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  1. Avast was blocking it. I use it alongside Malwarebytes, cause Malwarebytes doesn't have real-time protection with the free version and Avast has always been pretty good for me. Never had compatibility issues between the two. SSD seems to be fine.
  2. Right. I clean installed Windows. Installed all the usual stuff. Fresh install. Download Steam. Download Witcher 3 again, same issue at the exact same point. Is this a problem with the game download perhaps? This is insane. I think I'll try installing to my hard drive and if the issue occurs, at least it's not my SSD. EDIT: IT WAS ANTIVIRUS I'M IN DISBELIEF
  3. When I get my hands on my USB I'm probably gonna do this. Until then, hoping fixing the game libraries will fix my install problem!
  4. When you say a full wipe, you mean formatting the SSD and installing a fresh copy of Windows?
  5. By reset I mean the Windows 10 "Reset this PC" option. The system runs fine, I've no issues with general use except this bloody disk write error that has come about seemingly out of nowhere. Although, I know the reset this PC tool is quite shit in general and rarely works properly.
  6. No luck. Still a disk write error.
  7. I'll do that now and get back to you. I imagine it'll take some time.
  8. Lol, I wanted to reset Windows anyway but thought this was a better excuse to do it. sfc /scannow? Yep, I did that too.
  9. Hi, I've been trying to install a game through Steam onto my SSD. It's reached 91% of the download and now it keeps saying disk write error. I tried all the usual stuff to fix this thinking it was likely a problem with Steam but to no avail. I then tried using Windows 10 reset to reset my OS completely, since it could probably use one in all honesty. This then failed to reset at 56% progress every single time. I used CrystalDiskInfo to check my drive's health, it says "Good 97%". Really need to get my hands on a USB to fresh install but until then I was hoping there might be some other ways of
  10. So I've tried 2 screen protectors now. Neither of them were great. Installation was made difficult and even when I managed to get them on it affected the touch sensitivity. I've got a nice case for it, which I'm pleased with. But as for screen protectors, not having much luck. Even the £25 Dome brand doesn't have great reviews. Spigen in particular has very poor reviews for the OnePlus 7 Pro. Starting to think maybe it's not worth it.
  11. Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I couldn't find something more suitable, but that could be my stupidity. I've got a new phone today, the OnePlus 7 Pro. I'd like to buy a case for it but don't know of any good brands. If you could recommend some that don't cover the front of the phone, only the back, that'd be great. Likewise, I presume there are good glass screen protectors out there too?
  12. The timing and the chips both have to be identical. If they're not, the effort required to get it to run in dual channel isn't worth it. Alternatively, there's flex-mode, however, I don't believe the FX series supports it.
  13. Yup, BF1 was the same. Once I changed to an i7 it fixed all lag.
  14. Why would buying a new GPU mean getting a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM?
  15. K0MP4CT

    low fps

    Your CPU is holding you back if you're aiming for that many FPS. Chuck everything to the lowest and you'll see a boost. From the benchmarks I've seen, 130-160 is pretty average for your CPU at high settings at that resolution.
  16. If it isn't actually causing any of your parts to stop working, I'd just disable the notifications and sound notifications. Mine does the same and no matter how many things I've tried, it won't fix it. Even with nothing connected. If nothing is broken and it's just Windows being dumb, just disable the notifications for peace of mind.
  17. Fibre optic is by far the superior option for gaming online, yes. Faster downloads and upload speeds and much lower ping. If you can afford it, go for it. If you're upgrading to fix your connection issues, just make sure it is a connection issue and not a hardware fault first!
  18. Go for the 2070. You're unlikely to reach 144FPS in newer games, mind. Unless you turn down a few of the graphical settings to low.
  19. Thank you for the detailed reply. I doubt I need expensive server hardware because as you said, downtime is acceptable, it's just not ideal. I'm not sure on a budget because I really don't know what I need. Can you give me an estimated startup budget? My current PC: i7-4790K GTX 1070 16GB DDR3 RAM 2TB HDD 1TB SSD 650W PSU
  20. Greetings! I hope you're all well. I'm looking at building a small server to run a game server for friends and myself. Money is not an issue, but I don't want to spend more than necessary. I'm aware I can rent servers online, but I've tried many sites and I'm fed up of them. Regardless, the server will only be hosting 8 people maximum and the games range from Arma to Minecraft (it's not a kids game...it is but I don't care). I've been hosting servers on my PC just fine but that of course has the issue of being turned off whenever I'm not at my PC. Simply p
  21. I mean the RAM usage for the specific application is different.
  22. A friend and I have pretty much the same specs. We both play the same game together and out of curiosity, I asked what his RAM usage for the application was. His was sitting around 3GB whilst mine around 2.5GB. Settings are mostly the same so I'm just curious what might be the reason for this? Nothing to fix, just curiosity.
  23. Trust me, I had the 1050 ti, it's terrible. Please, get something better. Others have suggested AMD cards which would be a huge improvement on it.
  24. Clearly you don't value that hard earned money seeing as you've put little to no effort into researching this build before coming to here with a request for $2,500. Why do you need that much anyway if you already have $1,500? Your job being painful isn't a valid reason to be given money. There are children suffering from cancer and you have the audacity to ask random people for 2.5 grand in exchange for a shoutout because "work is hard." If I sound irritated, I am.