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  1. Can you upgrade the Lenovo Y540/Y740 battery? Or do you just have to live with it? I was wondering cause I read somewhere that you can "technically' upgrade any laptop battery. Is this true? I can't seem to find any info on this. (Or maybe, I'm just blind as a bat.)
  2. This is sooo sad, I was looking up the Lenovo y740 this last weekend. I found out that Lenovo's website had a Black Friday sneak peak and guess what, they jacked up the prices on some of them. (Which is a very stupid move.) Hopefully Best Buy offers better deals...
  3. As for Cyber Monday, which sites should I be looking for?
  4. Aww man, thanks for the tip though ? @bondoao1 Went to my local Best Buy yesterday and asked when they start releasing their ads. He said the first week of November, but could be early as next week. (November starts next Friday) Also, does anyone know if Micro Center drop prices on laptops? Or do they just focus mostly on pc parts?
  5. Nice. ? This my friend, is gold. Yes, I've been looking actually. I'm trying to have patience here as I'm tempted to pull the trigger on a used MSI GS65 2060 right now. I feel like I'll get a better deal on BF/CM, but it's a risk.
  6. Thanks for the feedback man! Appreciate your honest reply about the performance and portability, I definitely agree about the weight. The MSI GS65 has an 82Whr battery and it's light, 4.14lbs to be exact. It's just the upgradability that's a pain in the butt. I'll put the ones you mention on my list as well, these are very similar to what I'm really looking for. Also, game wise; Destiny 2, ARK, Warframe and the one that'll eat up my GPU... Cyberpunk 2077.
  7. Yeah, any slim laptop with an RTX 2060. If not, then a 1660 Ti should work fine for my needs. $1100 after taxes will be my limit.
  8. Does anybody have any comments on these laptops? Should I or shouldn't I get one or the other?
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Didn't know about those returns. I guess people just buy things because it's cheap, not because they need it.
  10. (I apologize if this is in the wrong topic) It's my first time planning going to a Black Friday event. I won't be staying overnight outside the store, though I do want to know if I'll be able to find something good. Any tips, tricks, and suggestions? Should I be looking at something else if I don't find what I wanted in the first place? What are the best times when it's not really crowded? Are Cyber Mondays better than Black Fridays? Should I not go and wait for Cyber Monday instead? What's your experience with this?
  11. Here are laptops I'm finding for under $1100 so far: ROG Zephyrus M GU502GV Lenovo Legion Y740 Acer Predator Triton 500 MSI GS65 Stealth I'm having a hard time making a choice, for whoever has info on these laptops, please leave a comment with your pros and cons about them.
  12. If only my friend, if only... The LG Gram 13.3 is just under 3.6lbs (It's 2.13 lbs to be precise) So you prefer smaller laptops?
  13. I need your help and feedback on this guys! ? I'm doing a study for a project based on what people like/dislike, what they think are pros/cons, and what they want in a laptop or not want in a tablet. So, what makes you cringe or excited when it comes to laptops and tablets? It can be anything from design to hardware, brand to portability, etc. Link any other information that you think might be helpful as well. And... GO!
  14. @Princess Luna Thanks for the reply ? That's what I thought, lowering the resolution doesn't change the number of pixels which are always being utilized, correct? So in the end, if I don't fully use the 4K display, then it's better to just save some cash and go for a Full HD one?
  15. I was wondering, will a 4K display set to a lower resolution compare to a Full HD laptop in battery consumption? Will it be better or worse? I just wanted to know if switching the resolution on and off with a 4K display will benefit me in the long run.
  16. Welp... Does anybody know about any light 15-inch laptops with dGPU then?
  17. Thanks for the replies! The HP Envy is a good value laptop for the specs, it does look like it's compatible with some pens. The only downside for me is the MX250 it's not really going to cut it for what I want to do with it. (I would like to play AAA games at least 60+ fps medium/high 1080p). Thanks for the vid. Not really what I was looking for, might have to buy a laptop and a graphics tablet separately considering the few choices I have atm. ? Imagine for a moment though... A 13 inch hybrid with a GTX 10xx on it ?
  18. I've been looking for small convertibles for a really long time now. I love my Samsung Notebook Pro 9 15'. The pen has marvelous pressure levels and the screen is pretty, but the weight, size, and GPU make it really uncomfortable for me to draw on the go. Also, the gaming on this laptop is 3/10 even with its dedicated graphics card, AAA games are kind of playable (If you turn the settings to super low and make the resolution size to 720 xD). I was wondering if anybody knows about any upcoming laptops I should know before deciding to buy a laptop and a display tablet separately.
  19. My bad, here you go: Intel i7-7500U (HD Graphics 620) 16GB RAM 256GB SSD AMD Radeon RX 540 GDDR5 2GB More info here.
  20. This is sad. If I was with Apple, I would just make the repairs more affordable and be more honest with my customers. Imagine for a moment that you decided to buy a house and pay it fully in cash, the house is yours to keep. Let's also add a lifetime warranty to make this more relatable. Then the realtor tells you that you can't fix nor do any remodeling with the house unless you do it thru his company (which would cost ten times more than the normal amount if you would've done it thru another reliable company). Doing it yourself also voids the warranty. I mean ownershi
  21. Using Lubuntu 19.04 on a Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 2018, so far everything works even the s-pen. (Haven't tried drawing with it yet). Screen tearing is very noticeable, even on other distros. Does anybody have a fix on this?
  22. Installed Lubuntu 19.04 So far everything seems to be working except the graphics card. I've noticed while searching thru google, I found out that hybrid Intel/AMD graphics seems to have problems with Linux. My computer has Intel HD Graphics 620/Radeon RX540. It seems to recognize that it belongs to the 500 series, but it stutters and I can see some screen tearing when scrolling up or down on the web. (The voltage and amdgpu errors still pop out from time to time when I turn the computer back on.) Going to try PopOs later and see if it can solve the problem.
  23. @2FA Thanks for the reply! I understand your view on Tails and Whonix. (I though Qubes was Fedora-based, I guess I was wrong). I wish there was a distro that offers great security without sacrificing speed and compatibility. Is there anything out there similar to the Tor Browser? Yeah, I install the live OS on the 16GB drive, I then boot it up from there and install it thru my second 128GB USB drive. Also, how hard is it to make a distro? I've been reading some articles and I'm a little curious, how long will it take me to make one? (I heard javascript
  24. An all-time Windows user, a curious soul I might say. The one wanting to make a big change in his life and be able to rest in peace without the feeling of insecure which is Windows. Please have patience with thy as I'm but an inexperienced young lad when it comes to all things Linux. That is why this project must succeed! Project S.U.C... (*cough cough*). Anyway, back to reality. So, I have Windows 10 installed on my main SSD and I've been trying to install different distros in a USB with little to no success in getting my laptop to fully work (missing/broken/incompatible drivers)