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    MSI 970 Gaming
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    MSI GTX 1060
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    NZXT Noctis 450
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    EVGA 600B
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    Cryorig H5 Ultimate
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  1. Also the reason is for asthetics. (I'm shallow) but I do have a msi Gtx 1060.
  2. I currently have an msi 970 gaming mobo, can/should I switch to the Asus 970 aura without having to replace my windows install?
  3. So my PC has a cryorig h5 ultimate and an amd msi 970 gaming mobo, I had originally moved the fan on my cpu cooler up so I could fit my ram, (full, empty, full, empty) then I had the brilliant idea to move my ram, (empty, full, empty, full.) It didn't boot. I moved the ram back to how it was (full, empty, full, empty.) yet it still didn't boot. I am on phone please help
  4. I almost forgot about ZEN I'll probably see how that turns out and by then I will have bought my gtx 1060
  5. Well I play tf2, CSGO, (uhh neither are really a factor), GTAV, Overwatch, and some other games but not as often such as MC, Tomb Raider, and Fallout 4.
  6. So my current build has an AMD FX-8320 and a gtx 760, I now have about 350ish dollars. The main use of my computer is gaming. Should I get an Intel mob, cpu and ram, OR should I buy the gtx 1060?
  7. I hope one of the mods on the forum see this...
  8. I'm not sure if they got his youtube... yet
  10. So I was thinking of buying the Cryorig H5 ultimate and noticed the fan had odd hole placements for a 140mm. With the rest of my rig having all the same branded fans can I replace the Cryorig fan with a different 140mm?
  11. well.. I've got a gtx 760 and the rest of my rig is in the signature at the bottom... so yeah.
  12. So, I have recently bought some vinyl skins for my graphics card cooler and I wanted to know if I could possibly put it on parts of my motherboards heat sinks. would it 3m unstick and fall off? would it ruin the heat sinks? I don't know.