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  1. So maybe this hard drive might be good for mining? As for disk space... I'm okay right now (have an unused 14TB drive plus about a TB or so used of an 8TB drive - actually 2 of each but the 2nd is intended for backup, and probably a bit over a TB or so free space between my laptop's 4 SSDs), but... If I start doing do a lot of 4K video recording, it could chew through that pretty quickly. (My Panasonic FZ1000 records ~100Mbps, so 4 GB is ~5:55 or so.) Also, I see the IDE drives mentioned in the thread ... Maybe these would have to
  2. So I was thinking.... I'd like to see Linus's reaction if someone played a certain prank on him. (Was debating whether to post a status update, since I think it'd be a pretty short video like maybe 1 or 2 minutes, or here, cause I would be interested in seeing a video of it....) One of the LMG staff is at Linus's PC, and doing some file copies of some really important stuff, while Linus is watching. (I'm thinking at least a few hundred GB or more) (BTW the copy is to / from a 3.5" hard drive, not an SSD.) While in the middle of the copy, they knock the hard drive face-down ont
  3. I've sometimes looked at logical increments as well now and then. I've dabbled with microcenter and newegg's builder sites for like a couple minutes or so, and find myself wishing it wasn't just those vendors. (Yeah, I know, the obvious.) One thing I don't like about pcpartpicker is that it allows scalper-price 3rd-party Amazon prices to be listed. Like... I was looking at some older parts like hard drives, motherboards, CPUs, etc. that were several years old ... and parts that were originally like $150-200 or so, and should now be maybe $50 or less cause they're sev
  4. My parents have a freezer in the laundry room - they bought it around the time my older brother was either really little (like a baby) or maybe he wasn't born yet, idk. He was born in 1973. The freezer is still working fine. (I haven't looked through the rest of the thread yet, but I'm sure I'd find other things to reply to if i did.) While I haven't clicked "submit" on this post ... The piano in my profile picture was made in 1956. I also have another one that's the same kind (Baldwin Hamilton upright - school piano) made in 1950, and ther
  5. I'm from southern California - eastern suburbs of San Diego area. (On a zoomed out satellite view, I'm basically almost on the edge between suburban and rural.) Have lived in this house all my life. Parents moved here in November 1978, I was born a few months before the IBM PC came out. (Actually I'll be leaving my 30s decade behind before this month ends.)
  6. Tech advice ... I'm terrible at giving that even though I've had a fair bit of experience with my own technology. Spelling ... I used to be pretty good at it as a kid, although some of the more advanced / complex words for some things could still throw me for a loop. Hugs ... I have a surplus of those piling up, kind-of like the opposite of the GPU shortage. (I prefer to give real physical hugs - full bear hugs that is. If you're doing a 1-arm "hug" from the side, or if you're leaning forward to hug someone, except if they're way shorter than you in which case there's other ways to so
  7. PianoPlayer88Key

    YOLO very good saying Sarah?

    I'm gonna guess this was an account created for the video, so we on the forums wouldn't know at the time it was LMG staff asking about building a PC. (I wish I could remember if she or "Epicgamerpogchamp" have normal-use forum accounts....)
  8. It looks like @HelpfulTechWizard and @Kisai are comparing iGPUs to low-end GPUs. That's a bit different than how I would have done the comparison - I would have compared the iGPU to a past-generation flagship GPU. This is what I see when comparing some modern iGPUs to past flagship dGPUs: For example, compare: Vega 11 (Ryzen 5 3400G) | UHD Graphics 730 (Core i5-11400) | Vega 8 (Ryzen 5 3200G) vs. GeForce GTX 285 UHD Graphics 750 (Core i5-11900K) vs. Radeon HD 4890 Iris Pro Graphics 6200 (Core i7-5775C) | UHD
  9. Another update with s couple more screenshots... This time when I came to my PC this morning, only the Friends window was flashing, but two chat windows had popped up. (They were already open, just minimized on the taskbar.) Interesting thing, I noticed there was a message in the chat window on the left that I don't remember seeing the previous time, which was timestamped several hours before the screenshot in the last video was taken. Also this time, the Friends list window did not get resized & moved to the upper left quadrant of the scre
  10. Ahh I wasn't aware of that ... although something I've wanted to be able to do, I'm not sure if that would work.... Basically, I'd want to be able to set it up so that when I upgrade to a newer PC, I can basically resume where I left off, without having to reinstall or get a new Windows license. Tentatively planning to upgrade / build a new desktop around November 2022 or so, idk when. (depends on DDR5, part prices, performance, looking at 2nd-gen DDR5 TR/Epyc probably.) Current desktop was built in January 2015, previous one was February 2008. Hoping my next one lasts at least
  11. Ahh. Hmm ... I was thinking there was like some text file I could edit (that might require privileged access, like admin rights in Windows, or booting into Linux cause Windows won't let me read those files even as admin) to change the boot names, where it directs to, etc. (Kind-of like you can edit the grub config file in Linux.)
  12. Under the "boot" tab, I'm guessing? Nothing shows up there, although in BIOS IIRC it shows like 4 or 5 WIndows Boot Managers on my laptop. When I restart (last time was 135 days ago) I often have to trial and error which one it is. Windows 10 shows up on my desktop, although when I first boot it goes to a grub menu. For now, if I want to boot Windows on my desktop, I select Windows Boot Manager (I forget if there's 2 or 3 or more, there used to be a while ago IIRC, also a UEFI OS.) Interestingly both / all 4 / however many would work. A few years ago when I had backups /
  13. How did you get Windows Boot Manager to show which device/partition it's booting from? I need to clean mine up (have several showing, some of which no longer exist or get directed to a black hole) and it'd be nice if it would say what drive it's booting from. (Laptop is a Clevo P750DM-G, desktop has an ASRock Z97 Extreme6 board. I'd be fine with using a Linux tool; also was going to make my own thread at some point, maybe I should do that?)
  14. I use a local account on both my desktop and laptop. Privacy reasons, and I like to keep my apps, icons, settings, etc. separate between the two.
  15. I've mostly been doing fairly simple games on my phone, like (in no particular order) Pocket Tanks Deluxe (probably the only game I've ever bought on mobile, may have bought 1 other, rest were free) Super Phase Rummy Safe Trip or Not (Mille Bournes) Road Rally (MIlle Bournes) XTreme 10 Rummy ScorchedCombat Bubble Explode A while ago there were a few other games I had on older phones (a couple racing games are coming to mind although I forget the name of them, too lazy to look through my Google Play history), but I haven't played them in a while.
  16. NIce undervolting. I find I like doing that too .... My laptop has an i7-6700K, normally 91 watts TDP at stock settings, & could easily get into the 80s and 90s °C after I've cleaned the dust out, or hit 100°C and throttle if I let the dust build up. With a -150 mV undervolt, it'll do about 69-71°C and ~66-67 watts in a 10-minute CInebench R23 run. (I have a screenshot of the score, HWInfo64, CPU-Z, XTU, etc, but I had a lot of other things running (using ~50+ GB RAM + ~100-150 GB pagefile or so), so it only scored 2987 MT, 786 ST points. I imagine it would do somewhat be
  17. I prefer laptops that have an easily removable battery, like this. That's my Clevo P750DM-G -- you can see part of the spot where the battery sits on the upper right of the pic. I don't have to remove the back cover to take the battery off - that's nice. (Also that battery was dead, has been replaced around the time the pic was taken (Nov 2018) and the replacement is still going strong.) Also for other things that I do need to remove the back cover, it's quite easy to get into it, unless I need to get under the keyboard (to install a WiFi module or RAM in slots 3 & 4) but eve
  18. I wonder if undervolting might work? YMMV, though. I have my laptop's i7-6700K undervolted (in Intel XTU) about -150 mV IIRC, runs at 4 GHz on all 4 cores, at around 69-71°C & 65-67 watts or so (it's a 91-watt TDP CPU), sustained, under load (10-min Cinebench R23). I imagine a newer CPU (and/or a mobile-oriented one - mine's a desktop LGA1151 CPU in a laptop) would do considerably better. (I've had it up to around 4.6 or 4.7 GHz with some finessing of voltage in testing, although I forget what the temps & watts were exactly. I think it was around 110-115 watts or so
  19. If you're looking at bridge cameras with 1 inch sensors, there's quite a few, from Canon, Panasonic & Sony to name a few brands. I'm currently using a 6 year old Panasonic FZ1000, works fairly well for me. (I might eventually want to upgrade to a full-frame dSLR / mirrorless, but I'm not planning to for another few years or so.)
  20. Yeah £/$20 sounds muy barato. My dad thinks he paid that, maybe $25 or so, at a surplus place for this iron (or another one of his that's somewhat similar, but not quite the same) -- in the mid/late 1970s or so. (He also told me that soldering irons/stations he was looking at could go for upwards of $60-80 or so back then.)
  21. I'm running the Hyper 212 Evo in a Fractal Design Define R5 case, currently with the side panels off for easier access to the internals. Just did a Cinebench R23 run, and it hit 92°C on the hottest core at stock settings. From what I've observed, less demanding applications usually only get up into the 60s, maybe 70s °C at stock settings, last I remember. Also earlier versions of Cinebench, like R15, could run around 70°C or so I think, and could get about 4.7 GHz with little effort or 4.8 GHz by pushing the voltage a bit (and getting higher temps). (Also it would be better to make
  22. I was thinking, with the current GPU shortage and the fact that a lot of AMD CPUs (on AM4 for example) don't have iGPUs (yes I know there's a few APUs as well)...


    What would it be like if ... maybe AMD could come out with a somewhat low-end GPU, and bundle it with their non-APU CPUs?


    I'm thinking something like maybe

    • 256 - 512 cores,
    • 2 GB VRAM
    • 1 - 1.2 GHz clock,
    • PCIe 1x slot
    • fairly low TDP so:
      • passively cooled if 14nm (and a power plug for a fan if the user wants), or
      • no heatsink at all if 7nm (but with screw holes to mount one if the user wants)
        • (use whichever node is more readily available)
    • single-slot, low profile (with full-height bracket included)
    • short length, like < 100-120mm, or shorter than an x16 slot, maybe similar length to an x4 or x8 slot
    • 1 DisplayPort 2.0, 1 HDMI 2.1 (with a DVI-I + VGA adapter that plugs in when using the full-height bracket, or with a 2nd low-profile bracket like some low-end cards have)

    These would primarily be bundled with CPUs like the R3-3100/3300X, R5-5600X, R7-5800X, R9-5900X/5950X, and other non-APU AMD CPUs.  If they were sold at retail, I'm thinking they'd be around $25-30 retail price.  (Who knows what scalpers would spike them to, though...)


    Hopefully gaming performance would be somewhere around the Ryzen 5 3400G, 3 3200G, or GT 1010 / 1030, or like Intel Iris Xe or so.  (Or good enough to run 2020 AAA titles at 720p medium 30fps, e-sports at 1080p low 60fps, or something like that.)

    Maybe Intel could do something similar for their -F CPUs too .. bundle an entry-level PCIe x1 Xe GPU with similar performance to what I mentioned above.

    This would primarily be intended for sockets that have motherboard graphics ports, but those particular CPUs don't have on-board graphics, to help lessen the issue of someone buying one of those combos, then learning they need a graphics card to have video out, and not being able to get one at a reasonable price.  Yes, it would be a pretty low-end GPU, but would be intended as a stop-gap until they could save up $ to buy a decent GPU, or prices come down to sane levels.  (btw my definition of "sane" would be like the GTX 200 series refresh - for example GTX 295 was $500, GTX 285 was $360 (vs modern xx80 Ti), GTX 275 was $250 (vs modern xx70 Ti).)

    Or am I about to see a moderator reply to this saying....

    Status update locked.

    This content would be better posted as a topic in the Graphics Cards subforum.




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      Or am I about to see a moderator reply to this saying....



  23. Ah so only a day after the floatplane release
  24. I know I'm a bit late to this, @C2Z2 (i'll let people guess where I found out about this thread lol, hint: ), but if I was building a new PC right now, with GPU prices the way they are (and if I didn't need super high performance like a 3080 or whatever) I would go with an APU, and buy a GPU later when prices are hopefully more reasonable. My current daily driver is a 5+ year old Clevo P750DM-G (same as Sager NP9753 iirc) laptop with a 970M 6GB, i7-6700K, 64GB RAM, 1TB WD Blue & 2TB Samsung Barracuda 120 2.5" SATA and 1&2TB Silicon Power P34A80 NVMe SSDs. For my current us
  25. Okay, I came back to my PC again after being AFK for several hours, and Steam was flashing again. This time, I got a screenshot before I opened & re-minimized the windows (would prefer to not have to do that, and I wasn't ready to close the chat windows yet): Also when I checked the received messages, the most recent ones from the 2 open chats are both March 24. When I opened up the Friends window, it was positioned & sized like this. (I normally have it over toward the right side talking almost the entire height of the scr