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  1. I didn't know athletes compete using laryngoscopes and mechanical ventilators
  2. I had the same concern in the early months of the pandemic around March-April but then I got myself prescription contact lenses. It's a bit of work to put and remove than glasses but at least now I can see better even with a mask and a face shield on. Though I admit I still prefer my glasses.
  3. Surgical masks as well as the likes of KN95 (not the same as with 3M’s N95 respirator mask) doesn’t provide complete protection from the airborne virus, but it prevents a person getting infected from respiratory droplets which is still the best way to to get infected with COVID-19. Moreover, wearing a mask protects other people from getting infected because it prevents respiratory droplets from talking, coughing or sneezing to get into the air. That’s why masks with valves are not good in preventing the spread of infection. https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/npptl/pdfs/UnderstandingDifference3
  4. Not to mention that people taking megadoses of vitamin C can put themselves at risk for developing oxalate kidney stones. Also, many of the unscrupulous supplement manufacturers are putting way too much vitamin C on many of their herbal juices, it can actually dissolve one’s teeth, leading to dental caries.
  5. The thing is I tried taking vitamin C in huge doses whenever I get a cold or cough back in college and it doesn't work. It didn't shortened the symptoms nor improved it. If these people think vitamin C can cure something as serious as Covid-19, why is it doesn't work on something as simple as common colds or the seasonal flu? These people can spew shit like "it's the cure your doctor doesn't want you to know because big pharma ", and yet people all over the world are taking vitamin C and they still develop colds and flu. Hence, it doesn't work.
  6. This is disappointing! Siri is suggesting a fake news, conspiracy ridden and unencrypted site about vitamin C as a Covid-19 treatment.
  7. I wonder what password manager is that which allows a browser to import those. The last time I checked, most password managers import passwords stored in the browser to the encrypted vault. I’m pretty sure rich people do. So are executives and others. I don’t know where this cynicism comes from. Just because one is shitty doesn’t mean that everything else is.
  8. Well back in the day, Bitcoin was just $2. Who would’ve thought that the value would reach $30K? But yeah, don’t write your passwords in a paper. edit: forgot about the 7000 btc given to him, which that time would cost $14K
  9. Summary A German born photographer living in San Francisco feels like he’s going crazy because he can’t access his Bitcoin wallet worth $220 million because he has forgotten his password My thoughts And then there’s me thinking how I wish to myself I was an early adopter of Bitcoin just like Mr. Stefan Thomas. Just like the rest of the Bitcoin millionaires in the news, he’s also an early adopter way back in 2011 when he was living in Switzerland but it was given to him as a reward. He kept it in an encrypted, password protected wallet which he can’t recover
  10. The throttling of Intel CPUs in Macs are due to the thermal constraints of the chasis and Intel chips being inefficient in power management thanks to their failure to shrink down their transistors beyond 14 nm. Intel tries to solve it with Alder Lake with 10 nm but only time and reviews will tell if it can match Apple Silicon’s performance per watt. Remember that the M1 MacBook Air beats the 16” MacBook Pro with i9 9th gen and even Tiger Lake chips when it comes to video editing and code compiling tasks.
  11. Telegram chats are not end-to-end encrypted by default unlike Signal Telegram uses an untested and unproven encryption protocol MTProto. Signal on the other hand uses a protocol that is peer reviewed and tested [1] [2] [3]
  12. Summary Qualcomm is reported in the works of making a new ARM chip to compete with Apple’s M1 Quotes Since at the moment, there’s nothing like the M1 in the PC world so it’s nice that Qualcomm is doing so. However, I feel that once 8cx successor arrive, it’ll be too late as Apple probably have a M1X or M2 chip with even larger caches and more transistors. It has been three years since Windows 10 was launched and until now, only a few developers made an ARM64 version of their programs. Apple devs on the other hand rushed and made universal binary versions of their app