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    gigabyte z97 gaming 7
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    32gig vengeance pro
  • GPU
    Zotac gtx 1080 amp extreme
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    master case
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    2 intel 535 240 gig ssd (raid 0) and 2 segate 3 tb hdd (raid 1)
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    corsair cx750m
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    LG 27 inch 4k
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    logitech g602
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    Window 10

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  1. sorry for got to mention that i did try an hdmi cable and it does still happen i just dont have a second dp cable.
  2. i have a zotac amp extreme gtx 1080(about 2 years old) and a 34inch lg 21:9 monitor (from christmas) and for some reason over the past week or so the monitor started to flash black and then pink(the entier screen not a giving the imige a shade of pink but all pink) i have update the drivers to see if that was the problem and no did not fix it. i do not have another desplayport cable to chack if that is the issue, but moving the monitor or the cable does cause the issue. so i need help what could it be. i do have a warrenty on my gpu but i do not know about my monitor
  3. im debating upgrading my system that i use for coding, gaming, and light photo editing. i have a 4790k and am thinking about upgrading it. do you think it is a good idea? Also if so i was debating between ryzen and threadripper.
  4. im trying to find a thunderbolt dock that plays nice with my r4 17. I will not be gaming over thunderbolt as i will be conected to my desktop pc it is more for school work and having the extra screen relistate. however i need to be able to connect 2 monitors, that are not thunderbolt three compilent so i need one that has an hdmi out and an minidesplayport out.
  5. when ever i scan a barcode in it reads but does not send any data or type and just sends an undefined value for it and thus i get an undifined is not a function error when I pass it to my action import React, { Component } from "react"; import { View, Text, StyleSheet } from "react-native"; import { connect } from 'react-redux'; import { Button } from "react-native-elements"; import { BarCodeScanner, Permissions } from "expo"; import { itemUPC } from "../actions"; import { PRIMARY_COLOR } from "../constants/style"; class CameraScreen extends Component { static navigationOptions = ({ n
  6. https://www.amazon.com/LG-34UC80-B-34-Inch-21-UltraWide/dp/B074JKT894/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1512272847&sr=8-2&keywords=34UC80-B#Ask http://www.microcenter.com/product/477185/34UM69G_34_IPS_Gaming_LED_Monitor
  7. which is better for a 34 inch ultra wide flat or curved was debating between 2 monitors one 1080 flat the other (over double the price) 1440 with a R1900 curve. the resolution difference does not really matter to me so i was wondering if the curve makes a big difference? i will mainly be using this monitor for productivity which is why i want the bigger monitor so i can have many programs open side by side.
  8. What I want to happen: so I need to bridge my connection so that the computer can receive wifi from the network and then send it over ethernet to a nvidia shield (school wifi make me put them on two separate wireless networks so i could not use them both on wifi and still use my computer as a plex server or use nvidia gamestream) the problem: After setting up the bridge using the built in (Windows10) software, whenever i use my computer's web browser it crashes, and the shield will not recognise that the ethernet cable is plugged in. Question: 1)does
  9. im going to but they are closed right now ill post an update after i talk to them. i was sort of hoping someone from lg was patrolling the form tonight and that they may be able to give a little insite. like ek and some other companies do.
  10. so today i was working at my job with my phone in my pocket and when i take out my phone i notes that the back glass for the camera was completely shattered. does anyone know if this is a problem and if lg will fix it under my warranty? what is more irritating is that i even have an otterbox defender case on it and it still happened so much for there testing and claims about it protecting my phone.
  11. so i am looking at getting a new m.2 drive (960 Pro) however, the gigabyte gaming 7 z97 mobo only has m.2 sata so i was wondering if i get a riser card for it could i then use the 960 pro as my boot drive?
  12. im rocking an i7 4790k and do to my school not having hard wired ethernet i have a wifi card in my computer. i know that i only have 16 PCIe lanes and that when i use the wifi card it takes up four of them dropping down the gpu to 8 lanes. does anyone know if that affects a gtx 1080s performance or not i know with the 9xx series it did not but i do not know about the newer cards.
  13. the reasoning behind the 6850k would be for the 40 pcie lanes which he plans to use 36 of
  14. if it is strictly for editing and not gaming i would recommend getting a Intel Xeon E5-2620 V4 for about $200 cheaper it is slower but gives you 2 more cores and get a Asus X99-M WS for 550. you would loose the ability to have 128 gigs of ram in the future and be limited to 64 gigs but would gain ecc support and other benefits this is ONLY if this PC is only for editing and 3d rendering if you want to game on it then this would not be beneficial and would be worse