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  1. Don't worry. I have my fair share of "nuances" in this thread, for my lack of a better term
  2. The reason why chicken thighs taste better than breast is due to the fat in the thighs
  3. It's not a smooth sailing thread Back read at your own risk
  4. The only reason than Apple's data collection is not as invasive as Google and Microsoft is not because of the goodness of their hearts but their business model is all about selling devices (Macs, iOS devices, Apple Watch) and services (Apple TV+Music, iCloud, Apple One, iTunes media). Why do you think that compared to Google Drive with free 15GB storage, iCloud free storage is just 5GB? Why do you think there is no ad-subsidized Apple Music just like Spotify or YT Music? Apple does "freemium" services but not as aggressive as the likes of Google, etc. I don't even think the rumors
  5. The best Windows 10 on ARM you can get is a M1 MacBook Air Apple should bring back the "Get a Mac" ad campaign
  6. Well even Apple is using Google Cloud for their iCloud servers, after they ditched Azure in 2018. Goolge big bata is not going away as it's the lifeblood of their business model.
  7. Stupid question: Do I need to disable secure boot in the UEFI settings if I'm going to dual boot Windows 10 and a Linux distro? Granted that those two OS's are installed on different drives and not just drive partitions.

    1. sub68


      I would say yes you would but thats me

    2. SpaceGhostC2C


      I lost track of which OS required it on, which one required it off, and which one "recommended" one or the other, and whether each of them could boot in one state if installed in the other state.


      But I'm fairly sure secure boot off is needed or recommended for Linux, to deal with certain driver issues and such.

    3. like_ooh_ahh
  8. Student discounts are the best. I just hope my basic Premiere pro skills and PC specs is up to the task of rendering a 5 minute 1080p video.



  9. Few more years until I buy a SUV. This one still serves my needs well. So far, my experience with the 2016 Honda Civic has been pretty much positive. 



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    2. pinksnowbirdie


      But for now this’ll have to do even though the blower motor doesn’t work again after replacing it and it’s starting to get cold here 😔😢

      current is a 03 Saab 9-3...
      @handymanshandle mmm wagons mmm 04 Saturn L300 Wagon


    3. handymanshandle
    4. pinksnowbirdie
  10. But I doubt Apple is gonna bring it back. Even after their Intel transition, few companies are buying it that's why it was discontinued in 2010. Sure Apple can compete in the consumer and even enterprise computing space thanks to secure enclave, but server space? Google and Twitter are now using AMD Epyc on their datacenters.
  11. Reviews of the Surface RT especially in the software side had been quite lukewarm at best. You can find reviews in 2012 to confirm. Edit: Also, the Windows Store's app selection is quite scanty so it's really hard to tell which apps will push it to the limits
  12. If memory serves me right, what you're mentioning is the free Windows 8.1 update, and not the first release of Windows 8.
  13. I don't think the single core performance of ARM chips in 2012 alone would be enough for something as a high overhead OS such as Windows 7 or 8/RT. That is where Apple succeeded with the iPad by using a low overhead OS even though both Mac OS X and iOS share the same Darwin kernel.
  14. Windows 8 is their attempt for a touch optimized UI especially with the start screen instead of a start menu Metro-style apps with live tiles. The problem with Windows 8 is that it’s way too inconsistent to be used as a touch only device unlike iOS and Android. changing screen brightness and screen time out alone requires many steps if using the touchscreen only (Start screenDesktop tiledinky batter icon at the bottom rightPower options) App switching requires many steps (drag from the left then back, and it can only display 5 recent apps) The share and search charm
  15. Microsoft must be scrambling right now. They probably have learned their lesson to not underestimate Apple when releasing a successful product line (iPhone, iPad and AS). Windows Phone flopped. Windows 8/10 as a tablet OS is a hit or miss and WinRT/WoA crashed and burned.
  16. This reminds me... And yet this is the same Apple who has been shameless about copying Are you refferring about the LPDDR4X memory inside the M1? I think ARM chips from the likes of Qualcomm already use the unified memory. I'm not aware of any Intel or AMD chip with a built in memory module. Even Atom chips doesn't seem to have a built in memory.
  17. You can hope that WoA will soon have more developers so that Apple can bring back Bootcamp. Until then, WoA is still pretty much a flop.
  18. Considering that ARM chips for servers now have 80-128 cores, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple will ship something like 64c for a base Mac Pro and 128c for the top model. If Apple wants they can even bring back Xserve.
  19. You say that's a LTT baby photo? I'm sure Wordpress will beg to differ.
  20. Help me, help me, somebody stop me 'cause I know I can’t stop me I hope JYPE producers give them an English comeback through Republic Records. If JYPE played their cards right and not repeat a Wonder Girls US disaster, Twice might be able to beat the 7 year curse.
  21. There’s already large scale use of ARM chips in servers. I think Apple has already had that figured out especially for the likes of the future Mac Pro refresh, heck they can even bring back Xserve should they wish if only macOS Server is as good as Fedora, RHEL, or even Windows Server.
  22. Hands looking like prunes because it’s cold and I have to wash my hands often. That’s why you don’t need to buy the more expensive antibacterial soaps to wash away the coronavirus. They tend to be harsher and they cause more problems.