.
  19. Informative
    PianoPlayer88Key got a reaction from Daisy Asian in Have Cam Link 4K, was working, now having issues   
    Last month I bought the Cam Link 4K, intending to use it for streaming.  I haven't yet started my originally planned piano music streams (some other projects got in the way, one being organizing stuff on my hard drives so I can clean up / organize the area where I'd be streaming), but I have done a few Zoom meetings with it with some friends and family.
    This past Sunday afternoon, though, the CL4K stopped passing through my camera's signal to my laptop.  Camera is a Panasonic FZ1000 (using an AC adapter, also supports clean HDMI out), laptop I've been using it with is a Clevo P750DM-G with an i7-6700K, 64GB RAM, 3.25TB storage in 4 SSDs, GTX 970M, etc.
    I noticed that when I plug the Cam Link 4K into a USB port, it does this.
    That video was on my desktop with no camera plugged into it, but it does the same light patterns on my laptop, and also with a camera attached, as well as the short USB cable that came with it.  (In the video I was using a 5 meter Monoprice active USB extension cable that I had also purchased, which had worked at least once, Sunday morning.)
    Does anyone, or perhaps maybe @Corsair Nick have some idea what could be going on?  Is there something I should try to get it working, or should I escalate it through official Elgato / Corsair support channels for possible RMA?
  20. Agree
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to Spotty in NVIDIA quietly announces a GT 1010 that's apparently faster than a GT 1030 DDR4   
    The 55W figure provided in the article is likely wrong. There's no officially released specifications for the card yet. The TechPowerUp page linked to says 30W, contradicting the article.
  21. Agree
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to WikiForce in NVIDIA quietly announces a GT 1010 that's apparently faster than a GT 1030 DDR4   
    it's extremely weird to see it being twice as power hungry (atleast according to the TDP rating) despite being a slower cut down version of 1030, Nvidia is really doing some weird shit.
  22. Agree
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to ALLSTAR1JAC2899 in Does anyone have any experience with Athena Power?   
    Also, I don't think that thread includes server PSU's
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to 3 Lions in RIP Tyler   
    Damn, that's such a sudden death. 
  24. Funny
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to LIGISTX in FreeNas OS   
    If you are looking at freenas.... you should be looking at quite a large expenditure to get it up and rolling correctly from the start. You can't expand ZFS arrays after the fact "easily". I would suggest doing a lot of research on the freenas (now TrueNAS) forums. https://www.truenas.com/community/
    FreeNAS is INCREDIBLY powerful, but its not a simple thing to jump into. I run it, and have for years. I also have a buddy who runs a freenas box and another who runs an unraid machine. If I was to start over today, it would be hard to not go unraid for the ease of scalability, that said, I am 100% satisfied with freenas. But you shouldn't be looking at using external drives - its just not what freenas is built and intended for. This would be like attempting to kill an ant with a shotgun, you will likely miss the ant......
  25. Agree
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to Bitter in Experiences with non-techies   
    That's kind of why I turn off GUI boot on my Linux systems, it looks cool, I can see what's happening if something is going wrong, and it has that 'wow' to people who don't know. I should see if Win10 has a non GUI boot option!