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  1. People are different online then in real life.
  2. I had the same issue with my iPhone 6s when I dropped it in a sink, it was covered under warranty so I think you should be fine.
  3. Im using Inventor 2013 (lol) but create a plane on that side you want to mirror. Enter sketch mode and select the lines you want to reflect using the mirror tool. Finish sketch and extrude.
  4. Get the one that matches your color scheme.
  5. If you're gaming, get a 6600k and wait a few paychecks for a 980ti. or wait for the GTX 1070 or whatever, when it comes out.
  6. The Galax HOF and MSI are quiet and overclock well, especially the Hall of Fame 970.
  7. Just buy a third party one, what are you cooling?
  8. If you already know what parts you want, you can build a part list yourself on pcpartpicker.com. Just find a case you like and maybe a H100i if you want water-cooling.
  9. You're better off going to an XBOX forum instead of a forum full of PC gamers.
  10. Why did you feel the need to open this thread?
  11. No because nobody gives a shit about binary or how a CPU is made, people just want tech to work. OP can still make a good pres and teach his classmates something new.
  12. You're missing my point. Just because OP loves Comp Sci and technology doesn't mean he should make his classmates suffer through a presentation over topics they have no knowledge of. You're acting like you look down on non tech-savvy people simply because they have different interests. I'm saying OP needs to select a relatable topic that can engage his classmates and make a good presentation.
  13. Don't do a presentation nobody but you and the teacher cares about, do something interesting that people your age will want to know more about. Maybe how Apple changed the smartphone industry or something along those lines that your audience can somewhat relate to.
  14. At this pricepoint you may just want to purcahse a pre-built and maybe upgrade the GPU down the road.
  15. You don't need an m.2 SSD unless you need the bragging rights, SATA is just fine. Overall the build is pretty good.
  16. did this nigga just compare 750ti and 390??? ???
  17. I bought it for $210 USD a while back. It's the MSI 380.
  18. I'd suggest a 6600k and 980ti if youre gaming. a 980 wont let you max out games at 1440p 60fps, but a 980ti will. Get an ultrawide, thank me later. I use a 25um67, but find something that suits your wallet better. If you're OCing, just get a Dark Rock Pro 3
  19. Brawlhalla, its free. If you played super smash bros back in the day, this game is just that with a highly competitive solo and 2v2 playlist.