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  1. I'd love to see Micro Center in San Diego (and also the southwest "half" of Arizona (if you divide it diagonally), or southern New Mexico or west / central Texas, cause those are some places I'm maybe thinking about moving to sometime.) One time I was in Fry's last January (2020) the song "Highway to Hell" came on over the PA. I thought that was appropriate then, and even more so now....
  2. I hope...... (That picture was actually taken probably at least a year ago or so.) heh I just noticed part of the "F" is still visible behind my phone Guess we got an "F" for respects (or whatever, i've never played COD or whatever that came from) Also one time when I was in that same Fry's last January (2020) ... a song came on over the PA, which I thought then (and now even more so) was quite appropriate. "Highway to Hell" - AC/DC (I also remember thinking then that if MC took over Fry's locations, they could start playing "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppel
  3. Yeah hopefully it's fixed soon, I have the same issue as well. (Any idea when that next update might be?)
  4. I found this Scheiße in a box of stuff a few days ago... I guess DDR5 might be a wee little upgrade over that? I wonder if anyone still has whatever came before 30-pin SIMMs? Or maybe...it was before my time but... magnetic core memory or whatever it was, or anything even older? (Especially if it's still in regular daily-driver use in a non-government/business/school scenario...) I hope that when I upgrade my desktop next year (thinking November 25, 2022, although it may be delayed to 2023/4 but idk yet), this same workload (factor in pagefile / Committed,
  5. Start around 2:38 if the timestamp embed doesn't work properly...
  6. yeah ... I want that to ACTUALLY be true, though, as in, "ALL 11th-gen Core i5's are faster than ALL 11th-gen Core i3's," and "ALL 12th-gen CPUs are faster than ALL 11th-gen CPUs." Or, "ALL RTX 4070s are faster than ALL RTX 4060 Ti's," and "ALL Hopper GPUs (or whatever architecture is next) are faster than ALL Ampere GPUs." (The only overlaps, and that only MAYBE, might be overclocking under LHe in Antarctica in the dead of winter.)
  7. My personal opinion... I think if a video card (laptop or whatever) cannot match the performance of at least a reference / stock 3080 - should NOT be called a 3080, or 3080 MaxQ, or 3080M, or whatever. If it matches, say, a 3060 Ti, then CALL IT a 3060 Ti. (I wouldn't mind a designation for video cards that are binned for better power efficiency, though.) Same goes for desktop vs laptop CPUs. I don't like seeing situations where a ULV mobile (<6W TDP) Core i7 or Ryzen 7 is outclassed by a desktop Core i3-K or Ryzen 3-X of the same generation. I prefer tha
  8. I don't drink at all ... Well at least not alcohol. (I do ingest a lot of dihydrogen monoxide, though. And idk if it counts, but I've probably swallowed a little bit of mouthwash too ) Closest I've come to it was a time at a church I visited, they were doing Communion and passed around the stuff used for that. There was a choice of grape juice, or wine. Based on the taste, I probably got the wine. Anyway though... I'd guess that if you added up all the alcohol I've ever swallowed in my life, it would probably not be enough to get someone under 21 in the USA busted fo
  9. Yeah... A while ago when I was looking at building a NAS (haven't done it yet, it's on pause now), I had been considering the Zotac PCIe 1x variant of the 710 with the ASRock E3V5 WS board which didn't have iGPU support (I have an i3-6100, orphaned since my laptop was upgraded to an i7-6700K) to put in a 1x slot to leave the 16x slots open for HBAs like the LSI 9211-8i, 9200-16e (which I've seen pretty cheap on eBay) or if I could afford it, the Highpoint Rocket 750 (saw those fairly cheap on eBay a while back - more expensive per card than the 9211-8i but cheaper per port IIRC). Another
  10. If I had my way, higher numbers WOULD mean better performance. The mobile version of a hypothetical GT 4010 (that would go into something like a tablet, phone, watch, something with extremely limited space/cooling/TDP should be faster than the RTX 3090 or the flagship Quadro/whatever-Tesla-is-now-called/workstation/server/datacenter Ampere. Same goes for CPUs: slowest ULV mobile hypothetical next-gen Alder Lake or Zen 4 smartwatch CPU should be faster than a max-#-of-sockets-in-1-motherboard of the fastest previous-gen Rocket/whatever-lake-they're-called or Zen 3 flagship server C
  11. I don't have one in my case (took out the 5.25" bays to make room for more 3.5" HDDs), but I do have a Pioneer BDR-209DBK plugged in right now sitting next to the PC, while I'm pulling stuff off a bunch of older CDs, DVDs, etc. Some are starting to fail - EAC is giving some errors on some audio discs, and Windows file explorer balks on some files on the data CDs, so I might have to try some other method (like something equivalent to ddrescue) to try to salvage some of those if I can.
  12. I'll probably end up putting some toward some repairs / maintenance my car needs, maybe some toward a headset (or at least a headset mic for streams), or it might go toward my "rainy day" / "just in case" fund. That $600 figure got me thinking, though. I won't personally be spending it on this specifically, but.... I wonder how good of an all-round PC setup (not just gaming, but balanced for all tasks - school, office, content creation, rendering/editing, games, etc) could someone get today, using ONLY new parts? By "setup" I mean the WHOLE shebang - tower, display, periph
  13. Apparently I'm not the only one who uses a piano as a computer desk... A few more pics & a video in spoiler... I wonder if his piano is functional though... Oh, and I can't forget the obligatory...
  14. Ah, I'm not really sure what you mean by "side chain"ing? And how would the headset mic cuts out when piano plays be triggered on an acoustic piano? Would it be based on signal level from its microphone exceeding a certain level or something like that? (Also I sometimes might want to be able to talk WHILE playing, btw I can't type and play at the same time, at least I haven't learned that skill yet lol.) Okay. (Btw I was thinking of noise isolation for the headphones part separately from the ambient noise rejection of the mike, but if I get a headset / headphone+mic combo I'd like
  15. Hi all... (TL;DR is boldface text scattered in the post.) I'd like to get a head-worn microphone for my voice for live piano streams. (No, I won't be singing, I suck badly at that; it will be for talking to chat between or during songs.) The pic below shows a view from approximately where the main stream camera would be. I put some sheets over some piles of clutter temporarily to kind-of "clean up" the look a little (there's no way to fit a chroma key screen there - green won't work as I like to wear green shirts among other colors); also I added a littl
  16. Loved this one!! (#HireEmma Linus did say---oh wait, that's on floatplane early access right now, no spoilers.) I think she mentioned wanting to stream, I hope she's able to get started soon, maybe I should follow her. (I've already followed Madison and popped into a few of her streams now and then in chat.) Hey does anyone know when the next episode will be up on YouTube (and posted on the forums)? I'd like to respond with a few pictures, because I'm apparently not the only one who---- (ah, uh uh, remember? no spoilers! ) ..... Actually, in re
  17. Sooo..... Intel says laptops with AMD CPUs perform worse on battery vs AC power, while implying laptops with their CPUs don't do that? Hmm... Here's a screenshot after a few Cinebench runs on my laptop, with an Intel CPU, plugged into A/C power... And here's the benchmarks re-run after unplugging the laptop (the only thing I changed, plus restarting a few apps)... And they want to tell me that laptops with their CPUs don't throttle hard on battery?
  18. Well, after installing a few Windows updates and rebooting (didn't want to, uptime was only 62 days or so, but some things weren't working right and for some reason I suspect Windows doesn't exactly love it when you get to where your pagefile usage is upwards of 4x your installed RAM), here's a couple R23 scores on my 6700K... Stock*1... and with a little OC... If I finesse it a bit more (or use our 18" or 20" high-velocity fan next to the open freezer door in the laundry room) I wonder if I could coax a little bit more out of it? XTU was period
  19. Hmm... I thought I had heard that YouTube, Twitter and Facebook were all merging? Does anyone remember the new company name?
  20. I was actually the one who made that pic (somehow the quote name tags must have glitched), but maybe that could be somewhat remedied with stacking dice? (Maybe that would also allow RTX 3090-quantity core counts on Socket AM5, assuming it's the same physical size as and compatible with cooolers from AM4, at like 2nm or 1.4nm? ) Let the CPU vs GPU core wars begin! (Come on, when I look for "torch" in emoji database, I want a stick with fire, not a "flashlight".)
  21. I'll keep this brief (and I wish I knew of a better place to post this and a better way to phrase it), but my condensed thoughts on copyrights (re-triggered by recent DMCA events like this one and what's happening with Twitch) is basically along the lines of... I think copyright terms have gotten WAY too long, and WAY too restrictive for the end users. I don't like to see things still being copyrighted long after they've gone out of print / gone off sale / fallen way down the charts / etc, and I like to see end users have more rights / fewer restrictions. I think
  22. I haven't been to the Fry's near me (Stonecrest Blvd in San Diego) since before a certain thing started .... (Hey what's the name of the city in southern California where Interstate 15 and state route 91 intersect, and what's the name of a type of computer software that copies itself and injects its code into other programs / files? (Also I apparently got it wrong in another place I asked the same thing, now I forget where that was, want to go correct it)) I wonder how long it will be until....
  23. I definitely would like to see that higher core count. I was hoping that Zen 3 / Ryzen 5000 would have gone to 24 cores, with a layout something like this... (Although when I made the pic, I called it Ryzen 4000 cause that was before we knew they were going to use the 5000 numbering.) Then I was hoping maybe Zen 4 (i thought it'd be 5000 series hence filename) would have gone to, say, 88 cores on 5nm... Eventually, I was hoping, Zen 5 / Ryzen 6000 (7000?) would be, say, on 3nm, with like 184 cores on Ryzen and 976 cores on TR/Epyc. Actual
  24. If this video is anything to go by, I think you should be fine. (If the in-URL timestamp doesn't work properly on your device, start it at 19:36.)