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  1. The two kits that I have are f4-3200c16D-32gvk f4-3200c16D-16gvgb
  2. The two kits that I have are f4-3200c16D-32gvk f4-3200c16D-16gvgb
  3. So I decided the other day to poke around the UEFI after watching the Tech Support Challenge. My initial goal was to check if I had XMP enabled, what I did notice though was that it's in Single Channel Mode. Furthermore no matter what I do, it is stuck at the default speed of 2133. I have run the Windows Memory Diagnostic test and it reported no issues with the ram. All slots are populated but they are two different kits purchased at different times. Attached are files that illustrate the problem at hand and the problematic hardware. Photo of UEFI and Hardware https://imgur.c
  4. Emm but I did make a decision, it was to switch to the Note9. My only concern was how android function so my workflow wouldn’t get interrupted too much as I made the switch.
  5. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, I’d rather not get in a discussion when I’m not too familiar with the Android scene. Although I will not stand and say Apple is leading the charge on everything.
  6. Sure if the rumors are anything to go by, the note 10 will up in price, have no headphone jack, and no expandable storage. But I’d rather have a newer phone with those function while I still can rather than not having it. I think these will always have their place in the market even if it’s not the flagship device that everyone is talking about. What I don’t agree with, is that you make it seem that Apple is changing things and everyone is just following suite. Sure there are somethings Apple does better but you can’t say that ONLY Apple does good things, or that all that Apple does is good. A
  7. Ahh I see, well that’s good to know. Thanks for the heads up
  8. Yea because it simulates the magnetic strip right? I was wondering how secure it is and how reliable it is.
  9. Either way, like I mentioned earlier I’d rather not continue in an ecosystem that is heading in a path I don’t really like. Hopefully android is just as good as everyone says.
  10. iPhone 6s Plus, which does bring it down by $200. The only issue is that I am giving a family member my phone so I can’t trade in.
  11. I didn’t like the direction Apple was heading since the iPhone 7 came out (I use my headphone jack on a regular basis). And it just worse over time since I really don’t like the iPhone X design since I like my Touch ID. I was gonna go the iPhone 8 Plus but with Apple care it comes out to be about $932. I’m not about to pay $1k for a 2 generation old phone. Maybe someone will see value in that but a Note 9 is going for about $800. I’ve been thinking of switching for a while so thought now would be a good as time as any.
  12. Haha thanks hopefully I like the experience on the other side. I like iMessage just because it’s blue, but is it really necessary? Also I usually google duo but I can see how that could be annoying if you use it on a regular basis.
  13. I am upgrading from my iPhone 6s Plus to a Note 9. Anything I should know before I make a switch? Something I use on regular basis is Apple Pay, so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Samsung Pay. 3D Touch is something I think I will miss but I’m guessing there is something that’s just as helpful. Is there a way to transfer music from Apple Music to android? Or is my music just stuck with Apple? My last question would be I was considering the 128gb variant, does 6gb of ram affect the experience? Or would it be more beneficial to for the 512gb that has 8gb? Hopefully it’s the case
  14. Lol fairpoint just trying to get all the information